How To Make A Step In Dog Harness Out Of Nylon Webbing!

There are lots of cute and elegant dog harnesses out there. As such, you must have at some point thought about making one of such harnesses for your furry friend. If you are creative enough, you will find most of the store harnesses are not your type. You might ask: how can you make a dog harness out of webbing?

Well, have a plan, and this involves deciding what type, style, and materials you need for the task. Then assemble all the supplies needed. After that, start the webbing process, and in this case, you’ll need to use the following steps:

  1. Create the harness collar
  2. Make the tie piece
  3. Form the body strap
  4. Create the top strap
  5. Join the harness pieces together

The best part is that the steps are pretty simple. You won’t need any special skills or tools. By following the steps carefully, you can rest assured to have an adorable and strong harness for your dog.

Do you want to know how to make a dog harness out of webbing like a pro? If yes, keep reading this guide to the end. We have identified and provided the easiest steps and tips that will help you do so.

How to Make a Harness for Your Dog Out Of Webbing

Making a harness for your dog is an easy process. For better results, you must get everything right. But before we begin, it is imperative to know what things are necessary.


Like any other DIY project, there are various requirements for making a dog harness out of webbing. This section will look at the tools and materials that are essential for the process.


  • A pair of Scissors
  • A measuring tape
  • A needle and thread or sewing machine
  • A lighter


Country Brook Design - Durable 1 Inch Heavy Nylon Webbing - 29 Vibrant Colors (Black, 20 Yards)

At least an 8 feet long nylon webbing with a width of about an inch. The length of the nylon webbing you’ll need will depend on your dog’s size. Here are our recommended sizes:

Small dog: 72inch long and ¾-inch wide

Medium dog: 96 inches long and 1-inch wide

Large dog: 108inch long and 1 ¼ inch wide

Extra-large dog: 132inch long and 1 ½ inch wide

  • A plastic or metal side release buckle
  • 2 metal D-rings
  • 2 metal tri-glide sliders
  • 2 metal circular rings

NOTE: Ensure the width of the D-rings, O-rings, and tri-glide sliders match with the webbing material

  • A decorative flare or ribbon
  • 4 metal or plastic sliders

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How To Make A Step In Dog Harness Using Nylon Webbing(Step by Step):

Preparation here involves the following 6 Steps:

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Step 1: Prepare Aptly

Decide on the type of harness to make

Before you start, it’s possible that you already have an idea of what type you want. Or at least how the harness should look like. If not, think about it or do your research.

Typically, dog harnesses help distribute pressure to a larger area of your furry friend. This, in turn, minimizes the amount of strain on the neck and back region.

However, harnesses are never created the same. That’s why it’s essential to know which type is best for your dog. In this case, there are different harnesses made to serve other purposes.

Decorative Harnesses: These harnesses enable you to dress your puppy for special occasions. It could be during Halloween, the Christmas holidays, or any other special event.

Functional Harnesses: These are suitable for walking around strong dogs. They offer you great control over your dog without straining its back or neck.

Temporary Harnesses: This type of dog harness is an essential item in your safety gear. These will help you add more security to your dog’s leash or collar in certain situations.

Choose Appropriate Materials

After knowing what type of dog harness you want, choose the materials you’ll need. Here, you’ll need to consider the following:

Nylon webbing and Paracord: These are the best options for making a solid and functional harness.

Fabric and Yarn: These materials come in handy if you intend to make decorative harnesses.

Rope: Consider a string that’s about four times your dog’s length. This would be ideal in case you want to make a temporary dog harness.

After that, get the necessary supplies and get ready for the job.

Get the measurements of your dog

Regardless of the type of dog harness you want to make, it is crucial to get the correct measurements. That’s the only way to ensure the harness fits your dog precisely. So before you get started, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Place the nylon webbing over your dog’s neck.
  2. Loop it towards the web towards the dog’s chest.
  3. Create a mark at the point where the nylon webbing crosses each side.
  4. Cut at the end of about 8 inches past the point you marked.
  5. Using a lighter, melt away the frayed ends of the web.
  6. Reposition the nylon webbing on your furry friend.
  7. Cross the webbing’s both ends over one another just above the chest of your dog. (Make sure you get an additional length of 4 inches of the webbing material past the point of intersection.
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To measure the tummy band part of the harness, use the technique above.

Step 2: Make the Harness Collar

The process of making a dog harness officially starts with the harness collar. It is the harness that goes around your dog’s neck. Its end attaches itself to a metal ring located at the base of the neck.

So, making the harness collar is the first step to make a harness for your dog.

Here, you’ll want to measure and cut the webbing.

To do so, use the following steps:

  1. Wrap the nylon webbing around the dog’s neck.
  2. Pull the webbing’s ends across your dog’s chest.
  3. Pin the webbings at the point where they cross one another in the middle. It should be just above the dog’s breast bone.
  4. For every end, measure 6 inches past the crossover point.
  5. Cut the nylon webbing and then sear both ends.

Add a slider to the webbing’s end:

  1. Push the nylon webbing upwards from the lower part via the slider hole.
  2. Then push the webbing downwards from the upper part through the second hole.

Attach the ends of the webbing to the ring

  1. Pull the webbing upwards and through from the ring underneath.
  2. Create another layer of the webbing, thread it via the slider and pull it tight.

The loop made should be able to hold firm while tugging on it.

Step 3: Create the Tie Piece

The tie piece often goes between your furry friend’s legs. It connects the harness’ front part with the rear part. To make it:

  1. Grab a piece of nylon webbing about 9-15 inches long
  2. Thread a slider onto the webbing’s one end.
  3. Create a loop and move the loose end via the slider once again.
  4. Push the other end of the webbing through the O-ring used in step 2.
  5. From the upper side, loop the webbing back about an inch.
  6. To secure the end, sew the webbing.

Step 4: Form the body strap

  1. Start by wrapping the webbing over your puppy’s back just behind the front legs.
  2. Pull the webbing till it feels comfy and leave the ends by around 3 inches.
  3. Cut the additional webbing and burn the edges with a lighter.
  4. Sew the webbing’s one end to the holder part of the metal or plastic buckle. Then loop the end through an inch.
  5. Thread the webbing’s other end via the buckle’s prong end.
  6. If you’re using a plastic buckle, push the webbing via the hole that’s closer to the prongs.
  7. After that, duplicate it back via the second hole.
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Step 5: Create the Top Strap

  1. Grab the webbing’s one end and form a big loop via the D-ring on the rear part.
  2. Pass the body strap (formed in step 3) through the same loop.
  3. Leave the web’s end at least an inch past the contents of the loop.
  4. Sew that loose end of the web in a cross and rectangular pattern.
  5. Then sew a line closer to the D-ring to support it. But ensure you don’t sew through the body strap.
  6. Connect the four sliders to the other end of the top strap formed.
  7. Loop the end around the collar’s upper part.
  8. Then place it back via the slider using the loose end on top. This will allow you to pull on it and make adjustments as you need.

Alternatively, you can sew to secure the top strap at the region it loops over the collar in place. Before you do that, make sure you get the perfect fit for your dog.

Step 6: Join the Harness Pieces Together

  1. Pass your buckle’s receptacle end from the body strap via the loop from the tie piece.
  2. Then buckle it up and adjust for a perfect fit on your dog.
  3. Secure the sliders in position by passing the webbing’s loose end back over the slider’s end but closer to it.
  4. Finally, thread it via the second part.

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Wrap Up

Congratulations! You’ve just made your dog a harness out of nylon webbing.

What comes next is to put it on your dog and let them get used to it. However, before you show off your wonderful creation, make sure that your furry friend is wearing the collar and identification tags.

After that, you can confidently walk with your furry friend, knowing that they are safe and comfortable. Of course, be ready to get stopped by wowing passersby impressed with your dog’s adorable DIY harness.

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