How Do Cats Show Affection To Their Owners

Cats have a reputation for being cold and mischievous. It’s not as easy to notice when they are showing affection as it is with dogs. Cats are more subtle, it’s not that they are not affectionate, we just don’t read the signs.

Do you also think that your cat is not showing any sign of friendship? I bet your furry friend loves you. Here are the ways cats show affection to their owners.



Starting with the obvious, cuddling. Although pet lovers think that cats are not cuddly, cats actually love cuddling with their favorite person.

I agree, some cats just avoid cuddling altogether. But there is always that one person that the cat will go to immediately. So, if the cat voluntarily comes and rubs against you with the back, she is looking for cuddles.

That’s one way that cats show affection. I don’t think cats like forced cuddling, so let them come to you on their own.

Sitting On Lap

Sitting On Lap

Cats like to have a safe space to rest. A space they can easily escape from and keep an eye on the surroundings. Well, your lap is just that space.

Have you ever been sitting just doing stuff, and your feline friend jumped into your lap out of nowhere? If so, your cat is showing you it trusts you in its way. It feels safe in your lap. You must have noticed this when the cat just lays in your lap and makes that awareness pose.

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Again, an obvious sign of affection, purring. Although some pet owners think purring is a sign of aggression, that’s not it, it just looks like that.

Cats vocalize when they want to communicate. Purring can also mean that they want something out of you. But purring accompanied by cuddling and rubbing is definitely showing affection.

So, the next time your cat comes to you gives you a back rub and purrs, be sure to give it some love.

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Meowing and purring often come together but not always. Either way, meowing is another way the cat communicates. It could mean a lot of things but cats use meowing to show affection.

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Sometimes it’s hard to notice, you just need to read the situation. If it’s upset and apart from you while meowing, that’s obviously not affection. But if it’s near you and cuddly, meowing is a sign of affection.

Always Near You

As I said, there are some cats that are not really cuddly nor friendly. But this is normal behavior for cats, as long as they are not aggressive. Cats like this still show affectionate behavior. If a cat is always near you, it’s a form of affection. It shows that it trusts you and feels safe with you.

So, is your cat grumpy but always near you? No need to force any affection, it’s already showing it.

Tail Movement

Tail Movement

Body language is a big part of how cats communicate as well. Using the tail cat communicate with human friends and feline family. A couple of tail postures show signs of cat affection.

Have you seen your cat when it comes near you stretching the tail upwards with a slight curve at the end? That’s a sign of greeting to friends. Something a cat wouldn’t do to someone it didn’t care for.

We can see affectionate behavior when cats come near us and wrap their tails around us. Another way to greet a loved one.

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Greetings When You Come Home

You can tell how much your pet loves you by the greetings you get after being out. This is why dads that didn’t want dogs to start loving dogs. It’s the happy greetings that don’t go away with age.

So, if your cat greets you when you come home after being away, it’s a sign of love. Cats miss their favorite human quite a lot. Greetings like the upwards curved tail when you come home are a sign of cat affection.

Licking & Nibbling

Licking & Nibbling

A way both adult cats and kittens show love is by licking and nibbling. Licks are actually cat kisses. Mother cats will occasionally lick the kittens. So, when they do that to humans, they are showing that they are caring.

Although it can quite messy, from time to time, welcome those licks. And, don’t take those nibbles in a bad way. Cats will often nibble on the pet owner’s hands and fingers. They do it as a way to get attention from you, it’s a sign of love.

Playing With You

Playing With You

When cats are being playful they may seem aggressive but that’s not the case. Most domesticated animals still have hunting instincts, they are natural hunters. The games they play are hunting games. So, that’s why that grabbing paw and the nibbles may seem aggressive.

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If you had a mother cat and saw how kittens play you would get it. Cats play only with the feline family and the pet owners. So, don’t be afraid of few scratches, play with the cat, but don’t go too far.

Bringing You Dead Animals

Here’s the part that cat parents absolutely despise. A cat bringing you dead animals, often rats or birds. Even though the sight of a dead animal is gross, the cat is actually showing you affection.

When cats actually catch something, they are quite proud. So, bringing you the dead animal is a way of saying: “Here, I brought the meal.” It means they trust you and they consider you a part of the close circle.

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Bringing You Her Kittens

Bringing You Her Kittens

This is something only mother cats can do. Bringing you her kittens to show you is a sign of trust. Although the same act can mean something else, in some situations it’s a sign of affection.

Make sure that there’s nothing wrong with the mother or the kittens. If not, enjoy the attention, and show the kittens some love.

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Sleeping Next To You

Cats are quite particular about the spot they sleep in. It must be safe and secure. Cats reach deep sleep only when they feel safe enough to do so. Otherwise, you will see them sleeping with eyes half-open.

So, they like to sleep with the cat owners. It’s the safest place for them. If your cat is sleeping with you and she is in of those deep-sleep positions, it means she trusts you.

Sleeping With Belly-Up

Sleeping With Belly-Up

Now, as we mentioned already, cats don’t like feeling not safe. Their most sensitive part is the belly. A cat will rarely expose the belly or sleep on its back. They do that only when they love and trust someone.

If your cat is looking for belly rubs, that means it really loves you. This behavior, although it may look weird, should be welcomed.

Sleeping with the belly-up is also a sign that your cat trusts you. It’s not very often that you see your cat sleep like that.

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What Do Cats Like

New pet owners that don’t have much experience with cats will want to know how to become closer with the cat. To do that, you need to know what cats like.

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Here’s a list of things cats like so you can bond with them.

  • Playtime.
    Pet cats are quite active, despite what some people think. Pet owners need to initiate the playing though. Cats love this. When you find them something to play with, they are really happy. Feel free to use your fingers as a nibble toy. A cat with a daily playtime routine has a special bond with the owner.
  • Toys. 
    You don’t have to be involved in the playing if you bought nice toys. Cats will also enjoy playing with any safe items in your house. Make sure to get toys that your cat loves.
  • Grooming. 
    Cats love being groomed. I don’t know what it is, but when they are groomed it’s like they are in paradise. So, make sure to groom your cat to maintain hygiene and to have a nice bonding time.
  • Sleeping.
    In due time, you will see that your cat really likes sleeping and taking naps. If you make a nice, cozy environment for sleeping, the cat will appreciate that. Consider making a whole area or buying a cat house. Cats will associate sleeping with you providing safety.
  • Human Friends.
    They absolutely love their favorite human. This is something that experienced cat lovers know. Cats absolutely love your attention. Make sure to show that you are proud and you love your cat.
  • Food.
    This is why cats get a bad reputation, some people think they show affection for the reward. That is only partially true. Cats love food, especially fresh food. So, keeping your cat fed and healthy immediately earns you a spot on the list of loved ones. It’s even fun if you give them a cat feeder so you can make food into a game.
  • Climbing. 
    We have all seen photos of cats doing crazy stuff around the house. Consider making a playhouse with something to climb on. Your cat will have fun.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

How Cats Show Each Other Affection

Cats will show affection to family cats or friendly cats by rubbing their heads and backs against each other. It’s something you see kittens do. They also like playing with each other. Sleeping together is also a sign of cat affection.

How Do Cats See Humans

Cats have the excellent vision but they can’t really see us clearly. They see as figures and use their scent glands to recognize friendly behavior. Mostly, cats remember our voice, our scent, and the way we feel.

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