How High Can Rats Jump? Are They Close To Olympic Standards?

Anyone that have encountered rats in their house will have experienced rats jumping onto their bed, kitchen table, closet or even bathroom sink.

You are amazed by their jumping ability and will be curious how high can rats jump.

In general, most rats can jump vertically 36 – 37 inches and horizontally 48 – 49 inches. Of course the distance can vary depending on the size, age and health situation of the rat.

Now we know they are good olympic jumpers, lets look at some common things that they will jump to reach in your house or your backyard.

Can A Rat Jump A Fence?

How High Can Rats Jump

If you own a chicken or duck coop, what you will be worried about is whether the rat can jump across the fence and attack the chicks or the eggs.

If your fence is less than 36 inches, it is possible for the rat to try and attempt to jump across it. What you can do is to put some obstacles on top or fake statue to deter the pest.

Can Rats Jump Out Of A 5 Gallon Bucket?

Rats can easily jump out of the 5 gallon bucket provided it is empty.

However, if the bucket is filled with water or the base is slippery, it may not be so straightforward. A few inches of water will be sufficient to trap them in there and they will not be able to leap out of the bucket easily.

If you are looking to use a 5 gallon bucket as a trap, here is what you can do.

What You Need:

Step By Step Guide

  1. Drill two holes in line with each other at the top of the bucket
  2. Measure and cut the wire slightly longer than the width of the bucket
  3. Poke a hole at the top and bottom of the broth can and pour the liquid in there
  4. Pierce the wire through and secure it at both ends of the drilled hole
  5. Make sure the empty can is able to spin and apply peanut butter to it
  6. Fill the bottom with a few inches of water to prevent rats from coming out

Since we learnt that rats can jump high, let’s also delve a bit into their climbing behavior.

Can Rats Climb High?

As long as there is something for them to grip using their paws and claws, there will be able to climb at least 4 feet off the ground.

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It is not surprising for rats to climb up a tree so they can actually jump from the top and gain access to your roof.

They are also able to withstand a fall from up to 50 feet and emerged unscathed. That means if they are not successful for the first time, they can always try until they succeed.

Rats have also been seen climbing up the exterior of the house walls for more than 2 – 3 feet in distance.

What Can Rats Not Climb?

If you are thinking of rats proofing your walls, it will be mainly slippery surfaces that they will not be able to have a grip on.

Tile: You can consider using tiles like those you use commonly in your bathroom. Smaller tiles  reduce the size of the grouting for the rat to grab onto.

Glass: This can be more expensive if you plan to use it for your exterior walls. However, it is definitely effective as you normally don’t see them hanging on your window glass.

Of course it will be best to check whether there are any drain pipes, or cables on your walls that can be used by them to perform rock climbing outside your house.

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