Is CBD Oil Safe For Dogs?Why Is It So Useful?

Did a fellow pet owner recommend CBD oil for your dog? We’ve been finding more and more uses for CBD oil. It’s used to treat pain and to control seizures. But does that mean you can use it on your dog, is CBD oil safe for dogs?

CBD oil in the right doses is safe to use on dogs. There’s no evidence that CBD helps treat health problems that dogs have though. CBD is used to treat dogs that are in pain or dogs that experience epileptic episodes. Veterinarians don’t consider CBD to be dangerous but they rarely prescribe it. 

We still have a lot to learn about hemp, cannabis, THC, and CBD. So, using these resources to treat some health problems is tricky. Here’s what you need to know before giving CBD oil to your dog.

What Does CBD Oil Do For Dogs

What Does CBD Oil Do For Dogs

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD oil is an extract from hemp plants. The oil has CBD as the only active ingredient. Cannabis has two main ingredients CBD and THC. While CBD is safe for dogs, THC is not. So, the oil is safe for dogs as long as it has CBD as the only ingredient.

While CBD has many uses like treating anxiety, cancer symptoms, pain, and seizures, it only has a few uses for dogs. The CBD affects the dog’s central nervous system. It attaches to the CBD receptors in the nervous system. These receptors can regulate the overall health of the dog and they can relieve pain.

CBD is used on dogs that have pain issues, neurotic pain specifically. Any pain related to the nervous system can be relieved or minimized with CBD. It’s used to treat both mild and severe cases of epilepsy in dogs. Lastly, some pet owners use CBD oil to treat anxiety issues in dogs.

It’s important to note that there’s no exact evidence that CBD can help dogs with these health issues. CBD is not tested and certified like other drugs that vets prescribe. With CBD we only have testimonials that helped some dogs. This is true though. Dogs cope with pain easier when they get CBD oil. Some dogs experience fewer epileptic episodes when after getting CBD. [Source]

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Can CBD Be Toxic To Dogs

Can CBD Be Toxic To Dogs

Every remedy and drug has some side effects, whether we want it or not. It’s the same with CBD oil. There are some side effects of CBD oil. The side effects occur rarely. Nonetheless, a good amount of dogs experienced the side effects of CBD.

This doesn’t mean that CBD is dangerous or toxic to dogs. These are acceptable side effects that do not always appear. Dogs can feel drowsy after ingesting CBD oil. Lower blood pressure is also a side effect. Another thing dogs may experience after ingesting CBD is a dry mouth. So, they may need to drink more water than usual.

Side effects aside, CBD can actually be toxic in some cases. That is if you give your dog big doses. CBD oil is not toxic as long as you are giving your dog the right doses.

There is no research done so we can definitely know whether CBD is actually toxic to dogs. So far, we are not seeing any empirical evidence that points to that. Also, we don’t even know what doses could potentially be toxic to the dog. [Source]

So, when you are giving your dog CBD, consider small doses. Follow what the bottle says on the product and consult with a vet. Fortunately, even medium to big doses is not that dangerous. You should always be careful though.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of CBD For Dogs


Seeing as how whether you will be giving CBD to your dog depends on you as a pet owner, a list of the pros and cons will help you. Vets rarely prescribe and advise on CBD oil. Some vets are not allowed to prescribe unregulated drugs.


  • Many experts and pet owners agree that CBD has helped pets with pain, anxiety, and epilepsy. 
    Although the oil is not regulated, and there is no scientific evidence, there is empirical evidence. Pet owners use CBD when there’s no other solution. Or, when the other solution is not preferable. Many of those pet owners saw results after giving CBD to their dogs.
  • CBD oil is not harsh on the dog’s liver, unlike other prescription drugs. 
    Some drugs that we give our dogs have immediate results but they also make things hard on the liver. This is especially true with pain medication and medication for epilepsy. CBD oil is more of a natural remedy, it does no damage to the dog’s liver when used repeatedly.
  • CBD has had a positive effect on dogs with anxiety issues. 
    Dogs with trauma, separation issues, or depression can be treated with CBD. The oil has a calming effect. Many pet owners are satisfied with the results CBD had on their anxious dogs.
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  • CBD oil for dogs is not regulated. 
    There is no guarantee that CBD oil will be effective. More so, there are no regulations on the amount of CBD the oil should have.
  • There’s no evidence that CBD is actually effective. 
    We have already cleaned this up. Again, remember that there’s no scientific evidence about CBD helping dogs.

CBD Pet Products


Since you will not be using a prescription from a vet, you need to decide for yourself what product you will be buying. Nowadays, there are plenty of CBD oil products for pets. Getting the best suitable one for your dog is really important. Here are some tips.

  • Decide on the amount of CBD you want the oil to have.
    Stronger oils will give you a better result but they come with a higher risk. The chances of side effects are higher. Also, you have to be really careful with the dogs.
  • Get CBD oil that doesn’t contain any pesticides and other toxic chemicals. 
    You can find this in the ingredients listed on the certificate that comes with the product.
  • Read the certificate, find out everything about CBD oil. 

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Is CBD Oil Safe For Dogs Related FAQs

Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil For Dogs

Most vets will not recommend CBD oil for dogs because the oil is not regulated. Also, some vets are biased against any use of cannabis. Vets can’t write a prescription for the oil. Some vets will advise you on using CBD or will offer CBD as an alternative.

Should I Give My Dog CBD Every Day

There is no threat to using CBD every day for your dog. In fact, regularly using CBD can help reach better results. As long as you are sticking to the right doses, your dog should be okay.

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