How Long Is Dry Cat Food Good For?(7 Options To Store Them)

Pet owners are often tempted to stock up extra bags of their cat’s favorite dry food. It is a brilliant idea as long as you have somewhere to store extra bags and containers.

Cats can sometimes be fussy, and nothing can be worse than coming home to find that your cat’s favorite dry food is out of stock. You also will not want to buy too much and it becomes unedible.

Dry cat food should be consumed within 5 -6 six weeks of opening the bag.  Ideally, you should only leave dry cat food in bowls within a 24 hours period, in quantities that are just adequate for your cat.

What happens if you buy in bulk and want to store them for future use? Luckily there are many ways to do it and we will delve deeper into each method on what should be done to store your dry cat food properly at home.

How To Store Dry Cat Food

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Knowing the hacks of storing dried cat food for a long time comes with a host of benefits. First, you will be able to stock up some extra bags without worrying that they may go bad.

If you already stock up your family essentials, why can’t you try out that trick on your cat’s dry food? Here are smart ways to keep dry cat food fresh for a long time.

Store in a Cool and Dry Place

Exposing dry cat food to humidity, air, and light can increase their likelihood of going bad. Somewhere with low humidity and constant temperature will be ideal for storage. Never store dry cat food in a room with a temperature that exceeds 100 degrees.

On the other hand, storing cat food in a warm place can cause vitamin destruction and speed up the food spoiling rate. The best cool and dry areas to store cat food include a laundry room or food pantry.


Do you have extra space in your freezer? It could be an ideal place to store dry cat food for up to six months. However, consider wrapping the packaging with an extra layer of paper or plastic.

And give the feed time to get back to room temperature before feeding your lovely pet.

Choose Glass or Metal Containers Over Plastic

The best storage solution for dry cat food is placing the original package inside a sealed container. It could be a plastic tin or metal bin with a tight lid. This is the best way to keep cat food fresh and prevent infestation.

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You may decide to transfer the food to a different container without retaining the original package. In such a case, label the container and wrap the outside using tape.

That’s the only way you can be able to keep the critical product information. And be sure to change the label every time you transfer the food to a new container.

While plastic containers are often seen as an obvious cat food storage choice, glass and metal containers could better store dry cat food. Plastic containers give off an odor that may affect the taste of food.

Fussy cats may notice it, so it would be wise to consider other storage options. Cats can also scratch a plastic container and leave room for bacteria to build up.

Glass and metal food containers are available in different sizes, making them ideal for storing sealed and opened cat food. Keeping cat food in a glass or metal bin while still within the original packaging is highly recommended. Glass bins are an excellent option for storing smaller pet food in the kitchen pantry.

Inspect the Packaging

It is wise to take a quick inspection of the packaging before leaving the cat food store. Make sure that the bag is rips, scratches, and tears-free.

Avoid any storage bags or containers tied with tape as this could mean the packaging has rips or scratches. If you decide to order cat food online, you should still check the packaging and let the vendor know that you got what you ordered.

Keeping cat food in the original container helps retain the flavor. Pet food packaging containers or bags come with a fat barrier designed to keep the flavor locked in.

You should avoid storing opened cat food in plastic containers or bags because plastic tends to give off an odor that may impact the flavor and taste.

Always remember to fold the top of an opened cat food packaging to seal the food inside. Then seal and secure the bag with a wide chip clip.

Another reason to keep cat food in the original bag is that it contains valuable information such as brand names, manufacturer, and expiration date. This information can be helpful if your cat reacts to the food.

Store off the Floor

Don’t store bags of dry pet food on the floor. Instead, find a raised storage space to reduce the chances of rodents, insects, and bugs infestation.

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Store bags with smaller quantities of cat food on medium-height shelves or consider building a makeshift raised shelf for storing large bags using planks and bricks. You can also consider using clear latching boxes.

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Avoid Storing Cat Food in the Garage

People are often tempted to store extra food cat in the garage. But this is highly discouraged due to the danger oil spills can expose your lovely pet to. The ideal temperature for storing cat food is 100 degrees and below.

Exposing cat food to high temperatures can make them go rancid or destroy the nutrients. In this case, maintaining constant humidity or temperature in a garage can be difficult, increasing the chances of cat food spoiling.

Storing dry cat food in a garage may expose it to extreme moisture and heat, making it more likely to go rancid.

Pick Appropriate Bag Sizes

You’re probably not the only person who wonders how long is dry cat food good for? So stay calm. Ideally, cats should consume dry food within six months of opening the original package.

So, pick the appropriate size for your cat. Though it is harmless to leave kibble out in bowls for a day or two, avoid offering more than the recommended quantity.

Larger meals limits may put a cat at risk for obesity or overeating and make it hard to monitor its appetite. It is healthy to wash bowls used to serve cat food with soapy water at least once a week.

How Long Is Dry Cat Food Good For?

Dry cat food is good for 6 – 7 weeks from the day you open the bag. When you are feeding your cat dry food, try not to leave it in the bowl for more than 24 hours.

How Do You Know If Dry Cat Food Is Bad?

Always take note of the expiry date when you open up a new bag for dry cat food.

Most of the time, you will notice that the smell of the dry cat food can be slightly odd when it have turned bad or pass its expiration date

Wrap Up

How you handle dry cat food can determine how long it remains fresh and safe for consumption. Exposure to extreme temperature, humidity, and light can speed up the rate at which pet feeds go bad.

However, this can be limited by keeping the food in its original container and storing bags in cool and dry places.

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