How To Feed Freeze Dried Dog Food To Your Canine?

Freeze-dried dog food is getting more and more popular in the pet community because of its convenience as well as the natural nutrients and vitamins that the food provides.

Wondering how to feed your beloved pup freeze-dried dog food? The answer is simple, just add in some warm water to the food and there you have it, an already balanced, and complete meal that is full of amino acids and vitamins.

If you want to gain more knowledge about this mysterious type of food, then keep on reading this article.

What Actually Is Freeze-Dried Dog FoodInstinct Raw Boost Natural Dry Dog Food, Grain Free Kibble + Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food with Functional Ingredients

Freeze-dried food seems to be getting more popular these days and it is a great way to get your dog to eat a raw diet, especially for all pups that have digestive issues, sensitive stomachs or just problems with raw food in general.

Freeze-dried food is technically made out of raw meat(organ meats like liver, heart, kidneys, muscle meat, etc), and other fresh ingredients such as fresh veggies and fruits.

Freeze-dried raw dog food is considered to be a healthy diet and one of the safest ways to feed your dog a raw diet because all of the freezing process that the food is put through.

The process of freeze-drying is a low-temperature way of getting the food dehydrated aka out of moisture. This process of freeze-drying removes most of the moisture from the dog food without actually getting in the way and removing all the natural nutrients and vitamins from the food.

All of the raw ingredients are in a frozen state and go through a vacuuming process that makes all the moisture/frozen water evaporate really quick.

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For some pet parents feeding their loved pets fresh raw food seems very dangerous and I admit, it is most definitely not for every dog, especially is you have a picky eater as a pet.

This is why freeze-dried dog food comes in handy. Freeze-dried food is made from freeze-dried meat that is technically raw, but because it’s in a frozen state, all the potentially harmful bacteria are extracted from it.

So, this frozen food is considered to be much safer for both dogs and humans.Raw food is generally safe and healthier for dogs but it can cause some serious trouble for us, their owners.

Cooked foods can be a part of your pup’s diet but here is where the tiny problem is with cooked food. Cooking means processing the food many of the main nutrients and vitamins are lost in this process. So, you pup may not get their balanced meal from the cooked food you serve them.[Source]

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Freeze-dried raw food is minimally processed and provides balanced nutrition for dogs, which is much better than giving them just plain dry dog food or homemade cooked food.

If you’re a bit sceptic about all of this fresh raw feeding but you still want to try it out you can easily find other freeze-dried products like meal toppers and freeze-dried treats that you can mix into your pup’s current food.

Remember, even though it’s frozen the food it’s still raw and raw food can be pretty heavy to digest so I suggest to always have some fresh water nearby so your dog can hydrate if needed.

Because it’s frozen, you don’t have to go through the messy process of scooping out the food and making a mess everywhere. Serving fresh-raw food as a meal can be a pretty dangerous process for us, the pet owners.

Raw dog food diet is totally fine and actually provides a balanced diet for dogs because they have different digestive systems than ours. But, with actually serving the food you have to be very careful not to contaminate any of your living space because of the raw ingredients.

How To Prepare Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Well, preparing a freeze-dried batch of food is pretty simple. Just add in some warm water to it and there you have it, a balanced food that is ready in under 3 minutes.

Before you do any of the actual freeze-dried meals, you should definitely read the instructions written in the back of the baggies that the food comes in.

You can also add in some food additives for more protein or calcium supplements on top of the food. Otherwise, there isn’t much left you can do for preparing the meal.

If you have a freeze dryer or a vacuum chamber at home you can easily make your own batch of fresh freeze-dried food. After all, homemade food is always a much better idea than any store-bought canned food or other type of food.

Freeze-Dried Dog Food Vs Dehydrated Dog Food, What Is The Difference?Addiction Grain Free Taurine Enriched Dehydrated Dog Food Made in New Zealand

Well, these two pet food have been compared to each other for so long when in reality, they are so many differences by just looking at their labels. For starters, dehydrated food is cooked and freeze-dried food is part of the raw food diet.

Raw dog food and freeze-dried dog food have more nutritional benefits than dehydrated food all because the food is not cooked and I already said, raw and fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, raw meat, and raw eggs are so much better for your pup than a cooked meal.

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Freeze-dried food is mainly made from raw ingredients and it’s part of the raw-feeding diet for dogs. The freeze-drying process is technically dehydrating the food by getting rid of all the moisture but that process is done with cold temperature instead of a hot one.

Freeze-dried food undergoes a so-called ”freeze-drying process” of removing most of the moisture from the food by applying low temperature on it. [Source]

So, the food is not cooked, in fact, it’s just frozen and dehydrated through a vacuuming process and a low temperature. Freeze-dried food is made with very little processing so your dog will still have their balanced meal and a healthy nutrition.

That being said, dehydrated food isn’t going to put your dog in any kind of danger or malnourish them at all. Dehydrated food still provides a balanced meal and a long shelf life longer than highly processed foods like your traditional kibble or canned food.

Dehydrated food isn’t bad food at all. It can actually be a delicious meal for your pet and with a adequate food quality as well. Pet food manufacturers are obligated to make sure that the food they’re producing is well-balanced and healthy for our pets.


Freeze-dried food is another way to feed your dog a raw food diet without actually making the raw food yourself and risking your own health. Freeze-dried dog food is very easy to prepare and it only takes no more than 5 minutes.

So, if you’re a busy person with a busy schedule then this is definitely the right way to go. Almost every freeze-dried food needs to rehydrate, and to do so, of course you are going to need some warm or hot water.

Read the instructions written on the label and measure the right amount of water to put in the food. Leave it for a couple of minutes so it can rehydrate and cool a bit, and there you have it, a prepared balanced meal that’s instantly ready to consume.

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