What You Must Know Today To Keep Your Dog Off Your Bed

Nothing beats the feeling of cuddling up with your little furball at the end of a long day. As a new dog mom, we understand the urge you get every night to have them by your side. Unlike cats, dogs love snuggles, and it can get super tough to train them for boundaries.

Here are 5 ways to keep your dog off bed

  1. Don’t Let the Dog Sleep in Your Bed from Day 1
  2. Consistency is the key
  3. Get Your Dog the Comfiest Bed
  4. Keep them Close By
  5. Reward them

Read on to learn about the five best ways you must know to keep your dog off the bed every night. Before that, we will share more about why your dog likes to approach you at your bed and why it may not be a good idea to sleep with them.

Why Does My Dog Come To My Bed At Night?

We understand one of the most adorable things about your dog is the attachment and the love they have for you. They want to follow you like a shadow, and there are no “ifs, and, or buts about it!”

That is also the reason why they like to come to your bed at night.

Even though you love them unconditionally, it’s always a better idea to keep your four-legged friend at a distance during the night.

Although dogs are expensive and require a lot of attention, they are super adorable and entertaining to be around. And, it’s no surprise, as recent research found that 56% of dog owners tend to sleep next to their dogs.

Do Dogs Have A Favorite Person?

Enormously popular as pets, dogs are the most loved pets among humans, and yes, it is because of the benefits they have on our mental and physical health.

They do tend to have a favorite person that they feel matches their own personality and energy.

When the world was in a pandemic, dogs have proved to keep us happier, calm and most importantly, they help us deal with crises and vice versa.

Despite the isolation, dogs made sure to give us genuine affection and emotional support. It is no wonder that their company helped dog owners stave off social isolation without feeling lonely.

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Indeed, due to the COVID19 restrictions and continuous episodes of lockdowns, let’s face it- we all are having a hard time keeping our stress down, and that’s okay.

Feeling a little vulnerable these days and your trusted friend beside you in bed does bring pleasure. But the real question is, are dogs in bed more threatening than bed bugs?

Why Dogs Should Not Sleep In Your Bed?

Why Dogs Should Not Sleep In Your Bed

Every night, you lock the doors, turn off the lights and climb into your bed, all of this with your faithful friend chasing close behind. Two situations are likely to occur, either your dog sleeps on the floor or jumps in the bed beside you.

As the little furball settles in, you might not realize that there are some issues with him sleeping right next to you. And, of course, it’s not their Olympic-level snoring.

As dogs are carriers of allergens like dust and pollen, they are likely to provoke severe asthma. Moreover, you may experience breathing complications over time. Also, what’s worse than being scratched by your dog in the middle of the night? It could be the health conditions that they bring about over time.

As dogs can be active sleepers just like us, they have a habit of tossing and turning throughout the night. It can eventually end up with you waking up to scratch marks the next day.

Additionally, even though you are always taking care of your dog. Keeping up with the appointments and regular grooming sessions, you probably keep a close eye on their hygiene.

But if they are already infected with parasite eggs because of the walks around the neighborhood, that can be an issue. When he cuddles next to you, the eggs are likely to shred off and make nests into your sheets. Surprised? Yes, that’s how bad it is!

Now that you are aware of the risks of letting your dog sleep in with you, there are many tricks and tips you can follow to keep them off your bed. Also, being a dog lover, we understand you might have thoughts like you are mean to them, but you should know this is best for both of you.

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Five Best Ways To Keep Dog Off Bed At Night(s)

We understand letting go of your furry bed companion can be difficult. But here’s an unsettling thought: as dogs are natural scavengers, they aren’t afraid of playing or eating their poop.

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Your four-legged friend is likely to have some of it on their paws or fur, so when it sleeps on your bed, you can guess where it will go… yes, on your bedsheets and then you.

Resisting those sad eyes when it’s bedtime can be impossible. We bet you don’t want a sleepless night as dogs like to stretch out. Although this is great for them, it is not so good for you. It’s high time to keep your dog off the bed and resist those puppy eyes.

1. Don’t Let the Dog Sleep in Your Bed from Day 1

If you are new to this, it’s always better to train your dog to stay out of bed from the beginning. They must learn about the boundaries so they can know the bed is off-limits. Also, not to worry if you want to train them now as it’s never too late.

Keep reading to find out ways to train your dog that wants to cuddle every night.

2. Consistency is the key

Training your dog will require a lot of patience. It is something that you cannot just do in one day. By taking one step at a time and consistently, you will be able to teach them. Always use words like “off” to get them off your bed.

Use these words every time they try to climb your bed. By repeating this command, they are likely to understand the boundaries. Moreover, treating them with affection or a small treat after they listen to you is excellent.

3. Get Your Dog the Comfiest Bed

Training your dog not to sleep right beside you doesn’t mean you strip them onto the floor or kick them out of your room. It is a complete no-no thing to do! Instead, get them a bed they can’t refuse.

Find a colorful, soft memory foam dog bed and keep it right beside your sleeping place. Once they like it, trust us, there is no way they will want to sleep in your bed. Please do some research online, read reviews on various websites, and order the best dog bed for them, so they don’t even miss sleeping next to their favorite soul.

4. Keep them Close By

Dogs are prone to becoming attached to their owners quickly. And separating will give them anxiety. With your behavior change, they are likely to become depressed about the entire situation.

To avoid upsetting them, place their new dog bed close to your bed. Never change their room, or else they will end up thinking you have abandoned them. That’s the last thing you will ever want to do with them. A cozy set up next to your bed will promote a sense of security in them, helping them cope with the new arrangement.

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5. Reward them

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An essential part of training your dog to keep off the bed is to reward them each time they listen to you. Rewarding the good behaviors makes them want to do it again, making training fun and productive at the same time. A reward can be anything, including:

● Affection like a hug or a belly rub


● A trip to the park

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Wrap Up

To sum it up, do not feel bad if you are setting boundaries with your dog during sleep time.  It does not mean that you do not love your dog. The reason why are doing it is that you want to keep loving your dog and also obtain a great night’s sleep and good regular health!

Because of your faithful friend, you don’t want to stay out late at night partying with friends because you know he’s waiting for you every night. Having a dog is lovely. The wagging tail around the house acts like a bundle of joy.

Whether there is a rainstorm or a thunderstorm out there, you know you have to take two walks every day.

You make sacrifices for your dog all time and this won’t even feel like a large sacrifice for your dog over the long term, either!

All it requires is consistency, firmness, and a lot of motivation. Use all of this, and train your buddy for a better sleep quality for both of you. Nighty night!

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