9 Mischievous Cat Breeds That Love To Play Non Stop

Cats are the only mammals who don’t taste sweetness. They are short-sighted, but their night vision is much better than humans. These fluffy creatures have 18 toes (five toes on each front paw; four toes on each back paw).

The interesting fact about cats is that they can jump up to six times their length. Playing with your cat may also help restrict some behavior problems from being bored.

What Are Cat Breeds That Love To Play

Play is an excellent way to bond and interact with your cat. They love to show affection to their owners. Following is the list of some cats who plays a lot.


Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are known to be extremely loving in nature. They like to sit on your lap and will also climb into your bed when you sleep. These cats are attractive. They come in different color variations and also have lovely blue eyes. When we talk about the cats who play, Siamese is an automatic choice.

The Siamese are very adoring and brilliant cats with sharp outgoing nature. They enjoy the company of other cats and humans. Siamese cats are very vocal and want your attention with a low-pitched and loud voice. They have affectionate, social, and friendly personalities.

This alluring breed is considered one of the most intelligent. These cats are trusting and loving with humans, and shine with many positive human interactions. They need human closeness, and they will make sure they get it.

They are a very challenging breed. Because of their need for human affiliation and social nature, Siamese cats do not generally fit well in single-cat households or alone for longer periods.


Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are intelligent, loyal, trainable, fun to watch and play with, athletic, and love water. They are best as a family pet. They are also communicative and vocal.

They can socialize and bond well if they are introduced early on to dogs or other cats in the home. They are also known as Miniature Leopards and are friendly, energetic, intelligent, and agile. You must not purr this kitty by your feet for a longer time.

If you think about the kids, Bengal cats are very friendly, but the best way is to introduce a Bengal to a child as a kitten instead of as an older cat. Overall, Bengals are lovable and amazing pets.


Munchkins are friendly, active cats who usually thrive with children and other pets. These interesting kittens love to explore the world around them and even rest on their hind legs like a rabbit for the best view.

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The Munchkin cat wants the company of kids, dogs, other animals, or even strangers. These cats live for a game of hunt or a catmint mouse prime for hunting but will never reduce the offering of a warm lap for cuddling.

The Munchkin cats are speedy and are best known for their small body and tiny legs. These cats are confident, brave, and intelligent. They will inspect every corner and win everyone’s heart. Munchkins are very pleasant and fun-loving. Their interest never fails, and they always look curious about new games and vandalism.

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Devon Rex

Devon Rex Cats

The Devon Rex cat is an excellent choice for older children and families, other pets, or frequent guests with his playful, outgoing nature. He is a good explorer and makes an amazing therapy cat.

You may know that the Devon Rex coat is hypoallergenic because of its texture, but that is not true. He loves to sit and play on your shoulder and never turns down your invitation to cuddle on the couch. Adoring, intelligent, and flexible, this cat drops very little and has very few grooming needs.

It is an unusual cat breed. It is known for its large eyes and curly coat. Naughty, intelligent, and playful, these loving kitties will never get annoyed of getting into any difficulty. Well, maybe curly, an adorable and cheerful agitator is the one thing your happy home has been missing this entire time.


Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian cat is intelligent, quiet, and funny, enjoys human company, and gets attached to its owner. It enjoys the activity and space, is a good climber, and loves a garden that is full of trees and high places.

Abyssinian cats are playful but moderate with some sense, so they are not too careless. They are affectionate and people-oriented cats who love their family members and often follow people around or in their faces, being curious.

You need to keep venomous items and breakables away from Abys. She is an outgoing little troublemaker. Include her in your daily fun activities, and she will be a lovable companion. The Abyssinian is believed to have derived in Southeast Asia and the Indian Coast.

Turkish Angora

turkish angora

This is an intelligent and bright cat that settles well with humans. With its playful and adoring personality, the Angora is the best choice for your family. It gets along well with everyone, children, visitors, and seniors. It is loyal to its human family and does not do well to be left alone.

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Turkish Angoras are happy little companions. They mostly bond with one person the most and can become very preventive of them. They are energetic, play and hunt.

They are a high-energy, knowledgeable, and highly loving breed. They always love to be part of the action at all times and will play with anything to get their owner’s attention. It is not a lazy cat, but thrives on human contact. This cat can be demanding of love and attention and will be your loyal shadow.

Siberian Forest

Siberian Forest cat

The Siberian Forest cats have broad heads, large ears, and eyes. They are famous for their luxurious, long, and dense coats. They have three beautiful natural types of fur: guard hair down hair and awn hair. The Siberian cat, which you can also call the Russian national animal, is considered a former cat and the root of all modern long-haired cats.

They are friendly, brave, social, and strong while remaining easygoing and devoted. Siberian cats purr a lot and like to make appealing little meows and cute cat sounds to let you know what’s happening but is not known as a particularly vocal cat.

If you have been out all day, though, it is likely your Siberian cat will have a lot to say to you once you are home.

These cats will follow you from room to room but calmly wait until you have time for cuddles. They don’t mind strangers or noises as much as most of the other cats, and if you introduced them properly, they love to conjugate with kids, dogs, and whoever else may live in your home.


manx cat
Image by spicetree687 from Pixabay

The Manx seems to be an affectionate and loving cat who enjoys being around people. Some Manx will give all their love to a single person while others will shower the whole family, even children, with affection. Originating on the Isle of Man, it is a cat with a naturally occurring mutation that contracts its tail.

Many Manx have a small end of a tailor or are fully tailless. They come in a variety of coat colors and patterns and can be both long and short-haired. They are said to be gentle, social, and active. The Manx is generally very attached to humans but can be shy in front of strangers.

They are knowledgeable, and their loving and playful nature is compared to that of a puppy. They are highly trainable and will often follow their favorite humans, just like a puppy. The Manx is a sweet and peaceful cat. She never seems to get too distressed about anything. She is a loving companion and adores being with people.

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Maine Coon

maine coon
Image by Heinz Hummel from Pixabay

Maine Coon cats are amazing pets to play with. They are not only awesome cats, but also one of the finest pets you can ever have. They are great with kids, very friendly, and get very attached to you and your family, but they still maintain independent behavior, so they won’t ever get on your nerves.

Top scales at almost 20 lbs, the Maine Coon is said to be one of the heaviest cat breeds. They are gentle-mannered, friendly, and brilliant. Such a special combination of features led to their affectionate nickname, “the gentle giant.” Maine Coon cats are not naturally aggressive wild cats but will act violently if they feel stressed or threatened.

Maine Coons are also known for their soft nature, poor socialization, environmental factors, or an underlying medical issue that can lead to aggressive behaviors.

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Wrap Up

Many cats are quite pleased to sit on a window-ledge the whole day, taking naps and watching the worldCats love to be physically and mentally inspiring, and they love to play with their owners.

Along with satisfying your cat’s ability, play is essential to help keep your pet happy and healthy. Space provides important exercise for cats, especially those that live mostly indoors. Regular play can help keep your kitty energetic and keep a healthy weight.

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