Why Is My Guppy Floating At Top Of Tank? Is It Dying Soon?

Guppies float at the top of the tank when there is a shortage of oxygen in the water. They also swim at the top when the aquarium is deep, and they need to rest their gills. Guppies do not breathe air. So your guppy isn’t at the top of the tank gasping for air. It’s more likely that the water at the top has more oxygen for their gills. If you want to ensure that there is enough oxygen in the water, the best thing to do is add some live plants. A simple pump can also help keep the oxygen levels in the water optimal.

Hungry Guppies

Why Is My Guppy Floating At Top Of Tank Another reason why your fish might come to the top of the aquarium is that it is hungry. If you haven’t fed them in a while, this might be a sign to do so. When guppies are swimming at the top of the tank, look at their mouths. Are they upturned? Upturned mouths show that they are at the surface looking for food.

Sick Guppies

Swim bladder disorders can also cause your guppy fish to float at the top or sink to the bottom of the aquarium. Signs that your guppy fish may have a damaged swim bladder include swimming sideways or floating upside down. A curved spine or bloated look can also be signs of a damaged swim bladder. Gulping too much air or overfeeding can lead to a faulty swim bladder. Cooler water temperatures can also damage a guppy’s swim bladder. As can various diseases or parasites. References Read more on this website:
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