How To Keep Dogs Out Of The Cat Litter Box?(10 Things To Do)

If you are a pet lover, there’s a good chance that you have more than one furry friend as part of your family. While people often look at dogs and cats as natural enemies, they can form a tight bond when they are raised together. You and your four-legged pals can all live in harmony. There’s one problem you want to avoid. You need to keep your pooch out of the kitty litter.

Here are a list of things you can do to keep them out

  1. Try a Different Kind of Litter Box
  2. Put Your Litter Box Someplace Your Dog Can’t Reach
  3. Close Your Litter Box in a Room with a Small Door Flap
  4. Use a Baby Gate
  5. Use a Litter Box that Cleans Itself
  6. Be Vigilant
  7. Train Your Dog to Avoid Cat Poop
  8. Try Additives in Your Cat’s Food that Turn Your Dog Off
  9. Give Your Dog Extra Attention
  10. An Appointment With Your Vet 

Read on to find out more about this interesting behavior from your pooch and how you can dog proof it.

Why Are Dogs Attracted To The Litter Box?

While the litter box is one of your least favorite things, it’s like a scavenger hunt for your dog. The cat poop is right up your pooch’s alley. It smells good to a dog. It may even smell like the tempting food you put out for your kitty.

How Do I Keep My Dog Out Of The Kitty Litter Box?

Dogs love to explore. Cat poop is just another prize. Fortunately, you have alternatives that can help you to make your dog stay away from the litter box.

Try a Different Kind of Litter Box

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Leaving the litter box open to a dog intruder is a losing battle. Try litter boxes that have been found to be pooch-proof. Litter boxes that have a cover, such as a dome shape or a box shape, are less likely to be infiltrated by your dog. You can also try a litter box with an entrance on top. If the entrance is smaller than your dog, you’re golden.

Put Your Litter Box Someplace Your Dog Can’t Reach

Cats are natural climbers. They can spring and jump in places your dog can only admire from afar. Place your litter box on a table or wide shelf in a secluded area in your home. Your cat won’t have any problems relieving itself while your dog looks on in envy.

Close Your Litter Box in a Room with a Small Door Flap

Placing your litter box behind a closed door is beneficial for many reasons, including:

  • No one has to look at the litter box
  • No one has to smell the litter box
  • No one has to watch your cat during an extremely private moment
  • Your dog will be forced to keep out
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You need to make sure you put a door flap in for your cat. It should be just big enough for your kitty to get to the other side. If you have a small dog, you may need to think of something else.

Use a Baby Gate

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A baby gate is a wonderful invention. Even though it was designed to protect an infant or toddler from danger, you can use it for your pets. Baby gates are great when you want to keep your dog out of a certain area of your home when you are gone.

You can also use one to block off the litter box. Just make sure it’s high enough to hold off any dog that is a candidate for an agility contest.

Use a Litter Box that Cleans Itself

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes - 2nd Generation or Smart, WiFi Connected, iOS or Android App Tracking - Includes Disposable Litter Tray with Premium Blue Crystal Cat Litter

Thanks to modern technology, you can have a litter box that will do the cleaning for you. It will filter out the poop and urine on a regular basis, sending it to a tray at the bottom of the box. Your pooch won’t be able to get to the prize if your tech-wonder of a litter box is fast enough.

Be Vigilant

You can be the best defense against dog invasions in the litter box. If you or other members of your household are home regularly, check the litter box often. Keep it clean. Swap out old liter and bring in the new. The fresh scent won’t attract your dog.

Train Your Dog to Avoid Cat Poop

You can try your hand at obedience training when you want the dog to stay away from cat poop. If your dog goes near the litter box, say, “No,” with a firm tone.

You can also try squirting your dog with a water bottle any time it sticks its nose in the litter. Reinforce good behavior with a treat, especially if you go for a walk.

If your dog turns away from dog poop or anything else undesirable, it’s time for a reward.

Try Additives in Your Cat’s Food that Turn Your Dog Off

There are products on the market, including natural additives, that you can put on your cat’s food. They aren’t harmful in anyway. However, they include ingredients that will make your dog turn up its nose to cat poop. MSG, cellulose, and super greens are only a few of the ingredients that are effective deterrents.

Give Your Dog Extra Attention

Dogs crave attention. If they aren’t entertained, they are bound to get into something. Try taking your dog on walks every day at various times. It will be good for the both of you.

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You’ll also have quality time together as you bond. Make sure you have plenty of toys for your dog at home. You can toss a ball or grab a chew toy any time your dog gets antsy. A belly rub is a good way to put someone to sleep. The litter box will the last thing on your dog’s mind.

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An Appointment With Your Vet

Your dog’s interest in the litter box could be connected with a diet deficiency. Talk to your vet. Ask for an evaluation to determine if your dog needs dietary supplements. Changing up what your pooch eats could solve your problem.

Wrap Up

Learning how to keep dogs out of the cat litter box doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Try making simple changes. Where you place the litter box can make a world of difference.

Switching to a model with a top can make it more pleasant for everyone all around. Praise your pooch for staying out of trouble.

If you keep an eagle eye on your litter box and your dog, you should be able be in good shape.

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