How To Prepare Freeze-Dried Dog Food In Few Minutes!

Preparing freeze-dried food for your dog is one of the easiest things you can do. Freeze-dried foods are usually part of a raw feeding diet for dogs and consist of raw ingredients like raw meat, and fresh food like vegetables, fruits, unpasteurized milk, and raw eggs.

Preparing freeze-dried dog food is very easy. Just add some warm water to the food and wait for a couple of minutes to rehydrate.In minutes, the food will be ready for your dog to enjoy it.

If you want to find out more about this type of dog food and how to prepare it then keep on reading this article till the end.

What Is Freeze-Dried Dog Food Made Of?Grandma Lucy's Artisan Dog Food, Grain Free and Freeze-Dried

The reason why freeze-dried food seems to be getting more popular these days is that it is a great way to get your dog started on a raw diet, especially if they have some sorts of digestive issues, sensitive stomachs or just problems with raw food.

The most common ingredients in freeze-dried dog food are raw meat(organ meats like liver, heart, kidneys, muscle meat, etc), and other fresh ingredients such as fresh veggies and fruits.

Freeze-dried dog food is a healthy diet and one of the safest ways to feed your dog a raw diet because the freezing process removes all of the harmful bacteria and makes the frozen food safer for raw consuming.

What Does Freeze-Drying Mean?

The process of freeze-drying involves a low-temperature and high-pressure processing for getting the food dehydrated. This process of freeze-drying removes most of the moisture from the dog food without actually getting in the way and removing all the natural nutrients and vitamins from the food. [Source]

Even though technically the food is put through “processing”, it doesn’t lose its nutritious ingredients because it’s not cooked on a hot temperature.So, freeze-dried food provides a complete, balanced diet for your dog.

Before the freeze-drying process, the raw ingredients are frozen and go through a vacuum chamber that makes the frozen water from the food evaporate.

If you worry about your dog consuming raw ingredients, don’t. Dogs can easily process raw meat, especially if it’ freeze-dried. Also, with freeze-dried food, you shouldn’t worry about contaminating your living space with bacteria from raw meat because of the freezing process.
Freeze-dried dog food is less processed and could provide a balanced nutrition, which is better than just plain dry dog food or as many people know it, kibble.
This is why a freeze-dried diet is the main talk amongst pet parents right now. The frozen state of the food eliminates the hard, messy process of preparing the food, bacterial contamination, and making a mess everywhere.
Plus, it has a long shelf life which is great if you’re planning on buying in bulk. The reason why this food has a long life stage is of course, because of the freeze-drying process.
You can keep the food on room temperature in your pantry without having to worry about spoilage for long periods of time.

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How To Make DIY Freeze-Dried Food

If you happen to own a freeze-dryer or a vacuum chamber you can most definitely make your own batch of fresh freeze-dried food. I always say that making your own homemade food is far better than the store-bought pet foods.

Making freeze-dried food is very easy to make. You just have to make your ingredient list and make sure that the food will have the proper amount of nutritional benefits for a complete meal so your dog won’t get malnourished.

I only want the best for my dog so whenever I’m making her meals at home I always try to use natural ingredients of good quality andI would advise to do the same thing with your pet as well.

Dogs love meats like chicken and organ meat like kidneys, and liver. You can also use muscle meat pieces as a great protein source, some fresh collard green veggies, broccoli, green beans, and some carbohydrates like cooked brown rice.

I do not recommend carbohydrates(pasta, rice, quinoa, etc) for dogs that are trying to lose weight or dogs with sensitive stomachs as it can get pretty heavy.

Raw, meaty bones are a great calcium and protein source so if you have a grinder, you can grind them up and sprinkle them on top of the food.

If your dog can consume it, you can add in some healthy grains as well but that is completely up to you. Some dogs require a grain-free diet as it can mess up their digestive tract.

After you’ve picked your desired ingredients, put them in your freeze dryer or the vacuum chamber and set the timer for the recommended time.

How To Prepare Store-Bought Freeze-Dried Dog FoodStella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties

The answer to this is very simple and it only takes a few minuter to do so. Just put the freeze-dried food in your pup’s bowl, and then just pour some warm water all over it.

Of course, I always advise for you to first read the label and see how much water is actually needed for preparing the freeze-dried food but, otherwise, the preparation is so simple that a child could make it.

Leave the food for a couple of minutes(again, read the recommended time on the label) to soak up all the moisture from the water and rehydrate and there you have it, an already prepared meal for your pet.[Source]

Again, the preparation process really depends on the types of food that you bought so always make sure you’ve educated yourself properly before making the freeze-dried dinner.

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Is Dehydrated Food And Freeze-Dried Food The Same Thing?The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Whole Grain Dog Food – Complete Meal or Dog Food Topper

Even though technically, freeze-dried food is dehydrated, it is not the same thing as dehydrated food. There are so many differences between these two types of food. First thing that comes to mind is that dehydrated dog food is cooked and freeze-dried food is part of the raw food diet.

Raw dog food and freeze-dried dog food have more nutritional benefits than dehydrated dog food all because the food is not cooked and I already said, raw and fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, raw meat, and raw eggs are so much better for your pup than a cooked meal.


Freeze-dried dog food is a type of food that has been put through a freeze-drying process. Freeze-drying makes any moisture from the food to evaporate and leaves it dry and dehydrated.

Freeze-dried food is mainly made from raw meat, and raw and fresh products like vegetables, raw eggs, raw milk, and raw ground bones.

Raw feeding diet is known for its many health benefits for dogs like smaller stools, higher energy levels, healthy teeth, and healthier skin(especially if your dog has a bad skin condition).

Dogs are known descendants of wolves and the raw food doesn’t affect their health. It’s actually far more nutritious for them, especially raw and meaty bones.

Freeze-dried food is a great idea for your dog if you’re scared to give them fresh raw food, in fear that it’s going to get them or you sick or if your dog has some digestive issues.

To prepare the freeze-dried food all you need is your dog’s food bowl, and some warm water. Pour the water all over the content of the baggie and wait for a couple of minutes for the food to retain the water.

If you’re able to make a homemade freeze-dried dog food go ahead. All you need is some organ meats or muscle meats, and of course, a freeze-dryer or a vacuum chamber. Your dog will love you for that.

Since this type of food is raw and as we know, raw food is a  bit intense and hard on the stomach, always make sure that your dog has their water bowl filled with fresh water near them.

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