Here Are 7 Favorite Spots Cats Love to Sleep At!!

If you are a cat owner, then you know how much cats like sleeping. Cats are always active at dawn and dusk and spend most of their day playing and sleeping. However, cats do not sleep anywhere. Their curiosity makes them picky about where to sleep. Cats always look for warm, high, dark, and hidden places to sleep.

Here is a list of favorite spots cats love to sleep at

  1. In Open Closets
  2. On Your Bed
  3. On the Sink
  4. On the Couch
  5. On Your Laps
  6. Inside the Laundry Basket
  7. Outdoor House

During sleep time, your cat wants to hide from predators. That is why it would choose a quiet, hidden, and lovely place to have a nap. If you just got a new cat at home, you might be asking yourself where should cats sleep. Let us get to see some favorite spots where cats love to sleep at.

In Open Closets

where should cats sleep

Cats do not like to sleep behind closed doors. That is why an open closet will always be a gateway for them. Inside your wardrobe, you have clean clothes, with good fragrance, and well arranged.

Your cat will get inside the closet and curl up on your clean clothes, enjoying the scent. The clothes will help the cat keep warm and have a good time while sleeping.

It is easy for your cat to get into the closet and find some peaceful sleep. That is why you should not stop your cat from sleeping inside your closet.

However, when your cat sleeps inside the cabinet, you are at risk of wearing clothes full of cat hair. To avoid this, you can have a small box or an open bin inside the closet. Place an old cloth inside the box, and leave the closet door open for the cat to get in quickly. The cat will choose to sleep inside the bin rather than on your clothes.

On Your Bed

The same way you enjoy sleeping on your bed, your cat also loves sleeping on your bed. As the cat looks for a place to take a nap, they always want a warm and cozy place. That is why they will always choose to be under the covers of your bed. The bed gives the cat an excellent place to sleep and nap without any distractions.

If you keep the cat for a pet, it means you have a good relationship with the cat. Sleeping where it sees you gives the cat a sense of peace and enjoys your smell.

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If your cat prefers being in bed, and you do not like sleeping with your cat, you will keep asking yourself where should cats sleep. Buy a small bed for your cat, and put warm covers and a comforter on the bed. Train your cat to sleep there, and with time, it will be going to sleep on their bed and not your bed.

On the Sink

cats on the sink

Like a box, sinks have walls that will enable the cat to hide. Cats will curl up until they fit on the sink, then have their nap there. Most of the time, you will walk into your bathroom and find your cat sleeping in your bathroom sink. Do not chase it because that is where your cat finds peace.

If you have an extra sink, place a soft towel inside it and create a cozy sleeping place for your cat. If you do not have an additional sink, then you can improvise the shape of the sink. Take a bucket or a small basin and place a soft towel or an old cloth inside it. Place the bucket under the sink, and train your cat to sleep there instead of sleeping inside the sink.

On the Couch

Would you choose to sit on the cold floor or the soft couch in your living room? Just like you, your cat would prefer to be on the couch. The sofa has soft clothing, and when the cat curls up on the couch, it feels warm. When your cat sleeps on the couch, the couch will have cat fur all over, which you might not like.

Get an old couch and place it in a dark corner of your living room to solve this. Place cat toys, and small blanket, and sheets for your cat to cover itself with. The cat will get used to sleeping on its couch, and it will never leave that place.

On Your Laps

Your cat will always want to be close to you and play with you. In the course of playing, your cat might fall asleep on your laps. Other times, your cat will climb on your laps when you are watching the television, reading a book, or when you are on your phone.

Your warm laps might be your cat’s favorite sleeping spot, and it would be best if you allow your cat to sleep on your laps. Do not disturb your cat when it is sleeping on your lap. Give them extra warmth by covering them with a small blanket or your sweater, and let your cat enjoy the nap.

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Inside the Laundry Basket

Being where your smell is, makes your cat feel at peace. The laundry basket is always full of dirty clothes that have your body scent. That is what your cat loves. Other than your scent, your cat will go and find some space in the laundry basket because it is an excellent hiding place.

The cat will curl itself inside the pile of clothes and enjoy a warm, peaceful sleep. At times, you place clean clothes, which you are yet to fold inside the laundry basket. The clean garments have the wonderful smell of detergents, and cats enjoy sleeping in that environment.

Sleep is an anti-stress therapy, and everyone loves to sleep in a warm, cozy, and peaceful place. Your cat will try to find the warm spots in the house to get their nap during the day. Once you notice where your cat loves sleeping, make that place more comfortable for it.

Outdoor house

This can be also the cat’s favorite, especially during the winter seasons. You have to make sure that the outdoor house is sheltered and also heated.

Ideal places are a garage, near the porch, barns. The sun can provide warmth during the day. Just avoid putting the house out in the open.

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