What Dried Fruits Can Dogs Eat To Avoid Any Health Issues?

It’s not uncommon for people to feed their pets human food, and sometimes when we are snacking on dried fruits, our best friend seems to be wanting some too. But what dried fruits can dogs eat to avoid any health issues down the road?

Here is a list of dried fruits that are safe according to my own research

  1. Dried Mango
  2. Dried Cranberries
  3. Dried Figs
  4. Dried Apples
  5. Dried Bananas
  6. Dried Pineapple
  7. Dried Prunes
  8. Dried Raspberries
  9. Dried Jackfruit

We don’t think about this question too much, but it’s important because some fruits are toxic for animals. It is also important to remember that some types of dried fruits are better than others, though, so we’ll go over what those are!

Dried Mango

Dried mango is very healthy for animals, and it’s actually one of the only dried fruits that are 100% safe for animals to eat! Dried mango is a great source of fiber, antioxidants, vitamin A, C, & E.

It provides potassium and calcium as well. The biggest benefits of dried mango are its taste and texture, making it easier to feed your pet than fresh-cut fruit.

A little bit goes a long way because the calories per serving are so high. I want to be careful with the amount I give my pet because they can easily gain weight if I am not careful!

Dried Cranberries

Cranberries are another type of fruit that can help my canine, but it’s important to note that fresh cranberries are better than dried.

This is because the sugars in cranberries become more concentrated when they’re dried, which means they can be too sweet for some dogs.

Dried cranberries are still very healthy for dogs, though, and they are packed with antioxidants.

Dried Figs

Made in Nature Organic Dried Fruit, Turkish Smyrna Figs, 40oz Bag – Non-GMO, Unsulfured Vegan Snack

Dried Figs are a sweet fruit that can be very helpful in my dog’s digestive health. That being said, it is important that I regulate the amount I give my dog because too many figs can contain phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens can be helpful for some pets, but other animals may feel the effects too much and get negative side effects such as diarrhea or vomiting. It’s best to give my dog a few figs at a time and break them into small pieces so that he doesn’t eat too many!

Dried Apples

Apples are another fruit that has similar benefits as figs do for my pet. The biggest difference between the two is that figs are a lot more dangerous because they contain phytoestrogens.

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Dried apples have lots of fiber and antioxidants, too, so my dog should be fine with them.[Source]

I’m going to give him an apple slice or two so that he doesn’t get diarrhea. The only other thing I need to do is watch for seeds in his stool because apple seeds can pose a problem for pets around the world!

Dried Bananas

Dogs can eat dried bananas, but it’s important to note that fresh bananas are better for my pet. The problem with dried bananas is that all the good stuff inside them goes away! This includes lots of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins A & C, and potassium too.

The biggest problem is that the natural sugars in bananas get concentrated when they are dried out, resulting in stomach problems or diarrhea for dogs.

Dried Pineapple

Dried pineapple is a type of fruit that can help my dog out with his digestion, and it’s one of the few dried fruits that are 100% safe.

Dried pineapple contains lots of fiber and bromelain – an enzyme needed for healthy skin and joints. As long as I feed my pet small amounts at a time, he should be okay, and the natural sugars and fibers will help him stay healthy and regular.

However, only feed your pup dried pineapple if it’s 100% natural, meaning there are no hidden additives or ingredients you don’t recognize.

Also, avoid feeding them too much dried pineapple as it may cause excessive vomiting or diarrhea.

Dried Prunes

Looney Pruney Organic Pitted Dried Prunes for the Entire Family | Always California-Grown | Kosher | No Added Sugar & No Preservatives (32 oz)

It might surprise you that the answer to the question of “Can dogs eat prunes?” is yes! In fact, it’s a fantastic fruit option for my canine because plums are full of fiber and antioxidants.

The only problem with dried plums is that some varieties may be packed with added sugar, which could potentially cause side effects in my dog.

This makes me want to make sure I look at the label for no added sugar & no preservatives before buying them. And only feed them a small amount if you are introducing them for the first time and check for any adverse reactions after that just to play safe.

Dried Raspberries

Dried raspberries are a tasty type of berry that can be great for my dog as long as added sugars don’t sweeten them. This is because too many added sugars could potentially cause diarrhea or vomiting in dogs.

It’s also important to note that raspberries are full of fiber, which can be excellent for digestion! Given a choice, I always go for Non-GMO, Vegan and no sugar added dried raspberries. It is healthy for both me and my dog.

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Dried Strawberries

NATIERRA Premium Freeze-Dried Strawberries | Non-GMO & Vegan | 0.7 Ounce (Pack of 4)

Strawberries are a type of berry that is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients. That being said, it is important to note that fresh strawberries are better for my dog than dried ones because the sugar concentration increases when they’re dehydrated.

This means too many can be bad for some pets’ digestive systems since there is so much sugar in each piece.

Dried Jackfruit

Mavuno Harvest Direct Trade Organic Dried Fruit, Jackfruit, 1 Pound

Dried Jackfruit is a type of fruit that I want to give my dog because it’s full of fiber and antioxidants. The only issue with this fruit is that it can be difficult for some dogs to digest, so I need to break up the pieces into smaller sizes when feeding them to mine.

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