Can Dogs Eat Pear? What You Should Know Today Before Feeding!

I know that you should always use caution when feeding people food to dogs, but did you know that some fruits are okay for them to have? I certainly was not sure about that until I started to do a little research on it. One of the more unusual treat possibilities I had never considered is pears. Can Dogs Eat Pear?

Yes, pears are okay for dogs to eat as they are high in copper, vitamins C and K, and fiber. You should only feed fresh pears and in moderation. Avoid feeding your pup any dangerous parts of the pear.

If your dog is anything like mine, they are always looking for that next treat. Sometimes, when I run out of dog treats or do not want to keep giving my dog a lot of calories, I am tempted to offer him little pieces of healthy human food.

If you enjoy pears and have ever wondered if they are okay to share with your dog, read on to learn everything you need to know.

Can Dogs Eat Pear?

Can Dogs Eat Pear

Yes. However, it is recommended to feed your dog pieces of pear in moderation. Too much in one sitting can cause vomiting or diarrhea and feeding too many pears on a regular basis can result in weight gain issues due to the extra calories

Most dogs can be relied upon to love anything meaty, cheesy, or full of carbs. Fruits, on the other hand, can be hit or miss. I once had a dog that loved bananas, but my current pup will not touch those things!

Sometimes, dogs will eat unusual foods just because they see you eating them or because they love to eat. So, it will vary from dog to dog. To test whether your dog likes pears, give them a small, bite-sized chunk of pear flesh and see if they gobble it up or spit it out. Also, they may eat it at first and later decide they do not like it that much.

It is nothing to worry about if they do not like pears; that is just a matter of their preference!

How Much Pear Can Dogs Eat?

Pears contain natural sugar in the form of fructose. If your dog is overweight or diabetic, he will not benefit from having too much pear. 

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Whether or not our furry friends have problems with obesity or diabetes, it really is prudent not to be too indulgent with the fruit.

When we talk about our canine companions, we are advised to consider fruit as treats. It should not be regarded as an essential part of our pet’s diet. It is a treat so it should be given only once in a while as a fun luxury snack or delicacy. It should not exceed more than 10% of our dog’s calorie consumption. [Source]

I give my dog a small slice of pear, cut up in bite-sized pieces, once a week – twice, at most, when pears are at their finest form.  

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Are Pears Nutritious For Dogs?

Pears, as you may know, are very nutritious snacks for humans to dine on. They are considered so good for us in part because they are:

  • High in vitamin C, K, and A
  • High in fiber
  • High in copper

Theoretically, these aspects of pears that make them so healthy for us should make them great for dogs too. That would be true if dogs could eat whole pears as we do.

But since veterinarians do not recommend more than small chunks of pear on any given day for a dog, they are unlikely to receive many nutritional benefits from these treats. That said, the general healthiness of pears is likely what makes them okay as a doggy snack option.

Can Pears Hurt Dogs?

If you are feeding your dog fresh pears, it Is safe.

I carefully check the quality of the pears I feed my dog. I go for the ripe ones, the ones with soft and succulent flesh. Unripe pears, usually still green in color, have firm, oftentimes tough, flesh which any dog will find difficult to chew on. Your dog can choke on this. The unripe pear may also give him a tummy ache

The most crucial caveat to feeding pears to dogs is that you should not ever feed canned pears.

Canned pears, like all canned fruit, are sealed with sugary fruit juice and preservatives. This extra high dose of sugar is not healthy for your dog. It is likely to irritate my dog’s digestive track, cause teeth decay, and lead to obesity. So stay away from canned fruits altogether.

Are Pears Toxic To Dogs?

Are Pears Toxic To Dogs

The first thing you should know about preparing pear pieces to feed your dog is that you should only give them the flesh of the pear.

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I usually get rid of the skin, stem, seeds, core, and leaves of the pear. They all present choking hazards. Common sense tells me that my dog is not likely to have any problem from accidentally taking in a seed or two, but I take out the core and seeds nevertheless. I do the same for myself when I eat a pear after all!

These parts of the pear have amygdalin, a naturally occurring compound. When chewed on, it can release trace amounts of toxic cyanide. which is deadly in high enough amounts. Even trace quantities of cyanide might make your dog sick, so it pays to be aware of this.

Do not, for example, allow your dog to chew on the core of the pear after you have eaten it. Also, watch that they do not retrieve any of these discarded parts from the trash.

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How Do I Feed Pears to My Dog?

Here are some important things to take note of when feeding pears to your dog.

  • Make sure the pear is ripe and fresh
  • Wash the pear
  • Peel the pear
  • Remove any seeds, leaves, or stems
  • Cut off a bite-sized piece that is small enough for your dog to swallow without difficulty

In the case of windfall pears, I always throw away spoiled, rotten, or moldy pears. I don’t want my dog to get tummy aches or diarrhea.

I check carefully for stinging insects. I also watch my dog closely and do not allow him to pick windfall pears from our backyard lest he swallow a small pear whole and choke or eat the parts – core and seeds – that are not good for him.

6 Interesting Serving Ideas

I usually allow my dog to have this healthy refreshing treat by cutting up small chunks of the fruit from a freshly-picked pear. At other times, I go out of my way to serve the fruit in more elaborate ways. 

Here are some different ways you can serve pear to your dog

  • Make a filling smoothie by blending the fruit with yogurt. Add a dash of cinnamon for extra flavor
  • Put the leftover smoothie on an ice tray. Serve your pup some of these icicles on warm afternoons as a refreshing treat
  • Grate a small amount of pear over my dog’s meals to add a festive touch of flavor
  • Add chunks of pear to other fruits like mango, strawberries, and cantaloupe and freeze the salad for your dog to enjoy later as an occasional treat
  • Bake dog treats for your dog and use pear as a healthy delicate sweetener
  • Mix small bites of pears with equally manageable chunks of cucumbers and celery for a cool veggie meal for your dog
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