Here Are 6 Common Dog Breeds That Live The Longest In The World

Having dogs can be one of the best experiences in the world, providing love and attention for years. Unfortunately, they’re often gone from their owners’ lives far too soon. Even dogs fed with premium food and with the best medical care can only live so long. Generally, if a family is very lucky, a dog can typically only live up to 20 years at most.

For many pet owners, they want to maximize the time they have with their pet. Choosing a breed known for its longevity is a good start in having a pet for as long as possible. Here is a quick list of several of the longest-living dog breeds around the world.


Photo by Alicia Gauthier on Unsplash

Known for their small stature and aggressive bark, Chihuahuas will often live to be between 12 to 20 years old. Playful with family members, Chihuahuas can be social and engaged with other dogs but will often remained reserved with new faces and strangers.

They don’t shed often and aren’t recommended for children but are very trainable with high energy.[Source] Not every potential owner may be keen on frequent barking, but Chihuahuas are good pets for those who want a long-term and adorable companion.

Chihuahuas aren’t known for having any breed-specific diseases which account for their long lifespans, unlike some other small dog breeds. Perfect for those looking for a smart, energetic companion to accompany them throughout the years, Chihuahuas are great pets for many and one of the longest-living dog breeds in the world.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier
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Another loud breed, Yorkshire Terriers often live to be between 14 to 17 years old. Yorkies are ideal for blooming families because of their love of playing with children and family members. Curious and open to strangers, they get along moderately with other dogs and can be very protective of their home.[Source]

Yorkies tend to be incessant barkers with high energy levels and the desire to frequently to be on the move. Those interested in Yorkies should be aware of their long hair needs that require frequent maintenance and care. Silky smooth to the touch and gorgeous on the eyes, Yorkies are frequent flyers at pet salons around the world.

Yorkshire Terriers are great breeds for those looking for long years of loyal, energetic companionship. Protective of their families and loved ones, Yorkies will certainly become an important part of any family they’re part of.

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Photo by James Watson on Unsplash

With an average lifespan between 12 to 16 years, Dachshunds are a popular breed for owners around the world today. With a variety of hair types, it can be easy for owners to find a Dachshund that suits their time and ability dedicated to grooming.

Dachshunds are intelligent working dogs with incredible depths of energy and agility. They’re best suited to family life and are protective and caring toward children. Excellent with training and alert around strangers, Dachshunds are adored pets with much love to give.

While choosing a future dog, it’s important to recognize their breed’s potential personality traits and history to find the best match. Many small dogs like Dachshunds may have a lot of energy and loyalty but not be as well-conditioned toward children. Choosing the proper personality and temperament when placing a long-term dog is essential to a happy home life.

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Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle
Photo by Blue Orchid Creations Photography from Pexels

With an average lifespan between 12 to 15 years with some lucky ones living to be nearly 20, Toy Poodles are another of the longest living dogs around. This breed has very high social needs and enjoys playing and being around humans and other dogs. They require a lot of activity and are known to keep high energy drives throughout their lives and into old age.

Mental stimulation is a must with Toy Poodles as they need to feel challenged and engaged in their play. They enjoy water sports and are great with a wide variety of tricks and training. Coming in a range of colors, Toy Poodles are adorable additions to most active families.

While they may have long lifespans, Toy Poodles are known to have some heart and digestive issues later in life. With the proper care and medicine, they’re still able to live fulfilling lives and be an excellent sources of love and happiness to their owners.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier
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Much like the Dachshund, Jack Russell Terriers are hunting dogs with this breed specifically trained to sniff out foxes. These sprightly fellows can live to be 13 to 16 years old and need a high energy family to meet their physical and mental needs. With the potential to be difficult during training due to their high intelligence, it’s important to approach them with patience and humor.

Jack Russell Terriers are easy to groom and typically don’t have a lot of shedding. Loyal to a fault to their families, this breed should be monitored when with children and other dogs. They can be vocal but generally aren’t as loud as Chihuahuas.

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Of the breeds listed here, Jack Russell Terriers are better for those who are experienced with training and ready to take on their potentially snarky attitudes. A dog known for its energy and loyal dedication, owners wouldn’t be amiss in considering a Jack Russell Terrier as their long-term companion.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu
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One of the most fiercely independent breeds on this list, Shih Tzu’s can live up 18 years with the average between 13 to 16. Highly social and eager, this breed is perfect for families with children who aren’t expecting the most obedient dog.

A handful of fur and sass, Shih Tzu’s are elegant dressers with silky hair that requires some dedicated care. Their long hair makes them unsuited to the sun which can lead to overexertion in the heat.

Shih Tzu’s can have some issues with their eyes and joints but with proper care and veterinary visits, any health issues can be treated before they become detrimental to their health.

This breed should not be ignored as too fancy or high maintenance from its reputation in dog shows or competitions. Just like any other member of the family, Shih Tzus can be loyal and charming, ready to give all of their love to their chosen family members.


The longest living dog breeds have many different characteristics and personality traits. To find the right breed, it’s essential to understand their history and how well they do in family settings and with other pets.

Dogs can live long enough to watch a child start to walk all the way to going to college. Choosing the right life companion is essential in providing both the dog and its chosen family a perfect match and happy life.



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