The Cost Of Cat Food: How Much Does Cat Food Cost Per Month?

Cat ownership requires proper planning and budgeting to ensure you can keep your cat healthy and happy. Just like human beings, cats require regular feeding for their muscles and brain to develop.

There is a wide range of cat food in the marketing including complete cat food, dry cat food, healthy food, wet cat food, raw cat food, canned food, and pouched food. It can cost between $10 – $150 per month depending on which type of food you choose for your cat.

In this blog, we shall answer more about the cost of cat food and how much different cat food cost per month.

Complete Cat Food

It is also known as balanced-diet cat food. It is the most expensive cat food and will cost you an average of $150 in a month. It is the complete cat food since it contains all the nutrients required for your cat’s growth.

For a meal to be termed complete cat food, it must contain proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, water and animal digest.

Dry Cat Food

It is the most common meal that most cats are feed daily due to its ease of use and affordability. You can spend an average of $10-$20 a month while feeding your cat on these meals. They are meals made up of carbohydrates and approximately 10% water content.

Some of the typical dry cat foods you can consider giving to your cat include meat and bone meal, corn, powdered milk, and dried fruits. one of the benefits of dry foods is that they are associated with dental benefits and can remove plaque from your cats’ teeth.

Healthy Food

These meals are designed to boost your cat’s immunity and will cost you an average of $70-$100 in a month. It is important to keep in mind the fact that the more healthy a meal is, the more expensive the meal is likely to be.

Pet supplies stores will demand more money from your pocket when they offer you pet food that will prolong and improve the quality of your cat’s life.

Healthy cat food will contain elements such as chicken meal, animal fat, fiber, and vitamins that will help your cat’s bone and tissue formation.

These healthy cat food include the blue buffalo weight control chicken, royal canin hairball care, and the Purina beyond simply grain-free cat food.

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Wet Cat Food

Variety Packs

It is a typical cat food that comprises 70% moisture content. Feeding your cat wet meals every month will cost you an average of $60. Wet cat food help in the prevention of dehydration in cats due to its high water content, which helps keep your cat healthier.

Wet cat food is also easy to chew, readily available in pet supplies stores, and helps increase the water intake in your cat. You can consider feeding your cat with wet meals such as the fancy feat, kidney care, and the tiny tiger chunks.

Raw Cat Food

Raw food is the option to ensure a healthy cat or kitten, although it depends on what kind of raw food you are feeding your cat or kitten.

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Cat Food

You can consider feeding your cat dehydrated raw food, a popular option if your cat prefers raw meals. Some cats that are not used to being fed raw food may have difficulty processing the food. Dehydrated raw food is expensive since it costs about $ 63 in Chew and $ 60 in pet stores.

Canned Food

Canned foods are rich in proteins and have meat that is said to be human grade. There are several types of cat canned food:

Sheba Perfect Portions Paté Wet Cat Food Tray Variety Packs

Canned pate food, whereby Pate is the most commonly used and recommended canned food for cats. Pate is seasoned meat that is pureed or chopped, although some cats prefer mashed-up meat for easy chewing. It goes for about $26 to $28.

Therefore, you can rely on pate canned food when feeding your cats, especially the kitten, since it facilitates easy chewing and easy digestion.

Another type of canned food is Gravy canned meat. This is the most popular cat food since it is made up of thick meat, and despite it being delicious, it is also considered a high-energy giving diet, thus being said to be high in calories. It goes for about $24 in Chewy and about $26 on the pet.

Just as the famous Churchill said, “overfeeding is an epidemic” when the cat gains too much weight, it can cause problems to the cat. Therefore, this type of canned food is advisable to feed your cats regularly or if your cat is weak and needs energy food.

Broth canned meat is also another type of canned cat food. It comes as a substitute for gravy canned food. This goes if you tend to lack the gravy canned meat in the market.

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The only significant difference between the two canned lumps of meat is that in Broth, canned meat contains light liquid and some vegetables. It is cheaper compared to gravy since it goes for about $9 in Chewy. You can prefer this canned meat if you are on a low budget and need to feed your cats or kitten.

Finally, Semi-moist canned cat food is another type of canned cat food that tends to be the most unpopular type of canned cat meat. It is hard to find since it has a high level of sugar content and preservatives in it. This kind of meat is found in treat form. It tends to go for about $42 to $45 in the Chew store.

Generally, canned meat has more merits than demerits which depend on the brand. Canned meat, being meat-based, has high protein content, and due to it being affordable, it is the most popular cat food in the market.

However, some of the ingredients used to make canned meat might be questionable, such as the calories, flavors, and colors. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a product mentioned meat-like “chicken” as the primary ingredient.

Pouched food

Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Grain-Free Natural Wet Cat Food Pouches

This is a newly introduced cat food in the market. Examples of pouched foods are; Pouch stew which tends to differ in their reliability.

They can be a lighter food than gravy canned food but are made up of bits of meat and sauce. Ingredients such as vegetables are often added to the stew. It tends to go for as much as $11 on chewy and $10 cost of cat food. You can therefore prefer this pouched stew due to its affordability.

Another example of pouched foods is the pouch broth which is almost the same as pouch stew. Beef broth or chicken broth can be very beneficial when cats have digestive issues. However, the critical point to note is that it contains a high content of preservatives and sodium.

They tend to go for about $13 a packet. Therefore, this is helpful to feed your cat or kitten when it has digestive issues, like when it cannot digest food properly, causing it to be weak and lack appetite.

Pouch supplement is another kind of pouched food and tends to be very necessary when your cat or kitten has a deficiency problem.

Some pouches are manufactured to be supplements, and therefore you can mix the pouch with the cat’s regular food. You are advised to consult your vet before feeding your cats the pouches. Pouch supplements can go for about $17 on the Chew store.

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Generally, pouch food has similar concerns as canned cat foods, only that since they have a high sodium content, it is advisable you feed your cats as a treat and not a dietary staple food.

Wrap Up

It is advisable to be keen on what you feed your cat and not assume that they are like wild cats. One general piece of advice is that the more expensive the cat food is, the more nutritious it is.

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