4 Practical Ways To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away

As a pet parent, it is obvious to worry about your furry friend going hungry continuously. That’s most common when we’re leaving our cat alone at home for a trip or work. It can be the worst feeling and most stressful time. But that shouldn’t happen. Wondering how to feed cat wet-food while away?

There are many ways you can try to keep your cat fed while away, even in case of wet food. Firstly, you provide your kitty dry and wet cat food. Secondly, you may consider hiring a pet cat sitter. If not, ask your neighbor to help feed and take care of your cat. Or, buy an automatic wet food dispenser to keep your cat well-fed on fresh food while away.

Which method is best for you? Don’t worry. We’ll guide you through. So keep on reading this article till the end.

How to feed cat wet food while away

Can cats eat wet food alone

When going away, be it for a couple of hours or longer, it’s critical to set a proper feeding plan for your furry friend. Cats are natural survivors and independent animals.

However, this doesn’t mean that we should neglect their well-being. They deserve to be treated well, with utmost care and affection.

It’s no secret, feeding your cat wet food can be tricky. Thankfully, the following methods will outline the steps to practice feeding your feline friend wet food while away.

Ask a friend to feed your cat

Asking a friend or neighbor to serve pet food is one of the most common ways. This can be pretty helpful if you’re planning for not more than a few hours trip.

However, it’s highly recommended that the kitty not eat anything for at least 8 hours before departure. Ensure they are properly hydrated to avoid dehydration.

The next step is to take proof of vaccination and create a list of feeding procedures for your friend.

For example, if you’re leaving your cat with wet food for at least two days, then provide an ample supply of dry foods too.

They should scoop out the appropriate amount (based on the kitty’s weight) and keep it in a separate container.

If this is your first time leaving wet food for your cat, then share some guidelines beforehand.

Or, if you know your pet eats canned or pouched food well, then don’t forget to ask your friend to start with that.

You may also consider asking them to water the kitty at least twice a day. It’s essential to make sure that your kitty stays hydrated till you come back home.

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More importantly, ask them to spend some time playing and interact with your cat. This helps to eliminate the feeling of loneliness your furry friend may have.

Request them to help clean your kitty’s litter and provide fresh food to their automatic wet food feeder.

Hire a pet sitter

Hiring a living or non-living sitter for your furry friend is another common practice to follow while going on short trips. Even if you’re leaving for not more than 24 hrs, hiring a pet sitter is the best way.

We recommend you hire someone willing to stay for at least two weeks while you’re away. If you can afford it, then ask them to come daily for every 24 hours.

It provides your kitty an opportunity to get used to their presence day by day. Therefore, it reduces the feeling of stress even if you’re away for a longer time.

Some cat sitters may be willing to stay overnight with your cat too. This is beneficial for cats who may feel lonely without a human presence at night.

Moreover, it can be convenient for those who work late at the office and hardly get time to care for their furry friend.

You’re free to request a pet sitter for any number of days. It’s worth the investment if you feel your furry friend is not comfortable with you leaving them alone. You can also provide some specific feeding procedures beforehand.

Before you hire a professional cat sitter, it’s always advisable to ensure that they have the right qualifications for the job. They should be willing to abide by your cat’s needs.

If your kitty has unique needs in terms of dieting or under medication, the cat sitter must have a medical license. Ask about their level of training and previous job experiences.

See how many years they have been serving in this profession. Plus, ensure they are willing to provide their services with pets that are not kept indoors.

Ask them to take your kitty for a short walk every day, play with the cat and offer some company to reduce stress.

Automatic wet food feeder dispenser

This may be overkill for first-timers, but it’s highly recommended if you’re going on a long trip. It’s another way to feed your cat wet food while away from home.

An automatic wet food feeder dispenser can be programmed to serve food at specific time intervals. It helps reduce the feeling of stress in both cats and pet parents.

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If this feeding method is new to your cat, you can gradually increase the frequency of feedings. You may also consider giving away one piece of wet food every time they complete eating the last meal portion.

It helps to maintain a healthy weight for your kitty. However, ensure that there are enough kibbles available at their disposal. Otherwise, your cat may lose weight too.

You can find tons of automatic cat food feeders with different designs. Thanks to modern technology, it is easy to find something that meets your feline’s needs.

When buying an automatic wet food dispenser for your cat, be sure to check out the following features:

  1. Programmable to allow various meal sizes and time intervals
  2. Ability to keep a record on the number of meals served or timing of different meals
  3. Adjustable to accommodate various cat food and kibble sizes
  4. Capacity to store food in dry form. This is helpful when your furry friend needs to eat only certain kinds of food
  5. Ability to dispense water
  6. Ability to self-clean or easy maintenance
  7. Certain brands have customizable intervals between feeding time


  • An automatic wet food feeder dispenser is the best way to ensure your cat’s safety. It may also reduce some unnecessary stress in cats.
  • Some products dispense water along with food to keep your furry friend hydrated all the time.
  • If you are away for a longer period, this is the perfect option to leave dry food to your cat in automatic feeder dispensers.
  • It offers your cat food more conveniently. You can also store other pet food and kibble in these feeders.


  • Even though you can set certain intervals between each feeding, there are ones that do not dispense at the same time of each feeding.
  • If you forget to set the timer, your cat may miss a meal. Also, it offers no solution to stop the wet food feeder in emergencies such as power outages or water leakage, etc.

Prepare wet and dry food

While going out on a short trip, you need to plan. Prepare both wet and dry food at the same time for a seamless switchover.

Your kitty will often begin eating wet food and then move to dry food later on. That’s because wet food is flavorful and lasts longer in their teeth and gums due to its sticky nature.

You can put up a feeding schedule in advance to get used to it from the beginning.

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It’s recommended you take away the dry kibbles from time to time. This is because cats are known scavengers by nature. They may feel hungry for a longer time without kibbles available at their disposal.

If you’re planning to leave for more than two weeks, then it’s advisable to buy enough food for that period at least. It will be cheaper than rebuying it before returning home. Also, remember to avail water in sufficient amounts.

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Can wet cat food sit out?

It is not advisable to leave wet cat food out for more than an hour. Cold weather can make the food unsafe for consumption.

Your furry feline friend may not like cold food that much in the first place, even if it’s safe to eat. So, you should feed them fresh wet food instead of leftovers.

How long can dry cat food sit out?

Dry kibble is safe to eat until it becomes hard and crunchy. It is advisable to get rid of dried-out kibbles to avoid any health complications like tooth decay.

If you’re planning a short trip, then be sure to remind your furry feline friend that they need to eat their food within 8 hours.

Can cats eat wet food alone?

Yes, cats can eat wet food alone without any problem. However, dry kibbles help maintain their dental health.

Are automatic cat food dispensers safe?

Most of these kinds of feeders are perfectly safe for cats. It would help if you looked out for the following features while purchasing one – adjustable time intervals, ability to release water along with food, and adjustable feeding capacity.


Feeding your cat wet food while away shouldn’t be a hassle. You have to consider their feeding schedules before leaving.

Be aware of the wet food being out of refrigeration for too long. It’s recommended you invest in an excellent automatic cat feeder dispenser that will ensure your furry feline friend gets meals in time while you are away.

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