How To Prevent Dog From Jumping Off Bed And Hurt Themselves

Are you worried about your dog’s well-being? Read to learn how to prevent your dog from jumping off the bed and hurt themselves. 

Dogs are happy and joyful creatures. They like to play, and will always try to jump when they’re bored, excited, or trying to grab your attention. You should discourage this behavior; ignore the dog, and give your dog something to keep him or her busy to prompt them to stop this behavior. 

Dog’s ancestors are related to wolves that could jump and leap to chase their prey. However, today’s dogs are built differently, and jumping off the bed can harm your dog’s joints and back. There are some tips and techniques that can help you overcome this behavior to protect your dog from potential danger. 

Tips To Prevent Dog From Jumping Off Bed

Tips To Prevent Dog From Jumping Off Bed

Your dog will jump when you first get back home or when someone comes to visit the house. Problems can happen when your dog jumps off the bed or a couch, especially if you have a small-breed dog. Here are some tips that can help you discourage this behavior. 

  • Consistency is the key. Everyone in the family should discourage this behavior and show the dog that they’re doing something wrong. This will help your dog realize the difference between desirable and undesirable patterns. 
  • Prevent your dog from getting on the bed in the first place. Every time your dog tries to get on a bed, couch, or any high surface, encourage them to leave by giving them a treat or a toy that keeps them busy. If your dog still insists on getting on the bed, carry him or her and put them gently to the ground, affirming that this action is not desirable. 
  • Give your dog a better option. Your dog wants to get on the bed to be close to you and because it’s comfortable. Make sure that the dog has a comfortable bed, which has been set up close to yours. Use treats and toys to tempt your dog to get into their bed instead. 
  • Use clear orders to instruct your dog to go to their bed whenever you get into yours. This will let your dog know that your bed is off-limits, and they can still be close to you by staying in theirs. 
  • Dogs are brilliant, and using signals will help your dog differentiate between good and bad behaviors. Make a noise when your dog gets on the bed and use positive reinforcement when you ask them to get off. Every time your dog complies, reward them, so they will be prompted to stick to your orders. 
  • Your dog might break the rules when you’re not home, especially if they feel lonely because you’re not around. In this case, it’s essential to lock the room to prevent the dog from getting onto the bed. 
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Is Jumping Really Bad for Dogs

Is Jumping Really Bad for Dogs

Jumping up and down requires the shifting of the body’s weight and puts a lot of strain on the dog’s leg muscles and joints. Large and medium-size breeds might not get hurt if they’re not jumping off a high surface. However, if they’re landing on a hard floor or their legs get twisted, they might still hurt themselves. 

Things are different if you have a small-breed dog or a puppy. The dog will have to jump two or even three times its size to get into and out of bed. This will put more strain on their joints. 

If you have an overweight dog, the risk of injury will be high. Obese dogs have problems when it comes to controlling their bodies, and your dog might not land properly, which puts more pressure on the joints. 

Older dogs might already suffer from arthritis that affects their mobility. In this case, jumping off the bed can be extremely dangerous. 

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How To Tell That My Dog Is Safe After A Fall

If your dog has already jumped off the bed, you must examine them to make sure that everything is fine.

  • Stay calm to assess your dog’s condition. Your dog can sense your stress and might get too anxious if they feel that you’re panicking.
  • Watch your dog for a while. If they’re breathing heavily, this might show that they’re injured. 
  • Check your dog’s body for any scratches or cuts. If the dog is yelping, then there’s something wrong. 
  • Apply first aid only if your dog seems comfortable. 
  • Watch the dog’s limbs to see if there’s a broken bone. If the dog starts limping for a while, then you need to go to the vet.
  • Don’t move the dog until it has completely calmed down. 
  • Take a look at your dog’s gums. If they’re pale, your dog might be bleeding internally. 
  • If there’s a broken limb or internal bleeding, keep the dog stable and move him or her after putting them on a hard board for support. 
  • Take your dog to the vet to make sure that they’re safe. 

Wrap Up

Your dog’s safety is your responsibility. You need to encourage your dog to stop jumping off the bed or any other high surface to avoid serious injuries. Be consistent, and don’t scare your dog. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog. 

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