13 Reasons Why My Cat Keep Bringing Me Her Kittens

We all know how attached cats are attached to their kittens. If it’s the first you have a mother cat at home, you may be surprised when it brings you its kittens.

This is something that happens quite often. Pet owners get scared when this happens because they think there is something wrong with the newborn kittens. This isn’t always the case.

So, why does my car bring me her kittens? There are several reasons why a mother cat would do this. Here are 13 reasons why my cat keeps bringing me her kittens.

She Trusts You

She Trusts You

Despite what some people think, domesticated cats are not that overprotective. It depends on the relationship you have with the mother cat. But most mothers trust their owners.[ Source ]

Chances are, she thinks of you as part of her pack or pride, whatever you may call it. That means that she trusts you to handle the kittens.

The mother cat bringing you her kittens may just be a way of her showing you that you are part of the pride now. She is showing you that she trusts, and she is letting you know that you have a responsibility too.

She Wants You To Take Care Of Them

If she is not an experienced mother, she will know it. Cats are not that simple, they can figure out stuff, especially mothers.

So, the first time she has kittens, she will feel inadequate for the job. Taking care of 3-6 or more kittens is not an easy thing to do. The mother will know that.

For instance, when the kittens are ready for solid food, the kittens may fight. So, she will separate them so she can feed them and teach them a life lesson.

Because she trusts, sometimes, she will want you to take care of the kittens. Until she gets used to it, she may keep bringing you her kittens.

And this is nothing wrong. No need to be worried. She will stop doing this once she feels like she knows what she is doing.

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You Are The Surrogate

It comes down to the same thing, you are the second mother to the kittens. After all, the kittens will be yours once they grow up. They are in your household.

Mama cats know this. So, they think of you as the surrogate mother. Any issue they have with the kittens is your issue as well.

The instinctive thing to do in situations like that is to bring the kittens to you.

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She Wants To Show Off

She Wants To Show Off

Another reason why the cat may be doing this is that she is a proud mama. She is doing a good job and she knows it. This makes her happy and she wants to share that happiness with someone she trusts.

So, she will bring the kittens to you just so you see how good of a job she is doing. It’s a way of saying “here are my healthy kittens, I did that.”

Observe her behavior, if nothing is alarming, she is just sharing with you. Make sure to pet her for a job well done.

The Nesting Box Is Smelly

Although cats do not exactly have a nice smell to them, mother cats like the nesting box to smell a certain way. She is used to a certain scent and she wants the kittens to smell like that.

There are a lot of cases where mama cats freak out when an unknown odor is introduced in the nesting box. They take this seriously. Even a dirty litter tray may set them off.

If this keeps happening, and you see that she is avoiding the nesting place, check for an unpleasant odor. Check if the litter box needs cleaning, if so, clean the entire litter. See if there are any dead animals, check for dead mice.

This is not necessarily the case, she may be bringing the kittens for another reason. Still, it’s worth checking if the nesting box is smelly.

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She Wants A New Nesting Place

Cats are quite picky about their nesting place. First of all, every cat mother needs an animal shelter for the kittens. That’s just the way they do it.[ Source ]

The nesting place needs to be roomy and cozy. Even if you put some effort into the nesting place, there is a chance she may not like it.

So, see if she is uncomfortable in the nesting place. Is she avoiding it? Is she bringing the cats to another place as if she is building a nest?

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If so, try making a new nesting place. A spare bedroom will do, go with boxes with bedding, that’s what they like. Make sure you eliminated the other reasons. Don’t change the nesting box if you are not sure whether she likes it.

She Needs Help With The Kittens

She Needs Help With The Kittens

Sometimes the mother cat will need your help with taking care of the kittens. For instance, she may be trying to clean the kittens. While she is doing that, some of the kittens may be trying to feed. Or, she may need extra food, so the cat bringing kitten to you is a way of asking for food.

As I said, taking care of a bunch of kittens is not that easy. If she is having trouble upbringing the kittens, she may bring some of them to you. That way, she can do her job properly without being disrupted by the annoying kitty.

She Needs To Rest

Another very possible reason is that she is too tired. Everyone needs to rest sometimes. And, being a mother is quite exhausting, especially the feeding of kittens. Mother cats need to rest.

When the mother is tired, she may expect you to watch the kittens for a while. This is reasonable and most cats do it.

You will notice that she is too tired if she brings you the kittens and then goes to rest for a while. If she keeps doing this after she had her rest, this is not the reason.

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There Is A Sick Kitten

Most of the reasons I listed are not that alarming. However, in some cases, you should be concerned. It’s rare but it’s been known to happen, cats bring sick kittens to their owners.

Do not panic but check if the kittens are okay when she does this. You will notice a sick kitten if there is one in the nesting box.

If this happens, take the sick kitten to the vet as soon as possible. Be aware though, cats will sometimes bring you a dead kitten as well. That’s not pleasant to see.

She Wants To Socialize The Kittens

She Wants To Socialize The Kittens

Now, domesticated cats are not like stray cats. They know that they are in a humane society. They also know what that means.

So, she may be bringing the kittens to you as a way to introduce them to the human family. This will happen after the kittens get to certain weeks of age. If it happens a lot, look for another reason.

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She Has No Maternal Instincts

This is very, very rare but it can happen. Some cats do not have maternal instincts. Mother cats like that will have no idea what to do with the kittens.

When that happens, the first thing she will do is bring the kittens to you. She trusts you, so she thinks you will know what to do.

She Is Feeling Sick

As we all know, mama cats can get sick. It depends on how she is feeling but if it’s really bad, she will bring the kittens to you.

Check if any of the kittens are sick first. Then, take a look at the mother. If she isn’t feeling well, take her to the vet.

She Is Stressed

Lastly, I’ve seen mother cats bringing the kittens to the owner because she is stressed. This can happen while she is outside too.

For instance, if a dog chased her, she will come in a panic and bring the kittens to you. She considers you as a safe place, so that’s where the kittens should be.[ Source ]

Try to notice what happens before she brings the kittens to you. Maybe a neighborhood dog barks at that moment. Maybe something fell down and she got scared by the noise.

If this is why she brings the kittens to you, don’t be worried, just calm her down. It’s good that she trusts you.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

What To Do When Your Cat Keeps Moving Her Kittens

If she isn’t bringing the kittens directly to you, avoid touching the kittens. Avoid touching the nesting place as well. Check if the mother and the cats are healthy.

How Do I Know If My Cat Trusts Me With Her Kittens

A mother cat that trusts you will bring you her kittens to show her trust. She will let you handle the kittens without being on edge. Also, she will come to you with any kittens-related issues.


There you go. In most situations, a mother cat bringing you her kittens is nothing to be alarmed about. You still need to figure out why this happens though.

Just make sure both the cat and the kittens are healthy and cozy.

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