Can Dogs Eat Pineapples?Will It Stop Their Poop Eating Habit?

In summertime, when tropical fruits are all the rage, we’d want nothing more than to just quench our thirst with some of the most refreshing fruits, and nothing says tropical more than the pineapple. But I bet it’d feel better if you and your pup could both be energized by it. This begs the question; can dogs eat pineapples?

Yes, we can feed Fido some pineapples! Pineapples are safe for canine consumption. In fact, eating pineapples as a snack is nutritious and can give your dog a boost of energy and hydration since pineapples are mostly made up of water and sugar. Careful though, fruits typically have high levels of sugar, which will make your pet obese, jump-starting a series of health problems.

Now, it’s not just a recharging drink, it also has some benefits that I’ll get to in a while.

What Happens If You Give A Dog Pineapple?

Can Dogs Eat Pineapples

A fact we need to remember first when we feed our doggo fruits or snacks is that most of your dog’s vitamin and mineral requirements already come from the dog food they are consuming.

Give them too much pineapple might make them gain unwanted weight and even if it is wanted, your little tyke shouldn’t be gaining weight in this manner.

So, feeding them pineapples should always be monitored and regulated. Be careful they don’t take one behind your back!

Benefits Of Pineapples For Your Pooch

Pineapples, as a snack, can be beneficial to your pooches since it contains four (water, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins) of the six basic requirements of dogs (carbohydrates, water, fats proteins, vitamins, and minerals).[source]

  • Hydration – pineapples are made up of 84% water. It carries a lot of water to hydrate your dog through any hot day.
  • Minerals – aids in the development and maintenance of bones, tissues and skin, and coat.
  • Carbohydrates – brought to you by the sugars in pineapples; it provides energy to keep your dog active
  • Vitamins – boost the immune system, act as an anti-inflammatory, and are important for regulating brain and body functions.

Which Is the Best Way for Dogs to Eat Pineapples?

There are about three common ways pineapples are prepared: fresh, canned, and dried. All of them have their benefits, but which is the best way for dogs to eat them?

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Freshly Served (Raw)

It goes without saying, fresh pineapples should be peeled, the “eyes” and the core removed, and yes, even the leaves. The only edible part anyone should be eating is the soft, pulpy, yellow flesh.




This is the most optimal ways of eating a pineapple, its natural makeup is untampered and so is its nutritional content.

But, like any fruit, it contains a relatively high amount of sugar. 100g of pineapples is about 10g of sugar—dogs don’t do well with this amount of sugar.

Additional Fun Option!

Feeding raw, frozen pineapples is just as good as feeding them fresh ones. Your pup may even prefer to eat it since it’s cold and has a good bite to it!

(Don’t give it to them frozen hard, it might damage their teeth)


Canned pineapples are always soaked in a syrup of varying intensities of sugar; it’s used in the preservation of the fruit.

With the pineapple bathing in the syrup, there’s already an increase of sugar, and upon eating, it might make your dog go over their daily requirements.

As I’ve mentioned before, too much sugar is a no-no for our canine friends. High sugar intake can result in weight gain and, possibly, dental problems. Joint problems are also linked to obesity/ weight gain and we don’t want that for our pooches.


Pineapples that have been stripped of their water for longevity, is the idea of dried fruits. Not only has hydration left the room as one of its benefits, it now has a concentration of sugar.

Unlike the canned pineapples soaked in syrup, dried fruits still retain their natural sugar. It’s just that nothing is diluting it anymore. But much like the canned variety, sugar is in its concentrated bad component, making it a rare treat to feed your dog.

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How Much Pineapples Should My Dog Eat?

Now that I’ve given you ample information on feeding your dogs some pineapples, here’s how much to give them.

Note that snacks and treats shouldn’t make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake. Giving a 30-pound pooch about a tablespoon of pineapple chunks is the safest way to go.

Did you know that your dog’s caloric intake is dependent on their weight? About 25 calories per pound per day is a way to measure their daily calories.

Of course, getting a vet’s opinion and recommendation is still the best step to do before feeding your canine companion some fruits. Vets know best!

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Can Dogs Get Sick From Pineapple?

As much as it’s delicious, nutritious, and refreshing, it also casts some shadows of doubt about whether to give some to your dog or not. It poses some very serious problems but only if your dog is given an excessive amount.

Dangers of Pineapples to Look Out For

I’ve put together some of the problems that could possibly arise if we feed our dogs some pineapples.[source]

  • Upset Stomach – this usually occurs when a dog is fed either something novel or something that just doesn’t sit well with their stomachs. Observation for 24hrs upon feeding them a treat is ideal to check if your pooch ever has an adverse reaction to the food.
  • Cavities – the dental problems that are caused by the sugar in pineapples. Sugar can also change the liveliness of your dog, it may cause lethargy, resulting in less movement and activity, ultimately gaining weight.
  • Weight Gain – Feeding in succession and excessively may lead to obesity. Obesity may cause joint problems and other health issues. It may even worsen an already existing health issue.

Wise words to remember:

“…most of your dog’s vitamin and mineral requirements already comes from the dog food they are consuming.

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Does Pineapple Make Dogs Not Eat Poop?

Sometimes you may see your dog eating their own poop. Eating poop used to be a means for survival in canines, so the behavior is somewhat innate.

There are myths that feeding pineapple to dogs will stop this strange behavior. The theory is that after eating chunks of pineapple, any subsequent poop may have an bitter, unpleasant and acidic taste, which deters your dog from eating it. However, there are no evidence to support this claim.

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