Why Do Dogs Whine Like A Little Baby?

Are you confused by your dog’s whining? Do you feel like your dog is trying to say something to you? Whining is a way for dogs to communicate. To understand why your dog is whining you need to know about the most common reasons why dogs whine.

Dogs whine to communicate with their relatives and owners. They will mostly whine when they need attention, want food when they greet you, or when they feel scared. Persistent whining could mean something more serious like separation anxiety.

This guide will help you understand your dog’s whining better. We’ll cover the common reasons why dogs whine and how to read a dog’s whine.

Reasons Why Dogs Whine

Reasons Why Dogs Whine

As I said, dog whining is a way of communication. Dogs are creatures of habit so they will only communicate in certain situations. The point is that the dog’s needs are limited. Although every situation is different and every dog is an individual, you will be able to find out why the dog is whining.

When They Want Food

The most important need of a dog is food. We train dogs using treats. House dogs are used to getting food from the owner. When the dog is hungry or it wants food, it will communicate that to the owner.

This is the case with most dogs that are used to getting food whenever they want to. Dogs are trained to form good eating habits. The ones without training may have gotten used to whine when they want food. [Source]

A lot of pet owners will offer food to their dogs when they don’t know what it’s whining. So, that behavior may turn into a habit.

When They Want Attention

Dogs will occasionally be one of the most annoying attention seekers. Although they can seek attention by doing some other unwanted behavior, often compulsive, most of the time they start whining.

This type of attention-seeking is not related to any food or health needs. The dog just feels bored or lacks exercise. Dogs need to use their energy and they also need mental stimulation. The lack of these can lead to boredom.

When dogs feel bored they will seek attention from their owner. After all, the dog is associating walks with the owner. If a dog has just eaten, and it’s feeling generally walks but it whines while it’s energetic, it probably wants some entertainment.

When They Greet Loved Ones

When They Greet Loved Ones

We all love how dogs greet us when we come back home. It’s one of those things that we love the most about owning a dog. You may have noticed that your dog starts whining when you get back home. This also happens when it sees another friendly dog.

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Don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with your dog. Dogs miss loved ones when they are not around. So, when they see them, they get overly excited. Hence, the whining, the jumping, the wagging of the tail, etc… The whining is just part of the greeting, a vocalization of the excitement.

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When They Feel Anxious

Dogs will respond to stressful and anxiety-inducing situations with whining. This type of dog whining is not the same as the ones above. Here, the whining is accompanied by a hunched back position or wandering eyes.

Usually, dogs will whine out of stress when there is a threat present like a stranger doggo. The whining is a way to communicate to the dog that it’s not aggressive or a threat.

When They Are Injured

Now, whining sometimes is a time for a concern. Dogs will whine when they are injured or when they have some medical problem. You must have noticed this when your dog was whining because of a thorn in its paw.

Dogs experience discomfort when they are in pain and they want to relieve the pain. So, they immediately go to their homeowners as puppies go to baby mamas. The whining is a way to say: “It hurts here”.

Some medical problems can cause a dog to whine as well. Problems with the digestive system, skin irritations, and other medical problems can make the dog whine to you. [Source]

Whining because of an injury or medical issues is a lot different than happy whining. The dog will obviously be in pain. Also, other symptoms will occur for sure. Fortunately, it’s easy to understand a doggo that is hurting.

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Should I Be Worried About My Dog Whining

Most of the reasons why dogs whine are just normal situations that are not a cause for concern. However, in some situations, dog whining should be taken seriously.

  • Excessive whining is a cause for concern. Your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety or it has some medical issues. If the whining is persistent and not related to situations where the dog needs something, take the dog to the vet.
  • Dog whining as a way to seek attention can become a compulsive behavior. This should be stopped because the dog will whine every time it needs something.

How To Stop Dog From Whining

If you notice that your dog’s whining has become compulsive, you need to take some action. Here are some things you can try.

  • Don’t reward whining with attention. [Source]
    This is the first step you should take. Ignore your dog’s whining unless the dog is in need of medical attention.
  • Positive reinforcment for good behavior.
    Try rewarding your dog when it tries it’s not trying to get your attention anymore.
  • Keep your dog entertained. 
    Keep your dog both exercised and mentally satisfied.
  • Train your dog for healthy eating habits.
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Related Questions And Other FAQs

Do Dogs Crave Attention

Dogs can become attention-seekers if they get used to getting attention from the owner whenever they want. An entertained, fully-fed, and exercised dog should seek attention. Dogs can occasionally seek attention to socialize but this shouldn’t be compulsive.

Do Dogs Like To Be Kissed

Dogs are not really big on kisses. They will tolerate kisses from their loved ones but that doesn’t mean that they are enjoying the moment. Dogs will not whine in order to get kissed.

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