What Do These Cat Sleeping Positions Say About Your Cat

You can find your cat sleeping in many positions. Some of them are cute, some are just weird. If your cat got you worried about a certain sleeping position, you must be wondering: What does it mean?

Well, we are here to find out. Here. we will list the most common cat sleeping positions and what do they mean. So, what does the cat’s sleeping position tells you about your cat?

Curled-Up Position

Curled-Up Position

The most common kitty sleeping position is the curled-up. The cat curls up all the legs and the head towards the chest. You must have seen your cat sleep like this.

I catch my kitty sleeping like this all the time, and it’s wholesome. In fact, most stray cats in my neighborhood sleep in this pose. It’s the preferred sleeping position.

This is a normal pose to sleep in. It’s one of the most comfortable positions. More so, it’s useful too, cats warm up their bodies like this.

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Sideways Position

Sideways Position

Another sleeping position you definitely caught your cat in is the sideways position. Cats are sideways sleepers, in fact, most dogs are too.

In this pose, the cat sleeps on one side and has its legs stretched out. Quite the comfortable pose. It means that your cat is relaxed and has entered deep sleep.

The Loaf Position

The Loaf Position

Here’s a popular sleeping pose for cats, the loaf of bread. Even if you haven’t seen this with your cat, you must have seen it on the Internet. Photos of cats sleeping in the loaf position were a trend.

Those that are not familiar with this pose can get it from the name. The cat is in an upright position with the front legs tucked in below the head. The cat literally looks like a loaf of bread in this position.

We don’t really know for sure why cats sleep in this position. Most people suspect cats take a power nap like these. They don’t get in a comfortable position so they won’t fall into a deep sleep.

In A Box Position

In A Box Position

The position that makes me laugh every time is in-a-box. Cat positions can be quite funny but nothing gets me like this one.

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The in-a-box position can be any position your cat takes as long as it’s in a box. Why cats do this we can only guess. Probably, it’s natural, cats feel safe in small unreachable spaces.

Cats usually sleep really well in this position so there is not much to worry about. Except, you should think about why your cat is seeking security. It’s probably nothing, the cat just likes it.

Eye Half Shut

The position that creeps me out is the eye half shut. The one where the cat has one eye half open and the other closed. Or, both eyes are half shut. This is not a bad sleeping position, it just gives me the creeps.

Dogs sleep like this though. It’s an animal instinct, to be aware while sleeping. With this position, the cat is sleeping but it’s also aware of its surroundings.[ Source ]

Now, there doesn’t have to be a threat necessarily in your home. The cat sleeps like that because it’s one of the common sleeping habits that cats practice.

Belly Up Position

Belly Up Position

Another really fun and cute sleeping pose. Cat positions can get weird but this is just wholesome, perfect for a belly rub as well.

In this position, the cat is not exactly sideways, although it looks like it. The cat has its belly exposed. The legs may be just hanging there or stretched upwards.

This pose says a lot about you and your furry friend. If a cat sleeps like this it means she trusts you. It’s a vulnerable position to sleep in. So, if the kitty feels safe sleeping like this, it trusts you more than you think.

Paws On Face

Paws On Face

I find this pose cute as well, with paws on the face. When I see my cat sleeping like this, it just reminds me of a little human not wanting to wake up in the morning. It’s so wholesome.

The paws on face is a position where the cat lays in any pose with the paws crossed on the face. Again, we have two guesses why cats sleep like this.

It may be because the cat is really sleepy and comfortable and it wants to stay that way. Also, the cat may be trying to block something shiny from its eyesight.

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The Contortionist Position

I wouldn’t say this is one of the comfortable sleeping positions. Explaining this position is quite hard. The name says it all though.

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The contortionist is one of those weird sleep positions. The cat has its legs and head all twisted, so you don’t what you are looking at.

So far, we have no answer to why cats sleep like this. The only explanation we can give is that cats just feel like it.

Monorail Position

Monorail Position

We have a name for the position where cats sleep on the edge of furniture. If your kitty loves your couches and sofas, it has slept on them at least once. This position is called the monorail cat.

Again, we don’t really know why cats like sleeping on the edge of something. Maybe cats just like this position. It’s also possible that cats have better vision and awareness of their surroundings like this.

In Your Lap Or Arms

Cats that like to cuddle will sleep on their owners. Whatever body part they may find may be comfortable. A cat will usually sleep on your leg, in your lap, on your chest, or in your arms.

This is pretty normal with cats that have a good relationship with the owner. It’s a sign of trust. It also means that your cat loves you, wants to cuddle with you, and feels safe with you. [ Source ]

Cat Splooting

Cat Splooting

Have you ever seen the Corgi sploot? Well, cats do that with too, with their front legs though. Some cats like to sleep with their front paws stretched out to the front. It’s a funny one but it’s cute as well.

When cats sleep like this, they are relaxed and entered deep sleep. No need to worry about your cat if you notice it like this, just don’t wake it up, it’s sleeping quite well.

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Worrisome Cat Sleeping Positions

Now, some sleeping positions are signs of pain. Although these are the same as with the positions above, you can easily notice the difference.

  • Curled in a ball. 
    Although the curled-up position was the most comfortable one, sometimes it’s a bad thing. The cat may have low body heat so it’s trying to heat up. Or, it may be in some pain, so it’s taking the most comfortable position. When the cat is sleeping curled-up, and in a deep sleep, it will look really relaxed. When in pain, the cat won’t be able to sleep, and it will look uneasy.
  • Sideways. 
    Again, the same position. Although it’s a comfortable one, cats pose like this when they are in pain or sick. The difference is, a cat that is in pain and lays sideways is not relaxed at all. The legs are not stretched out, and it breathes heavily. That’s how you notice it.
  • Sleeping on the belly.  
    Sleeping flat on the stomach is one of the common sleeping positions for cats. This is alarming only when the cat avoids any other position. A cat in deep sleep won’t sleep on its belly. So, if your cat avoids all other positions and always sleeps on the belly, it may be in some kind of pain. It doesn’t want to fall into a deep sleep, so there’s a problem.
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Related Questions And Other FAQs

How Do Cats Who To Sleep With

It depends on the current mood the cat is in. Cats look for security when they fall asleep. If a cat is feeling tired and it wants safety, it will sleep with the owner. If it wants a power nap it will lay on its stomach.

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Sleeping Comfortably

You can know if a cat is sleeping comfortably by the positions it takes. Cats fall into a deep sleep when sleeping sideways, with their legs stretched at the front, or when they are all curled up. Check for heavy breathing or any signs of pain. If there are none, your cat is sleeping comfortably.

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