Dehydrated Dog Food Vs Kibble: Which One Is Better?

If you’re a new pet parent and you’re wondering what type of food is best for your sweet little addition to your family, then let me tell ya, you are not alone.

Searching for the ideal balanced meal for any type of dog is a journey and it’s not an easy one. Today we’re talking about two specific types of food, kibble, and dehydrated dog food.

Both of these types of food have their own qualities but compared to one another, they are both pretty different. What’s the difference you ask? Find out in the article down below.

Dehydrated Dog Food

Dehydrated Dog Food

First, let’s start by clearing up what dehydrating food means. Dehydration is a process of removing moisture from food, leaving the food almost wrinkly and basically out of water.

While the process of dehydration is getting rid of all the moisture, most of the nutrients in the food are still there.

Dehydration of food involves the application of heat to the food. The dehydrating process removes all the moisture from the food by adding hot or at least, slightly warm air. [Source]

In the last article, I talked about freeze-dried dog food and most people get these two confused. Freeze-dried and dehydrated food is not the same thing.

Freeze-dried foods are a part of a raw-feeding diet and dehydrated food is cooked all because of the hot air that is applied during the dehydrating process.

Dehydrated foods (no matter if human or dog foods) are considered to be less processed but, they are cooked and offer less vital nutrients than raw foods.

But, with that being said, dehydrated food is actually a delicious meal that provides a long shelf life, and is especially suitable for dogs that have digestive issues or sensitive stomachs and can’t process raw meat or any other raw ingredients like raw eggs or raw vegetables.

Is Raw Dog Food Diet Better Than Dehydrated Food?

There has been a big debate in the pet parent world whether or not raw dog food is actually safe for dogs to consume. And believe me, I did plenty of research before I let my pup anywhere near raw meat.

Raw pet food is considered to be one of the healthiest diets for dogs out there. Of course, make sure you always have the human-grade type of meat and provide a balanced diet.

Raw food and raw feedings offer many health benefits, a balanced meal, and all the essential nutrients and vitamins for dogs. The most common ingredients in raw feedings are raw meat(organ meat or muscle meat) raw veggies and fruits, and raw eggs.

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Yes, there are talks on the streets about this very controversial way of feeding because of all the harmful bacteria that are in raw meat.

Raw ingredients don’t actually affect dogs the same way as humans, in fact, it’s completely different. [Source]

Dogs are, after all, descendants of wolves which are, of course, raw feeders. I mean, you wouldn’t cook meat for a wolf right?

The real danger of feeding your dog a raw diet is for us, the pet parents. All that dangerous bacteria can easily affect humans and can lead to Salmonella and other illnesses caused by fresh food or uncooked meat.

If your pup isn’t used to a raw diet, make sure you get them used to it slowly. This diet can get a little heavy and intense at the beginning, so try to make the transition slowly.

Try not to contaminate any of your living areas and try to sanitize the feeding place as much as you can. Also, if a child is living in your home, don’t let them anywhere near the food.

To keep your living space safe, always have gloves on when you’re handling the raw ingredients.

In summary, yes, raw food diets are much better than any dehydrated food because, during the dehydration process, the food loses vitamins and nutrients.



Kibble is another name for dry dog food. Dog kibble, aka dry food, provides a stable, and nutritionally balanced diet to your pup. It’s one of the go-to pet foods that every pet owner must have in their home.

Dry kibble provides enough protein sources and vitamins for a healthy lifestyle, helps with dental health(cleans their teeth), and has a long shelf life which makes it easier when buying it in bulk.

The hard and dry texture of kibble may look a little bit uncomfortable for eating but believe me, it is not. This type of texture actually helps to remove any kind of plaque your dog has on their teeth, resulting in much healthier gums and stronger teeth.

Along with raw bones, kibble is one way to keep your dog out of the dentist’s office which can be very uncomfortable and stressful.

Believe it or not, kibble is actually the most inexpensive way of giving your dog a balanced meal. Dry food must provide all the nutrients and vitamins your dog and the making process is pretty easy.

Pet food manufacturers are obligated to always make sure the nutritional value is good enough and high enough. So, if you’re on a budget then this is definitely the best way to go.

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Dry food is very convenient and easy to store. Simply, just keep it in the original bag or place the bag in a food bin so it’s even more protected in a cold and dark place. [Source]

Kibble For Puppies And Kibble For Adult Dogs

Kibble For Puppies And Kibble For Adult Dogs

If you go to any pet store right now, you’ll see millions of food options, especially for kibble. You may even notice that some of the food is specifically meant for puppies only. Now, before you think that it’s a marketing scam, I am here to tell you that it’s not.

Puppies can’t really handle the strong taste and nutritional content that adult kibble has, so if you’re buying kibble for a puppy, make sure it’s meant for puppies, otherwise, they might have a problem digesting their food.

Also, always check the ingredient list or the ingredient label that’s written at the back of the kibble bag. Not every puppy has the same digestive tract and some food may cause tummy pain and even vomiting.

Kibble Vs Dehydrated Dog Food, Which Is The Better Choice?

Since kibble has been heavily processed I would say that the better, and closer choice to real food is dehydrated food.

As I said, kibble is heavily processed and cooked, so it loses a big chunk of its nutritional contents, including many vitamins and minerals.

Dehydrated food, on the other hand, is minimally processed so it means that even though this type of food may have lost some of its nutrients, it’s still a better option for kibble.

Don’t be intimidated by the way of its looks. Even though it’s dehydrated, it’s still real food and the preparation is very easy.

Simply just add some hot or warm water to it and you have a complete meal in just 2-3 minutes. Of course, read the preparation instructions first, and do as it says.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Feed My Dog Dehydrated Food

Yes, you can. Dehydrated dog food makes a good, balanced meal for your pup and it can be prepared in a matter of seconds.

Is Freeze-Dried Food Better Than Kibble

Yes. Kibble is a type of very processed food which means that during all that processing the food loses many of its nutrients. Meanwhile, freeze-dried food isn’t processed and it is considered to be a raw diet.

What Is Kibble Dog Food

Kibble is basically any type of dry dog food. The structure is hard which makes it even more attractive for our dogs. Like we know, dogs love to chomp on crunchy things. Kibble is one of the most popular foods for either cats or dogs.

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