Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal? Is It 100% Safe To Feed Your Dog?

Oatmeal is the best nutritious and delicious pantry staple across the United States. It contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, and dietary fiber to keep your dog healthier throughout. Can dogs eat oatmeal?

Of course, it contains linoleic acid. This omega-6 fatty acid largely contributes to the dog’s healthy skin. Typically, soluble fiber oatmeal regulates your dog’s bowel movements alongside his blood glucose status. Once these levels are balanced, you will significantly prevent the risk of cardiac and diabetes disease and cholesterol levels.

Whether you are enthusiastic with steel-cut, rolled, or milled, oatmeal flavor and health benefits are indisputable. Many dogs globally feed on oatmeal.

However, as a wise customer, you need to follow some top-notch guidelines to achieve greatness in your feeding endeavors. Therefore, in the brief segment, we will discuss oatmeal nutritional benefits for dogs and few tips. Keep on reading.

Is it Safe For Dogs To Eat Oatmeal?


How To Prepare Oatmeal For Your Dog

Oatmeal serves as the greatest food for dogs in the United States. This kind of food is designed like the hulled grains for humans, which boosts their immunity. As a result, it serves quite well for your puppy.
When prepared properly, oatmeal is definitely safe food for your dog’s diet. Be sure to only feed dogs cooked oatmeal and opt for plain varieties prepared with water instead of milk. [Source]

In addition, if your dog suffers from a gluten allergy which makes him sensitive to grains, then subscribe to the oatmeal. Scientist research shows that oatmeal contains more fiber, which boosts minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients, giving your dog great feelings and outlook. Below are some top-notch nutrients in the oatmeal:

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Phosphorous
  • Vitamin A

How To Prepare Oatmeal For Your Dog

Now that you have deeply understood the merits of the oatmeal. Let’s look at few guidelines on how to prepare oatmeal for your dear dog.


The best approach to introduce oatmeal to your dog is to make it as bland and simpler as possible. Beware that most pets don’t need any sugary or addictive foods for growth.

So, check on the package requirements to avoid feeding your dog with such addictive. You should also avoid oatmeal brands containing artificial sweetness like xylitol because they are toxic to your dog.

According to the Thank Your Vet Organization, people should religiously consider plain oats rather than the fruit-flavored varieties or maple-flavored to continue scaling higher.

Focus on the whole grain oatmeal

Is it Safe For Dogs To Eat Oatmeal

Before purchasing the oatmeal substance, carefully read the oats container. Ensure it contains 100 percent whole grains, unlike the processed one. Such grains lack a wide array of health benefits that whole grains give.

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Moreover, they are much difficult for your dog absorption. It is advisable to always settle on organic oatmeal varieties. These substances offer free chemicals and pesticides. Besides, they pivot your dog’s nutritional counts compared to other manufactured oatmeal.

Cook the oats properly

If you have been struggling to prepare good oatmeal for your dog, consider cooking it with plain water. Don’t ever serve your dear dog with raw oats.

It seems like a crunchy snack; therefore, difficult for the pup to handle. Additionally, dogs find it challenging to chew and swallow, causing hazardous chokes.

With his sensitive guts, it could be challenging to digest. Never introduce milk or sugar to the oats solutions and avoid commercial items with special toppings like brown sugar, berries, and nuts. Since dogs are quite sensitive to dairy, it would be hard to break down lactose as we flawlessly do it effectively.

Oatmeal is the real food, delicious meal topper, and awesome snack specifically for dogs worldwide. Moreover, it is the best way to introduce impeccable nutrients alongside extra water.

Dietary research indicates that nearly 3.5 raw oats per ounce contain approximately 8 percent water. However, to boost water content, you must add a little warm water to the oatmeal after thoroughly cooking it.

Always remember that oatmeal shouldn’t serve as a total meal replacement for your pup, especially during a yummy treat. Even though it pulls along some great nutrients, it lacks many minerals and vitamins required for her healthy development and growth.

Check on the appropriate oatmeal amounts

Whenever preparing a certain amount of oatmeal for your dog, always make it as moderate as possible. Beware that one cup of cooked oatmeal contains nearly 150 calories which is considered much for his daily consumption.

Most dogs require between 25-30 daily calories to maintain their healthy weight in the long. Therefore, if your dear dogs weigh around 30 pounds, it will require around 750 calories daily.

Understanding this peculiar tip, focus on a spoonful whenever you are feeding your dog. The rule of thumb is to occasionally serve a tablespoon of cooked oatmeal for around 20 pounds body weight dog.

Serve the oatmeal wisely

Ensure the oatmeal is at room temperature before serving it. By doing so, it prevents burning a dog’s sensitive gums and tongue. For those who want to increase proteins level in the serving, properly stir in one cooked egg.

Once finished feeding him, carefully look at how he responds to it. Kindly begins with a small amount and then gauge how it handles it.

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Conversely, if you will notice some adverse effects, then seeks your veterinarian immediately. But wait around 24 hours to be certain of dynamics changes. If your dog is enthusiastic about oatmeal, comfortably add it to his primary diet in small amounts.

How Often Do You Serve Your Dog With Oatmeal?

Avoid feeding your dog with many foods that contain higher fiber quantity to prevent gastrointestinal issues. Plain oatmeal is the best and delicious food for your dog but consider severing it moderately.

It could also lead to many intestinal issues such as bloat, diarrhea, and vomiting. If your dog is already suffering from such issues, provide an extra fiber dose to ease his discomfort.

Oatmeal offers a gentle nudge, especially to the older dogs that regularly suffer bowls issues. Therefore, avoid overfeeding him because it contains a significant calories quantity and carbohydrates.

Feed your dog once a week, but beyond that could distort the oatmeal benefits it offers. However, if your pup is already overweight, carefully introduce oatmeal to his diet a few times a week to regain his normal body posture and avoid overeating.

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