How Often Should A Cat Poop on Wet Food?

If you are asking the question, “How often should a cat poop on wet food?” Something has likely happened that has caused you to become concerned about your cat’s bowel habits, or the situation is that you have changed your cat over to a diet of wet food, and you are wondering how often your cat needs to have a bowel movement to maintain good health.

It is not uncommon for cats whose diets consist of wet food to poop after each meal. If you feed your cat twice a day, then your cat may poop twice a day. Wet food will go through your cat’s system fairly quickly, ensuring he or she remains regular.

To ease your mind and to ensure that your cat remains in optimal health, it is important to see what the experts say about what is normal and abnormal concerning how often a cat should poop on wet food.

How Often a Cat Poops on Wet Food

How Often a Cat Poops on Wet Food

Wet cat food contains water, so your cat will have to consume more of it to meet his or her daily calorie needs. Most of the water will pass through your cat as urine; however, some of the water in your cat’s food will bulk up your cat’s stool, causing more bowel movements to occur.

Many cats who are strictly on wet food diets can poop up to three times a day.

Does Wet Food Make Cats Poop More?

If you have transitioned your cat from dry to wet food, you will see he or she is pooping more. Do not be alarmed because this increase in bowel movements is normal.

Wet food is healthier for your cat because this allows for more regular bowel movements. The moisture in wet cat food gives your cat’s colon the hydration that is necessary to ensure stool passes through without difficulty.

When consuming wet food, there is less of a chance that your cat will become constipated.

Why Did My Cat Poop Less While on Dry Food?

Dry food is made up of cereal content along with other carbohydrates. Since dry food is composed of starches, this will make your cat’s stool become bulky, causing less stool output.

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You likely noticed that when your cat was consuming kibble, he or she pooped less. It was not unusual for your cat to poop once a day or even once every two days. There were times you probably wondered if your cat was constipated.

But when you switched your cat to wet food, you saw his or her stools become regular. There was no doubt in your mind that your cat’s digestive system was working well to eliminate waste.

How Should Cat Poop Look?

The look and feel of cat poop may seem like an unpleasant topic to discuss; however, it is important to know how your cat’s poop must look and feel so you can make sure everything is okay with your cat’s overall health.

A cat’s stool must be well-formed, but it also needs to be soft. If your cat’s stool is runny or does not have any real shape, this means that your cat has diarrhea.

If your cat has diarrhea for one day, then you need not worry. If diarrhea has not resolved by the second day, you will need to call your vet to see what can be done. After all, you do not want your cat to become dehydrated because dehydration can quickly become a medical emergency.[Source]

In addition to having some shape and consistency, your cat’s stool must be a deep, brown color. If the cat’s stool is black or red, this means that your cat has blood in his or her stool.

Also, if the odor of your cat’s stool is fowl, this is highly suggestive there is a serious problem present.

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Does Wet Cat Food Cause Soft Stool

Does Wet Cat Food Cause Soft Stool

When cats switch to a wet diet, their stools will become softer. This is normal since there is a great deal of moisture in wet food.

Dry food, on the other hand, can cause stools to be firm or even hard. In some cases, cats whose diets consist only of kibble have such hard stools that they cause constipation or sometimes have painful bowel movements.

What Is Not Considered Normal When It Comes to Cat Bowel Movements?

Now that you know how often a cat must poop while on wet food, it is time to talk about what is abnormal so you can quickly spot signs of trouble and get your cat help in a timely manner.

If you see that your cat is pooping more than three times a day, then you may want to put a call to the vet because this may mean he or she has diarrhea. If necessary, your veterinarian can prescribe medication to stop diarrhea.

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On the other hand, if your cat poops every 3 days, this may mean that your cat is suffering from constipation and may need more moisture added to the food. You can add additional moisture to your cat’s food by adding a teaspoon of water or unsalted broth. Do not use broth high in sodium content because too much sodium can become toxic to cats.

In severe cases, your doctor can prescribe a stool softener to help your cat use the bathroom regularly. Medication may be necessary if your cat suffers from IBS.

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Wrap Up

Knowing what is normal and abnormal concerning how much your cat will poop on wet food will enable you to carefully monitor your cat’s bowel habits and get help quickly if a problem is present.

Sudden changes in bowel habits can mean that your cat has developed health issues that need treatment. If you feel that your cat is in any trouble at all, it never hurts to reach out to your vet for guidance.

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