Do Cats Like The Smell Of Coffee – Is It Harmful To Them?

Cats, like humans, have their own preferences when it comes to smell. This means that they’d react differently to smells coming from your food or drink. So, you might discover that your furball loves uncommon smells like coffee aroma. This makes us wonder, do cats like the smell of coffee? Or do they repel from it?

Usually, cats can’t stand the smell of coffee grounds and spills. As a matter of fact, some people use coffee grounds in cats repelling recipes for gardens and crops.

Let’s find out the different ways cats react to the smell of coffee and why some of them actually love the coffee smell. Also, we’ll discover what are the side effects of licking or sipping coffee on your little furball. And what you should do in case your cat reacts badly to coffee.

Do Cats React To Coffee?

How Do Cats React To The Smell Of Coffee


Mostly, cats give the strangest reactions when they come across the coffee aroma. But, it’s not necessarily because they find it a horrible smell. There are many more reasons why your cat might react weirdly when she smells your coffee.

Most cats find the smell of coffee repulsive. Yet, you might find your feline buddy interested in coffee. He might try to take a sip of your cup or lick the coffee spills off the floor. He isn’t aware of how dangerous coffee can be for him, so he’ll become eager to try it.

Why Do Some Cats Like To Smell Coffee

Your little buddy can have her own opinion about the cup in your hands. While you see it as an energizing beverage, your cat can find it really interesting for her own reasons. Some of these reasons can be;


Cats have remarkably sensitive noses that make them attracted to strong smells. So, they might not like the coffee smell, but still become attracted to sniffing your cup, or might as well get a sip of it.


Your little furball can be more interested in the milk or the cream rather than the coffee. It can happen because she saw you pouring milk in the cup, or smelled the scent of her most favorite drink. Then, she’ll most likely try to get a sip of it thinking it’s milk.


Another reason can be that your cat actually likes the smell of coffee. Don’t forget that he has his own set of favorite smells. Coffee grounds and/or freshly brewed coffee can be included in that set.

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Can Cats Drink Coffee

Now that you know why your cat is attracted to your drink, you’re probably thinking about the health risks associated with that. Unfortunately, it’s dangerous for cats to drink even a little bit of coffee.

According to the Pet poison helpline, the least amount of caffeine can result in a cat’s death. Because these tiny creatures can’t digest the substance found in coffee. That said, you should also take extra care that caffeine isn’t solely found in coffee.

In fact, caffeine exists in many food and drinks, besides coffee. Such as tea, soda, and energy drinks. You should read the ingredients of the stuff you leave around your pal. And keep the ones containing caffeine away from your cat’s reach.

What Should I Do If My Cat Ingests Coffee

What Should I Do If My Cat Ingests Coffee

Caffeine ingesting can be fatal to cats, as it increases blood pressure and increases the risk of heart problems. If you think your pet had a reaction from ingesting coffee, then you should call your vet ASAP.

Always watch out because there’s a slight chance that he gets tempted to lick or sip a bit of it out of curiosity. In case of that happening, make sure to observe his reactions, and seek help immediately if needed.

There are different symptoms of caffeine poisoning in cats. Pets that consume a little amount of caffeine might have an increased heart rate. They might as well become hyperactive and uncomfortable. Here’s a list of the common symptoms your cat might show in case he ingests caffeine.

  • Restlessness
  • Vomiting
  • Shivering
  • Increased heart rate
  • Accelerated blood pressure
  • Increased body temperature
  • Seizures


Letting your bundle of joy sniff and lick any drink you’re having isn’t such a good idea. While you want him to have fun trying new things, you wouldn’t want to put him at health risks. It’s better if you keep your coffee out of his reach. Just in case he gets tempted from the aromatic smell.

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