10 Best Outdoor Dog House For Hot And Cold Weather

Owning a dog is one of the truest joys in this life, and we want to offer our canines the best! If you have an outdoor dog (whether full time or part-time outdoors), you want them to be comfortable at all times. Not all dog houses are created equally, and we will cover the important qualities you need to consider for your dog’s shelter.

10 best doghouses for 2020 based on need and condition are:

Doghouse Brand: Best Doghouse For: Price Range:
1. Petsfit Dog House – Outdoor Use Large Size Larger Dogs $190-$200
2. Tangkula Pet Dog House Room with a Balcony View Smaller Dogs $80-$95
3. Precision Pet Petmate Weather Resistant Adjustable Top-Rated $75-$115
4. Advantek Pet Gazebo Most Portable $100-$400
5. Dkeli Large Dog Kennel Crate Cage Extra Large UV Protection Waterproof Roof Warm Weather $160-$260
6. ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Palace with Floor Heater Freezing Weather $295-$395
7. Indigo W/ Microban by Petmate Igloo Rainy Weather $80-$200
8. Internet’s Best Outdoor Dog House – Durable Plastic Home Kennel – Indoor & Outdoor Use Most Affordable Outdoor Without Sacrificing Quality $60-$70
9. Lifeunion Waterproof Pet Dog Tent House Detachable Camping/Temporary use $15-$20
10. Portable Dog House Indoor Use Indoor Use $30-$40

We will weigh out the pros and cons of each of these doghouses and how to find the right sanctuary for your beloved fur-baby. Animals are proven to help people’s health, stress levels, and simply make people happy. Take care of your pup by offering them an insulated shelter that protects them from the elements and keeps them comfortable when they simply can’t come inside.

What Is The Purpose Of A Doghouse

Before buying a doghouse, you should consider the purpose of the home—are you planning to keep your dog out all night, or is just a place to hang out and chill. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Protecting your dog from harsh weather like rain, snow, sleet, hail, or powerful winds
  • Offering your pup a shady napping spot on a hot summer day
  • Offering them warmth
  • Offering them security
You will want a material that will preserve their heat while offering adequate ventilation.

Is It Okay To Keep My Dog Outside

This is the most commonly asked question by dog owners on this subject. If you are here reading this article, I feel safe in assuming you love your dog and want the best for them.

Not all pets are wanted or feasible indoors. If you are simply trying to help out a stray, I commend you for helping out a helpless creature, and you must know you have a heart of gold. We will offer solutions in this guide later that will insulate them as best as possible against the harsh climates.

If you have a domesticated pet, the main reason that you should not keep your dog outside all of the time or for extended periods is due to behavioral issues that can develop. Canines require human companionship to function and be properly socialized. You also don’t know if they freeze in the Winter, overheat in the Summer, or become dehydrated – until it’s too late.

Without time spent with their humans, dogs can become wilder, slowly lesson in domestication, and without proper food and water, it can be a form of animal cruelty.

Factors To Consider While Shopping

Each brand and distributer varies greatly, and you want to be sure to choose an appropriate model for your pup. Some factors to consider when making the purchase are:

The Size Of Your Dog

Measure them in a basic manner to get a general idea of their size. Being certain the house will fit them will save you the hassle of having to return and repurchase a larger doghouse, so be sure the first time. You want them to have room to move and turn around in.

If it’s so tight that they barely fit and don’t feel like they can stretch out, they will feel less inclined to use it. If you were going in a cage or square-box, wouldn’t you want some space?

A good technique to measure the appropriate size is to see if they can stand up in the doghouse all the way.

On the contrary, if you have a nervous or skittish dog that lacks confidence, they may feel safer in more cozy/small spaces.

Your Climate

To breakdown the general rules of thumb:

  1. Igloos are good for keeping the rain out
  2. Traditional homes are good for temperate weather and aesthetic-appeal (think Snoopy’s house)
  3. Kennel they can walk around in is good for a large dog in warmer weather
  4. If it freezes – your main concern will be insulation


This is how far the doghouse comes off the ground or the elevation of the home. If your home is known to rain frequently or flood, keep this in mind while shopping and purchase a home that is adjustable or comes off the ground a few inches.

You will want some lift for any and all dog houses because this ‘air-space’ will prevent fleas and bugs from seeping in from the soil, premature mildewing or mold, and the risk of infections to your pup.

A hack for this is to put 4 bricks under each corner of the doghouse to prevent it from getting moist/flooding.

#1 Best Doghouse for Larger Dogs

Petsfit Dog House, Dog House Outdoor

The Petsfit dog house featured pre-drilled holes for ease of assembly and is suited for larger dogs over 30-40-inches tall. With grooves already established into the roofing and a design that is created for drainage, you won’t have to worry about moisture buildup or airflow.

It is also painted with water-based paint, which is a small detail but shows that this brand is seeking the best for your dogs. They don’t want to create toxic products that will slowly poison your dog and these extra amenities show a quality of care.

Great value and size for the price, with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

#2 Best Doghouse For Smaller DogsTangkula Pet Dog House, Outdoor & Indoor Dog/Cat Wooden Puppy House Room with a View, Pet Room with Stairs, Raised Roof and Balcony Bed for Puppies and Dogs, Wooden Dog House

Hilariously amusing ‘condo’ for you and relaxing as all get out for your pup, this little lounger is ideal for a smaller dog or even felines! With a rooftop patio, they can lounge on and sunbathe, as well as a covered portion you can create them in. Everyone wins with the Tangkula Doghouse.

Affordable, non-toxic, and durable, this is a wonderful option for your smaller animals. They also offer a medium size and a larger size.

#3 Top-Rated Doghouse By Purchasers

Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin

The log cabin of our list, the Precision Pet Doghouse, is top-rated,  weather-resistant, made of quality materials, and offers options for all sizes of canine from Small to Large.

Petmate is one of the most reputable companies that claim to of ‘introduced the first dog kennel of 50 years ago,’ and has maintained its brand of being a trusted product line by pet-owners everywhere.

There is also a double layer for temperature control and lift to keep it slightly off the ground.

#4 Most Portable/Travel-Friendly Doghouse

Advantek Pet Gazebo

If your dog needs any kind of wind protection, this is not the ideal choice.

However – if you just need a simple kennel with some sunshade for taking your pup on an outdoor adventure with you, the Advantek Pet Gazebo is a wonderful option for portability.

Similar to a cage that offers no flooring, this is a metal pop-out tent that will keep your pup from running off but won’t protect them from the elements. The creators, Advantek, state that it is

“perfect for vacation, fishing, camping, and traveling.”

With fantastic ratings and a variety of sizes to choose from, it’s a wonderful option for a wanderlust pup that doesn’t mind getting a bit of dirt in their fur!

#5 Best Doghouse For Warm Weather

Dkeli Large Dog Kennel Dog Crate Cage, Extra Large Welded Wire Pet Playpen with UV Protection Waterproof Cover and Roof Outdoor Heavy Duty Galvanized Metal Animal Pet Enclosure for Outside

Similar to the last listing by Advantek, the Dkeli Large Dog Kennel Crate Cage is the larger version of a kennel/doghouse that will work for dry environments that don’t get too cold.

If you live in a warm location and have a large dog that you want to be able to move around in their kennel a bit – this is your go-to.

Again, it won’t protect them from the cold or wind, but with a UV protected covering and roof, it will keep out mild-showers and offer some shade without cramping them in a tightly uncomfortable cage.

#6 Best Doghouse For Freezing Weather

ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater

As you may be able to determine from the price, the ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Palace is the crème-de-la-crème of doghouses! With removable panels for airflow, a sealable door, and floor-based heater, your pup will be kept warm through the winter nights in this doghouse.

Be sure to put blankets down or protection over the heating pad as you don’t want them to overheat or burn themselves. It is large in size and will accommodate most sizes of dogs ranging up to nearly 50 inches in height.

#7 Best Doghouse For Rainy Weather


The Indigo is your classic Igloo home. Plastic homes will last for centuries and aren’t the best for the environment as they never decompose. However, it is heavy-duty and will last against moist environments or rainy cities.

With raised floors and moats on the edges to keep your pup dry, they’ve thought of the best ways to keep the bad-bacteria outside of your home.

It also is very deep and would protect your pet from rain or snow. Their head won’t stick out, and they’ll be able to curl up at the back of the igloo, looking out at the distant elements of rain and snow that they are so thankful to avoid!

#8 Most Affordable Outdoor Doghouse Without Sacrificing Quality

Internet’s Best Outdoor Dog House - Comfortable Cool Shelter - Durable Plastic Design - Home Kennel - Indoor or Outdoor Use

By ‘affordable without sacrificing quality’ – we mean that you could go cheaper, but your dog would most likely suffer from the lower-quality materials that will mildew quickly, not be truly waterproof, take on water, flood, give them a respiratory infection, or worse.

Don’t go cheap on your dog’s shelter because besides food, water, and love – It’s all they need.

This is as low of a budget as you should aim for while still maintaining the 3-4-star rating at minimum.

#9 Best Doghouse For Camping Or Temporary Use

XZKING Waterproof Pet Dog Tent House Detachable Pet Hexagon Kennel TentThe absolute most affordable option on our list is not a permanent solution because your dog would get flooded away, mildew, and sick if you made this their permanent doghouse.

But for camping adventures in a dry climate or for temporary usethis tent is an adorable way for your pup to camp alongside you. Made of polyester and waterproof material, it is portable and easy to set up on the go.

They will need greater protection and insulation against snow, rain, or freezing weather. Leaving it in one spot for months at a time would cause bacteria to creep in, water to leak, pests to climb in, and other foul effects. So do keep this as a temporary travel solution or days at the beach to offer shade.

#10 Best Doghouse For Indoor UsePortable Indoor Pet House

Last but not least, we had to include an indoor doghouse! Your pup wants a sanctuary within their sanctuary. Just as humans crave a cozy bedroom retreat, your dog loves to have his own space or territory within the home.

Being that dogs are social and want to be with you, this is the kind of doghouse you should be looking for. Hint, hint!

Other Things Your Doghouse Needs

A few more recommendations to make this shelter as safe as possible for your canine and offer them proper insulation includes utilizing:

  • Towels
  • Cozy blankets
  • Rugs
  • Wood chips for insect repellant – cover with a comfortable blanket as it may be sensitive to a dog’s allergies and respiratory. Use sparingly and do not use wood with pregnant female dogs
  • Water and food within reach

Do not use:

Hay, straw, or sawdust that may work for livestock but won’t work for your canine.

Final Tips For Success

Some parting words of wisdom I would like to offer you to the process that you may not have considered before are:

  • The direction the doghouse is facing – be aware of this as you place your new doghouse in the yard. Consider which direction the winds blow from, so it’s not blowing right on your dog, and they actually have the house as their shield from the wind. Consider which way storms blow. In the United States, “storms usually come from the West and South,” so the recommended direction of placement is facing the front towards East.
  • The material – if you shop outside of this list of recommendations, be sure you are purchasing a doghouse made of water-resistant and weather-resistant materials. Wood is the most commonly used material along with plastic. It is relatively simple to build your own doghouse out of wood if you’d like to learn the process. Watch the following video

  • Ventilation – whether purchasing a doghouse or building one of your own, always consider ventilation, and be certain that your dog has adequate airflow. You will need a large enough door for them to easily pass in and out of as well as a small optional hole in the top that can be beneficial for airflow where heat rises. If this is a commonly rainy or freezing climate, do not place the extra hole on top. If it is a warm climate, they will appreciate it for not overheating.
  • Always be sure your outdoor dog has sufficient food and water. You won’t be checking them as often; therefore, you need to set them up for survival because you won’t know immediately if they have a heat stroke, get attacked by another animal, or get dehydrated.

To reiterate the most important point – your dog is not meant to be outside all of the time.

As Adam Goldberg of the Humane Society of Broward says,

More than 10,000 years ago, dogs were domesticated to live with humans: They long for our companionship and need it. Your dog will only be happy living outside if you live outside with him.

I hope this guide has been beneficial to you, and you’ve learned something new about your dog’s needs. Just like humans, they want to feel cozy and pampered.

Be careful not to make it too cozy, or they might hang up some doghouse rules and never come out!

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