Chances Of My Dog Being Pregnant After Getting Stuck!!

As a dog owner, having your dog mating with another, accidentally or planned, could be overwhelming. So, if you’re wondering “what are the chances of my dog being pregnant after getting stuck”, we’re here to answer your question. 

Chances of your dog getting pregnant after mating with another dog rise highly if the furry couple has completed the three-phased mating process. However, if you’re not quite sure of this, then it depends mainly on their fertility.

Some dog owners believe that a female dog can’t get pregnant during her first heat cycle. Some others believe that dogs have to mate more than once to get pregnant, but neither of these is true.

Just like any other species, dogs can successfully reproduce after hitting puberty. Therefore, the pregnancy of female dogs usually occurs by the time they’re one year old.

Different dog breeds may vary in sexual maturity. For example, the German shepherd breeding age is five or six months. On the other hand, the Doberman Pinscher may not hit puberty until 18 months old.

Chances Of My Dog Being Pregnant After Getting Stuck

Female dogs are less fertile after they’re middle-aged, which is about 5 years old. At that time, their ability to reproduce decreases sharply, even as they continue their heat cycles throughout their lifetime.

Whether you’re a hopeful owner or a concerned one, this article will give you all the tips and tricks you need. 

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Signs Your Dog Is Pregnant

Whether the furry couple’s mate date was next door or after she’s gone missing for a couple of hours, you better keep an eye on your fur girl. If she’s pregnant, you’ll probably notice the following signs.

Decreased Activity

If your buddy is normally energetic, you’ll probably notice she easily gets exhausted or prefers to spend more time napping. 

But if she’s already a snoozing fan, it’ll be a little harder to notice decreased activity. In this case, you should pay more attention to how quickly she tires during walks.

Appetite Change

Her appetite will fluctuate throughout her pregnancy. She will eat much less than usual at first, might vomit frequently, and might be dissatisfied with her meals. 

This usually changes when she’s further into her pregnancy, as she starts consuming more food along the way.

Weight Gain

By the time you notice this change, it’ll mostly be the time to take your dog to the vet. That’s because weight gain usually happens in the late stages of pregnancy. 

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As puppies grow in the abdomen, you’ll notice an expansion in size. Unless there’s another reason for the sudden weight gain, this can be one of the most apparent indications of pregnancy.

Unusual Behavior

In the case of pregnancy, you may notice some changes in your dog’s usual behavior. 

For example, on one hand, she may seek more attention or comfort and she might spend more time sticking to you for that.  On the other hand, she may seek isolation and wish not to be bothered. She also may seem depressed or irritated when given more attention.

Check out the video below to find out whether your dog is pregnant without a dog pregnancy kit. 

What To Do Next

Whether these symptoms are real or just a false alarm, it’s always best to pay a visit to your vet, especially in the early stages. 

This visit allows you to decide what to do later on with your furry friend. Some dog owners that are taken by surprise may decide to spay their dogs to prevent them from having puppies or eliminate possible pregnancy. 

But if you’re an excited owner for more puppies to join the family, pay attention to the above-mentioned signs. At this stage, it’s ideal to provide your dog with good nutrition, moderate exercise, a nice place to rest, and a low-stress environment. 

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Can A Dog Get Pregnant By More Than One Dog

According to Veterinarian Bonnie Beaver, it is possible for a female dog to get pregnant by more than one dog. It is a complex issue and can be a race between the sperm of each male dog who reaches the ovum first and fertilizes it.

Can A Dog Get Pregnant From Another Animal?

Whether you are referring to a cat or even humans, it is genetically impossible to have a hybrid version of half human half dog, or half cat half dog.

The main reason is because of the different sets of instructions in their DNA.[Source]


The chances of your dog getting pregnant after being stuck depend on several variables. Fertility, dog breed, and dog age are all contributing factors to a dog’s ability to be pregnant. 

If your dog is un-spayed and you aren’t so happy about the idea of additional puppies, it’s a good idea to schedule a vet appointment to get your spayed to prevent a possible pregnancy.

But in case you’re a welcoming owner, you should pay closer attention to your furry buddy’s appetite, activity status, weight, or any other signs of possible pregnancy.

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In both cases, your vet visit is the best thing you could offer your dog. 

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