5 Best Cat Warmer For Winter(Buying Guide) 2021

Lately, we get a lot of extreme weather during the winter. The heating may not be enough or power may go out. While we can get under blankets, our cats are not that resourceful.

Having a heating pad or a self-warming bed around will help keep your feline friend during those harsh winter weeks.

Here is a list of the 5 best cat warmers. Whatever your budget is, you will find an item suitable for you. If you want to find out more about cat warmers, we will leave a buying guide at the end.

Best Cat Warmer Comparison Table

Product FeaturesCheck Out The Price
- Self-Warming
- Two-Way Conversion
- PV Fleece
- Non-Slip Bottom
Miss Meow Indoor Cat Cave
- Heated Pet Bed
- Soft Foam
- Heat Control
- Safety Tested & Certified
K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat
- Faux Fur Plush Exterior
- Water-Resistant
- No-slip Bottom
- Self-Warming
BODISEINT Soft Plush Pet Bed
- Electric Heating Pad
- 7 Layer Protection
- Auto Power Off
- Polyester Cover
RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad
- Self-Warming Cat Bed
- Joint-Relief Bed
- Machine Washable
- Safe For Cats
Best Friends By Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Best Overall

Miss Meow Indoor Cat Cave

Highlighted Features

  • Self-Warming
  • Two-Way Conversion
  • PV Fleece
  • Non-Slip Bottom
  • Machine Washable

Starting with Miss Meow, my personal favorite. A high-quality self-sustainable cat bed that will keep your cat warm and cozy. Available in multiple sizes, and various designs, this Miss Meow offers something for everyone. All of that at a reasonable price. This product comes highly recommended.

Features a faux suede exterior, breathable fabric that allows for ventilation. The inside has ultra-soft PV fleece, designed to provide comfort and keep your cat cozy. Allergy-resistant fabric that keeps your cat safe as well.

The cave has a bed pillow. An extra-thick bed cushion with a memory foam design. This will keep your cat extra cozy. Also, this means that the cat will lay lifted off the ground, perfect for winter. Easy to clean, the cushion and the cushion cover are removable.

This product is both a flatbed and a cave, it can be converted to both. Truly, a versatile design. The bottom has a non-slip reinforced fabric that won’t cause any floor scratches. Easy to maintain and clean, machine washable fabric.

I really love this cat cave, perfect for winter, it will keep your cat warm even during power outages. Not cheap, not expensive. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that needs a cat warmer.


  • Self-sustainable warms cats without power. 
  • Soft extra warm inner lining with a cozy cushion.
  • Easy to clean, machine washable. 


  • Not for multiple cats, there are larger models though. 

Best Budget

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat

Highlighted Features

  • Heated Pet Bed
  • Soft Foam
  • Heat Control
  • Safety Tested & Certified
  • Large

A K&H pet product was expected here, one of the best manufacturers that focuses on winter cat beds. Here we have a simple product, the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat. A budget cat bed with warmers. Nothing special but effective, safe. Most importantly, it will keep your cat warm and comfortable.

This is a simple mat with cushion padding inside. Extra soft foam that keeps your cat cozy and lifted off the ground to regulate temperature. A softcover that can be removed for machine washing.

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The bed is heated by two cat warmers that are powered by electricity. The heater uses only 6W, nothing significant. Don’t worry, this heated mat is tested and certified. Up to USA/CS electrical safety standards.

Featuring a heat control system that automatically regulates the heating temperature to accommodate the cat’s body temperature. Perfect for those extra cold winter months. No heating alternative in power outage events though.

Truly, a simple, effective design. There are no special features that make this product stand out but it’s perfect for cats that struggle during the winter. Your feline friend will love it, especially if the heating in your apartment is kind of weak.


  • A soft and cozy heated pet mat.
  • Heat control that regulates the cat’s body temperature.
  • Safe for cats.


  • Can’t be used when there’s no power. 

Best Runner-Up

BODISEINT Soft Plush Pet Bed

Highlighted Features

  • Faux Fur Plush Exterior
  • Water-Resistant
  • No-slip Bottom
  • Self-Warming
  • Medium Size

My second favorite, the BODISEINT Round Pet Bed. Available in more than one size, it’s for small, medium, and large cats. Impressive design, extra cozy, cats will love it. Everything about it is perfect. It’s soft, has protection, is easy to maintain, and warms without power.

The exterior is made out of faux fur. Finished with a round shape and plush design. Attention is kept on warming and comfort. Basically, the cat is hugging itself when laying in the bed. Filled polyester inside keeps the cat off the ground. Provides comfort and heating, self-warming fleece fabric.

Easy to maintain, the bed is well-protected. Water-resistant design that won’t stain that easy. Featuring a non-skid bottom as well, it keeps the bed in place even when the cat is moving around. The cover is not removable but the bed is machine washable. It must be dried in a dryer, air drying is not allowed.

Available for cats of any size. You can find the same model in different sizes. You can choose the color of the exterior as well. Customize this self-warming bed to fit your apartment’s look.

That was the runner-up, another impressive self-sustainable cat bed. Your cat will feel loved in this bed, designed for deep sleep. Perfect during the winter, useful in power outages as well. Not expensive at all, I highly recommend it.


  • Self-warming fleece-lined cat bed.
  • Extra cozy faux fur plush.
  • Machine washable. 


  • Must be dried in a dryer, otherwise, matting of the fur occurs. 

Best Cat Warmer For Freezing Temperatures

RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad

Highlighted Features

  • Electric Heating Pad
  • 7 Layer Protection
  • Auto Power Off
  • Polyester Cover
  • Safety Tested

Now, something more specific. During freezing temperatures, you need something extra, especially if the indoor heating is not enough. That’s why I’m recommending this RIOGOO pet heating pad, a cat warmer for freezing temperatures. Slightly expensive but nothing significant compared to the other items.

A basic heating pad with a polyester cover. Made both for cats and dogs. Specifically designed to keep pets with health issues comfortable. Especially good for newborn pets, pregnant cat mamas, and pets with arthritis.

The heating system has a timer control and an auto power-off option. Rigorously tested for safety, 7 layers protection structure. There are sensors inside that regulate the temperature suitable for your cat. 1-12 hour settings, automatically turn off when you forget to turn it off.

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Non-toxic polyester cover that can be removed for easy cleaning. It’s machine washable as well. A simple design that’s easy to maintain, waterproof PVC cable as well.

There you go, as I said, a basic design made to keep your pet warm during freezing temperatures. The focus is on the heating here. I recommend this to pet owners that live in extra cold areas where the heating is not enough.


  • An effective heating pad will keep your cat warm during the worst of winter.
  • Up to safety standards, 7 layers of protection against burning.
  • Removable and machine washable cover.


  • Not really aesthetically pleasing.
  • Doesn’t work without electrical power.

Best Self-Warming Cat Bed

Best Friends By Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Highlighted Features

  • Self-Warming Cat Bed
  • Joint-Relief Bed
  • Machine Washable
  • Safe For Cats
  • Dirt-Resistant

Last but not least, the OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler, an extremely comfortable self-warming cat bed. Designed to keep kitties warm but also relieve any sleeping issues related to pain. A reasonable price, not much different than the rest of the items on the list. If you are looking for the comfiest cat bed, this is what I recommend.

High-quality construction made to be reliable. Featuring a flexible Sherpa fabric exterior, extra soft fleece provides heating. Big and high walls that provide weight support. This relieves and joint pain the cat may be having. The thick walls make for a quite cozy headrest as well.

This design makes sure your cat sleeps peacefully. Made specifically to relieve any sleep issues, it induces deep sleep. The fabric is made in a way that it resembles the mother’s fur, extra comfy, especially for kittens.

Easy to maintain and clean as well. A no-slip bottom that won’t move around and cause scratches on wood flooring.  The bottom is water-resistant and dirt-resistant, blocks dust, and prevents mold growth. Machine washable as well.

That was the last item on this list. I made sure to include something for everyone. This self-warming cat bed impresses me. I recommend it to anyone that has a cat with joint pain that needs that extra warmth during the winter.


  • Self-warming requires no power but keeps the cat warm enough.
  • Big and large walls provide weight support and a headrest.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Available in many sizes and colors.


  • A bit on the expensive side. 

Best Cat Warmer Buying Guide

I know that there are a lot of first-time buyers here, so I think a buying guide is in order. We will talk about the most important features of a cat warmer. Also, what should you pick according to your needs. This guide will also help you when you look through online stores on your own.

Self-Warming Cat Beds

When it comes to winter cat warmers you will find two types, a self-warming cat bed, and a heating pad. These are a bit different, each has its own advantage and disadvantage. Let’s start with the self-warming beds.

A self-warming cat bed does not use electrical power. It usually consists of two parts. A durable breathable exterior fabric and a soft fleece-lined interior. The bed is meant to hug the cat in a way and keep it warm using the cat’s body temperature.

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This type of cat warmer is quite efficient at keeping the pet warm during those winter months. It doesn’t require power so it’s still useful even after the power goes out during extreme weather.

However, I would recommend it only to pet owners that have heating throughout the entire house. Or, use it just in heated rooms. If you are planning on using it in rooms that don’t have heating at all, go for a heating pad.

Heating Pads

The second type of cat warmer uses electrical power to heat up the cushion. Mostly, these cat warmers come in the form of a mat that has a heating pad on the inside and a cover.

These are really good at keeping your cat warm even when there is no heating. So, I recommend this to anyone who can’t heat up the entire house. Don’t worry cat heating pads are safe and tested. The cat’s body temperature is regulated.

Although not as comfortable as self-warming cat beds, these should not be underestimated. The only bad thing is that they don’t work without power.


Next to warmth, your next most important feature should be comfort. The cat will be using the bed for sleeping, and at night is when it gets the coldest. So, if the bed is not comfortable, the kitty won’t be able to sleep despite being warm.

That’s why you need something extra cozy, something that will put your cat in deep sleep. I recommend self-heating cat beds if comfort is the most important thing. Especially if your cat has joint pain or has trouble sleeping.

Heating pads are comfortable too. Just make sure it’s the right size for your cat and the cushion is soft and big enough. Maybe think about getting just the heating pads and a separate bed.

Safety Tested

No matter what type of cat warmer you are choosing, it needs to be safe for cats. That means choosing products that are tested and certified. The material used should be non-toxic and friendly for cats.

The heating system should be tested for electrical safety. Look for cat beds that have layers of protection against burning your cat. Something with a heat control monitor is great as well.

Easy To Clean

Your cat will be using the cat bed daily during the winter. That means it’s bound to get dirty several times. If you choose a bed that takes a good amount of time to clean and dry, your cat will be cold during that time.

That’s why you need something that’s easy to clean, something machine washable. Water-resistant and dirt-resistant cat warmers are great too. Non-slip bottom picks up less dirt, so that plays a role too.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

Do Cats Need Heated Bed

It depends on how cold it is in your house. Cats do not get cold that easily but when they do they need a warm bed. In fact, cats love heated beds. If your cat gets cold during the night, get a self-warming cat bed or a heated bed.

Is A Heating Pad Good For A Cat

Yes, heating pads are good for cats. Heating pads are rigorously tested and have severe layers of protection. They have heat control that adjusts for a cat’s body temperature. The heating pad should be used with a cat bed though.

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