Freeze-Dried Dog Food VS Raw Food: Which Is Best For Your Pup?

In these so-called modern times there are too many choices and variants of dog food, and believe me, as a pet parent it can get pretty overwhelming at times. The desperate choice to pick the best, balanced meal for your pup that’s also shelf-stable, highly nutritious, and of high quality is something that’s very familiar to me and many others.

The difference between these two raw food diets is that when freeze-dried, the food loses some(not all) of its nutritional value compared to fresh raw food. Between these two, our preferred choice is raw food as besides having a higher nutritional value, it will also taste better for your pup compared to a frozen meal.

Today’s choice is about two familiar topics that we had discussed before. On one hand, we have freeze-dried dog food and on the other hand, we have raw dog food. Which one is the best for our beloved pups? Let’s find out in the article down below.

Freeze-Dried Dog Food. What Is It?

Freeze-Dried Dog Food. What Is It

Freeze-dried food seems to get more popular each day. It is a perfect way to get your dog to eat a raw diet without the seemingly dangerous effects that raw foods can put on your dog.

Freeze-dried food is basically made out of raw meat(mostly organ meats like liver, heart, kidneys, etc), and other raw foods such as fresh veggies and fruits. Most of the time, freeze-dried food is considered to be a part of the raw diet for dogs.

Many pet parents prefer it over an actual fresh raw feeding diet because they consider it to be a much safer option. The reason for this is because when the meat is frozen all of the bacteria that can potentially be found in raw meat freezes and therefore dies on the spot.

I said this many times and I’ll say it again. Our beloved dogs have a stronger stomach than we do and can process bacteria from raw meat so much easier than we can.

So, the real harm from fresh raw food isn’t to our dogs, it’s to us, the humans that take care of the raw food.

Freeze-dried raw dog food is a better option for you if you don’t want to make a mess in your kitchen with all the meats and raw ingredients.

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Of course, when managing raw food you have to be very careful around your living space so as to not contaminate the area.

What Is Freeze-Drying?

The freeze-drying process is a low-temperature way of food-drying. This process removes most, if not all of the moisture from the dog food but still manages to keep all of the nutrients inside.

When freeze-drying, all of the raw ingredients are in a frozen state and go through a vacuuming process that makes all the moisture/frozen water evaporate really quick. [Source]

Some people mix up freeze-dried dog food with dehydrated dog food and let me tell ya, there is a huge difference between freeze-dried and dehydrated food.

Dehydrated foods tend to be processed on a hot or warm wave of air. That means that most often than not, dehydrated foods are fully cooked and lose their high nutritional value. [Source]

This is why freeze-dried dog food is a much better option than dehydrated dog food.

Freeze-Dried Pet Food That We Would Recommend

Here are some recommendations for what we think are the best freeze-dried varieties of dog foods and meal toppers.

Nature's Diet Simply Raw Freeze-Dried Raw Whole Food Meal - Makes 18 Lbs Fresh Raw Food with Muscle, Organ, Bone Broth, Whole Egg, Superfoods, Fish Oil Omega 3, 6, 9, Probiotics & Prebiotics

Nature’s Diet Simply Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food– This raw dog food is made with 100% human-grade ingredients. Just pick your flavor and I’m sure your dog will love it.

Primal Pet Food - Freeze Dried Dog Food 14-Ounce Bag with YHS Pet Food Bowl - Made in USA

Primal Freeze-Dried Nuggets– These delicious nuggets are the perfect human-grade food that your pup will love. The nuggets provide a balanced meal and nutritional content.

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Topper, Grain Free Freeze Dried Dog Food Topper

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers This is a perfect food topper for your dog if you want to add a wide variety of raw nutrition to your dog’s kibble. It’s made from cage-free chicken meat and organs as well as non-GMO fruits and vegetables.

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Dry Dog Food, High Protein Kibble + Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Instinct Raw Boost Freeze-Dried Raw Food+Kibble– This is a nice combo with a long shelf life for a new raw feeder. Made with dry food(kibble) and raw ingredients to get your pup started.

 What Is Raw Food For Dogs

Raw food doesn’t always have to mean raw meat only. Raw food is considered to be everything that is prepared fresh for your pup, without processing and cooking it through.

Raw feeding your dog can consist of fresh ingredients like raw meat with nutritional benefits(organ meat like liver, heart, kidney, and muscle meats), fresh food like uncooked veggies and fruits, raw eggs, and raw milk.

Raw meat diets tend to have many health benefits for your dog like making their coat shinier, stronger and healthier teeth, smaller stools, and higher energy levels.

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When switching your dog to a raw dog food diet be careful not to shock them with the transition. What I mean is, do not do the transition immediately.

 What Is Raw Food For Dogs

Start them off by mixing in some raw food in their regular food like kibble and then slowly transition them into their new diet.

Lots of people fear that raw food causes a major health risk but don’t worry, your pup can handle raw food with no problem. If you’re really worried and would not want to risk it, please consult with your dog’s veterinarian before switching your dog to a raw diet.

Raw Dog Food Vs Freeze-Dried Dog Food, Which One Is Better?

Looking at these two types of food at a closer point, there is that one obvious difference that you probably already have guessed. Freeze-dried dog food is, of course, in a frozen state and raw food is often made with fresh ingredients.

The real difference between these two raw food diets is the fact that when freeze-dried, the food loses some(not all) of its nutritional value, and of course, fresh food is always better, not just for dogs but for humans as well.

No wonder fresh meat always tastes better than a frozen one, right? Even though freeze-dried food offers a balanced diet for your pup, some of the vitamins and minerals may be lost during the freeze-drying process.

Now, this doesn’t mean that freeze-dried food is bad for your dog’s health but it also means that they won’t get the full nutrition that the raw food itself offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Freeze-Dried Dog Food As Good As Raw Food

No. Raw food is a much better option for your pup because at the end of the day there is nothing better than fresh food. During the freeze-drying process, some of the nutritional content of the food may be lost which is a major con.

Is Freeze-Dried Dog Food More Expensive Than Raw

Fresh-bought raw food is always more expensive than freeze-dried dog food because it’s made with fresh, human-grade ingredients. But, freeze-dried food doesn’t come cheap as well because it requires expensive equipment for the whole making process.

Do You Need To Add Water To Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Since it has all the moisture sucked away, you need to add some water to the freeze-dried food. But just out of caution, please read the instructions on the label of the food.

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