Do Guppies Sleep?

Guppies do sleep. They are diurnal fish that stay active during the day and go to sleep at night. It can be difficult to tell if your guppies are sleeping because they do not have eyelids. However, here’s how to tell if you guppies are sleeping and just how much sleep the different types of guppies need.

How Much Sleep Do Guppies Need?

Scientists believe that guppies and other fish sleep to save energy. Thus, when night falls, they go to rest. A simple way to know how much sleep a guppy needs is to follow the sunset and sunrise pattern.

This means that when the sun sets, turn off the aquarium lights and reduce other lighting sources to a minimum to mimic a sunset.

When the sun rises be sure to turn the lights back on if the area that you keep your fish isn’t well illuminated. Leaving a light on 24 hours prevent your guppies from going to sleep. Remember, they do not have eyelids. And, eventually, they will become stressed and die.

How To Tell If A Guppy Is Asleep

When a guppy goes to sleep it stops swimming and floats (usually at the bottom of the tank). They can also rest on plants, rocks, and other aquarium ornaments. Some may float to the top.

Guppies do not sleep upside down. If your guppies are upside down this means that something is wrong and you should check on your fish immediately. There’s a difference between dying and sleeping.

When Guppies Are Not Sleeping

Guppies do not sleep during in the day if a guppy is floating motionlessly in your tank in full daylight, it’s probably dead or dying.

Pregnant guppies may sometimes rest on the gravel during the day, but if your guppy is not pregnant, then something is wrong. If your guppy stops eating and has hazy eyes, white spots or unusual patches on its scales, its a sign of sickness. Seek professional help.

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