What Is The Average Dog Grooming Prices In Grooming Salons?

Dog grooming costs are something any new pet owner can expect. It depends on the breed, some pet owners visit the dog groomer once a month, some once in two months.

Dog grooming prices are different for a short-haired and a long-haired breed. The prices depend also on the type of grooming service, the size of the dog, and the type of groomer. On average, grooming salons charge 40$-70$ for full-service.

Is the cost of dog grooming something not every pet owner can afford though? Well, that’s what we are doing today, covering how much is dog grooming. Whether you are a new pet owner or someone that is considering going to a groomer, here’s what you can expect.

What Is Dog Grooming

What Is Dog Grooming

Now, most new dog owners think that pet grooming only serves the purpose of making the coat look aesthetically pleasing. That’s not the only and main purpose of dog grooming.

Pet grooming is basically hygiene. Caring and cleaning the coat prevents skin infections and improves the overall health of the dog. In fact, some breeds require grooming to avoid a serious health hazard. [Source]

Some breeds like Poodles and Cocker Spaniels with neglected coats can form mats. These dense tangles in the undercoat trap moisture, creating an environment that attracts skin infections.

Maybe listing what dog grooming involves will give you a better idea of what dog grooming is.

  • Brushing.
  • Hair Clipping & Trimming.
  • Bathing.
  • Nail Trimming.
  • Ear Cleaning. 

Dog Grooming Services

  • Full body clipping.
    The cutting of a large amount of the dog’s hair, done with dog clippers.
  • Light trimming.
    Maintaining a nice haircut, done with scissors.
  • Face and feet trimming.
    Lightly trimming the face and the feet. Not all dog breeds need this. Mainly done to prevent hair from blocking eye vision.
  • Eliminating fleas and ticks.
  • Nail trimming and grinding.
  • Ear cleaning.
  • Stripping and thinning.
    Finishing touches to the haircut, giving the coat a more natural look.
  • Bathing.
  • Oral hygiene. 

Dog Grooming Prices

Dog grooming prices, in my opinion, are not that high. Of course, there are some salons and groomers with a big reputation and customer base, these can spike up the prices. In general, though, dog grooming prices are quite reasonable.

Here, I can only give you an estimate. How much dog grooming will cost you depends on where you live, the size of your dog, the breed, and what type of service you need.

First of all, you need to decide whether you will be going to a grooming salon or you will be calling a mobile groomer. Mobile groomers cost a bit more because of the transportation charges. You can also groom your dog at home by yourself, the only cost is the grooming tools.

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Bigger dogs cost more to groom because they are a lot more work. So, if you have a big dog, you can expect a bigger price, if you have a small one, a smaller price.

It’s the same with long-haired dogs. These breeds are also a lot more work, so groomers charge more. Short-haired dogs, on the other hand, take less time to groom, so groomers charge less.

Where you live also plays a part. The thing is, dog groomers often compete with prices. Some salons that have a good reputation and steady customers usually have higher prices. For instance, if most pet grooming salons located in the same area have relatively low prices, other salons can’t raise prices.

  • Most dog grooming salons charge around 40$ for a full-service of a small-haired dog of average size.
  • Grooming salons charge around 60$ for a full-service of long-haired dog of average size.
  • Mobile groomers charge around 70$ dollars for a full-service of an average-sized dog.
  • Dog grooming tools for DIY dog grooming, depending on the quality, cost 30$-80$.

As I said, dog grooming prices vary from state to state, from groomer to groomer. If you are in the USA, you can find dog grooming prices in your are here.

Should I Groom My Dog At Home

Some pet owners prefer DIY grooming. This is an option you should consider. Dog grooming equipment can be quite expensive, especially if you are getting a full set. The higher the quality of the tools, the higher the price, of course.

However, buying dog grooming tools is a one-time investment. While the tools may cost the same as two grooming sessions, you only buy them once. So, you are saving money in the long run.

There are disadvantages to dog grooming at home though. First of all, you need to learn how to groom. Learning how to groom at home is not that hard, it just takes patience and time. So, do you have that? Many people feel like that’s not something they feel like doing so they visit professional groomers.

Also, you will need to train your dog to be calm during grooming. This takes a lot of patience as well. Some people don’t have an available working area for grooming. That’s something to think about.

Dog grooming at home can be wholesome both for you and your dog. That is if you are up for the task. My advice is, groom your dog by yourself if you feel like you can really do it. If you can’t be bothered, go with a professional groomer.

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Related Questions And Other FAQs

How Much Is Dog Grooming At Petco

Petco prices dog grooming by the size of the dog. Full-service grooming of a small-breed dog costs 35$. Full-service grooming of a large-breed dog costs 45$. Full-service grooming of an extra large-breed dog costs 55$.

How Often Should Your Dog Be Groomed

Depending on the breed and the type of coat, dogs should be groomed once every month or once every two months. Long-haired dogs that are prone to matting should be groomed once every 4 weeks. Short-haired dogs that do not have mats, should be groomed once every two or three months.

Is PetSmart Cheaper Than Petco

Although both PetSmart and Petco have relatively cheap prices, Petco is a bit cheaper than PetSmart. It depends on the products and the brand, but in general, Petco is cheaper.

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