Where Do Dogs Go When They Die? Does Their Spirits Reincarnate?

Owning a pet doggo is just pure happiness.  Because we get so attached, losing our beloved animals is a very hard thing to deal with. Believing in something just helps with coming to turn with the dog dying. So, where do dogs go when they die?

Each religion offers a different answer for the afterlife of animals. The Christian Bible says that pets do go to heaven. Buddhists believe that the spirit wanders the Earth for a while and then it will reincarnate into another body. Spirituality is an individual thing so feel free to have your beliefs, whatever helps with grieving the pet. 

All dog owners know this. No one can love you as your doggo does. It’s just a special relationship that humans and dogs have.

When our animal friends die we can’t help but think: Where does a dog’s spirit go when it dies? Does the quality of life matter? Can we see our dog in the afterlife? All of these questions preoccupy even the pet lover that is not spiritual

Of course, this is a short, straightforward answer. I think some of you will want to get into the details. Keep reading to find out more.

Do Dogs Go To The Afterlife

Do Dogs Go To The Afterlife

First of all, let’s clear things up. I believe I’m talking to spiritual readers. If you don’t believe in an afterlife, that’s completely fine. However, some people are spiritual for good reasons. Spirituality is a part of them, and who they are.

Another thing, spirituality is not the same for everybody. Everyone has different beliefs and we should respect them. That’s why I will cover the most common beliefs about dogs and the afterlife. Feel free to believe what feels right with you.


One explanation of what happens to the soul after it leaves the body is reincarnation. The belief is that after death, the soul is reborn in another body. Mostly, Asian religions(Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism) adopt this opinion. The details differ with each religion. [ Source ]

The theory is relatively the same with all religions though. There is the never-ending cycle of life. The soul moves from body to body throughout the cycle. How long the cycle lasts and what we are reborn into depends on the karma we have gained from our previous lives.

The Hinduists believe in the cycle of samsara. When a living being dies, the soul(atman) is reincarnated into another body. The cycle depends on the karma of the previous life.

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The Buddhists believe in the same thing, a cycle of death and reincarnation. However, they also believe that through karma we can end the cycle. This all depends on the quality of life we have with each reincarnation.

So, according to this, a dog’s spirit will leave the body upon death and be reborn in another living being. That being doesn’t have necessarily to be a dog again, it can be anything. It depends on karma.

And, yes, you can recognize the dog after it has been reincarnated. Although it may not remember you, there will be that resemblance.


Now, we can find the concept of heaven in hell in many religions. Only a few of the religions believing in heaven state something clearly about animals, specifically dogs, and the afterlife.

We can find different concepts of heaven and hell in Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, etc… The details in these beliefs vary a lot. Even inside the religions, people are divided on this.

Either way, the concept is generally the same. Upon death, the soul is judged whether it deserves to be in heaven or in hell. Some religions believe only in an afterlife(no heaven, no hell), something like Hades in Ancient Greece.

So, if you believe in heaven, you can be sure that your doggo is there. There are no bad dogs and they all deserve to go to heaven. Maybe, you can meet it there as well, many people believe in this.


We can also listen to what science is saying although it’s not saying much. The thing is, science can’t find an answer to questions like this. In fact, science is saying that no one knows what happens after death. There is no conclusive evidence that the soul exists and that it doesn’t.

Although some scientists don’t like talking about this stuff. The advice I get from scientists is that this is unrelated to actual knowledge. So, we can believe whatever puts us at peace with the death of a loved one. It’s the most reasonable approach to dealing with this difficult time.

Will I See My Dog In The Afterlife

Will I See My Dog In The Afterlife

The question that pet owners often ask themselves: Will I ever see my dog again? It’s a reasonable question to ask, we all love to see that lost doggo we loved so much. The answer to this depends on what you believe in.

If you believe in heaven, then the answer is yes, chances are you are going to see your dog in the afterlife. Pope John Paul II said: “animals possess a soul and men must love and feel solidarity with our smaller brethren.” Pope Paul IV will later be confirmed that one day we will see our pets in Christ.[ Source ]

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Whatever your notion of the afterlife may be, provided that dogs have souls, you will meet them in the afterlife. If you believe in reincarnation that is not possible though, you may only recognize the reborn spirit. Reincarnation means eternal life.

Some animal lovers believe that the soul of the dog wanders the Earth and keeps you company. They see signs of the passed away dog all the time. That may just be true.

However, science has an answer for this. Scientists believe that our unconsciousness desires to be with the dog again so it draws away any resemblance it sees in reality.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

Will We See Pets In Heaven

The Bible and the church have not been quite clear about this. Pope John Paul II and Pope Paul IV seem to think that pets like cats and dogs do have souls and we will see them in heaven. However, later Popes denied this, and there’s nothing decisive in The Bible.

Can A Dog Wake Up After Euthanasia

Once enough time has passed for the injection to be effective, dogs can’t wake up after euthanasia. The dog just moves for the first 5 seconds until the injection is in full effect.

Do Dogs Prefer To Die Alone

Most elder dogs wander off before passing away. There are a couple of theories why this happens. Some people think it’s the confusion caused by cognitive disfunction.

Others think it’s an instinct to separate from the pack when they will slow them down.

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