13 Valid Arguments Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

It would be difficult to identify a more debated topic than that between dog lovers and cat lovers. If you ever wondered if a decisive conclusion could ever be drawn, here is your answer: Cats are better than dogs.

Let us explain why.

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Cats Are Easier to Care for

  • Do Not Require Walks
  • Require Less Attention & Affection
  • Might Spend Time Outdoors

Obviously, these reasons alone are enough reason to prefer a cat. That said, it might be argued that a dog requiring walks is a potential upside: It provides exercise for the dog owner.

However, most would probably prefer a pet that is easier to care for, and dogs provide no competition in this category.

Cats Use Litter-Boxes

Another reason cats are easier to care for that deserves their own category is their use of litter-boxes. Any dog owner that has followed their dog around the block looking for the “perfect spot to go” in bad weather knows the difficulty of it. Plus, they have to carry that bag and scooper as well.

In stark contrast, a litter-box is much easier to maintain.

No Noise Complaints: Cats Are Quieter

Anyone that has ever coped with the noise of a dog that barked excessively will appreciate the relative silence that accompanies cat ownership. Who would prefer the loud bark over the soft purr? This is a crucial reason why cats are better than dogs.

In short, those noise complaints that often emerge from neighbors of dog owners are non-existent with cat ownership. In short, with a cat both you and your neighbors will sleep better at night.

Cats Require Less Space

Cats require relatively little space, some comfortably living in a studio apartment with their owners. In comparison, dogs often require a large yard to run around in.

Thus, if you do not live in a house with a large yard, opting for a cat might be the obvious choice. After all, a dog deserves room to run around and play. Besides this, dogs are bigger and they often take up a lot of space with their toys and dog beds.

Cats Are More Independent

Cats do a great job of grooming themselves. In contrast, dog owners frequently experience the struggle of bathing their dogs. In addition to the annoyance of bathing a difficult dog, it could be quite messy trying to shampoo them as they put up a fight.

Maternal Cats Care for Their Kittens

Cats have great maternal instincts. For instance, they teach their kittens to sharpen their claws and use the litter box. In stark contrast, dog owners are required to take up most of the responsibilities associated with raising the puppies.

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Cats Are Not a Flight Risk

Unlike dogs who often need to be kept on a short leash, both literally and metaphorically, cats look out for themselves. In fact, many cats spend most of their time outside and return home when they choose to.

Cats Don’t Destroy Your Home

Dogs will chew everything from your furniture to your shoes. Such destruction could be both annoying and costly.

In contrast, cats cause less damage. On the one hand, some have problems with cats clawing things such as furniture. However, there are simple solutions to such problems (e.g., clawing posts, regular nail clippings).

Being Bit Is Less of a Problem

While some cats are more aggressive than others, biting is more of a problem with dog ownership. After all, a common question put to dog owners is, “Does he/she bite?” This is rarely asked by cat owners, viewing cats as less of a threat.

Despite this fact, any bite poses a risk of infection and ought to be cared for properly.

Cats Provide Rodent Control

Cats hunt rodents such as mice and rats which is clearly a useful trait. Moreover, it was the reason Ancient Egyptians held cats in such high regard.

As History.com puts it, “The animals were initially adopted as useful predators in ancient Egypt and gradually became symbols of divinity and protection.”

Of course, if you have a serious problem, you ought to call in pest control professionals.

Cats Are Cute

If you spent any time on Facebook, you realize that social media is full of cute cat photos and memes. Such memes, for instance, often emphasize their independence in humorous ways.

A common theme, in fact, is cats viewing their owners as mere can openers. However, as cat owners know, this is not the entire truth. When you are feeling down, your cat will cuddle up in your lap and cheer you up.

However, it is true that they express affection on their own terms and are less needy. These facts have damaged their reputation a bit in the eyes of the unknowing.

Cats Are Less Costly

While price varies according to the breed you are purchasing, cats tend to be less costly. This includes purchasing the pet itself as well as other costs such as replacing destroyed dog toys.

Cats Usually Live Longer

Lastly, while a pet’s lifespan is dependent upon a variety of factors, ranging from exercise and nutrition to genetics, cats tend to live longer. And as any pet owner knows, losing a cat or dog can be just as heartbreaking as losing a family member.

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Wrap Up

All things considered, cats clearly make great pets. Regardless of which pet you decide to purchase though, we hope you found our article interesting and informative.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck with your future pets.

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