5 Best Pet Stroller For Dogs(Buying Guide)

Although pet strollers are thought of as unnecessary, for some dogs and pet owners a dog stroller is a must-have equipment. Dog strollers are a great way to transport disabled dogs, elderly, and sick dogs.

Healthy dogs sometimes use strollers. Pet owners that are not physically able to contain the dog in parks and on walks use strollers. That way the dog is safely contained while it’s enjoying a nice walk.

So, I thought I should make a list of the 5 best pet strollers for dogs. Whether you will be using it occasionally or daily, this list will help you with finding the best stroller for you and your pet. Read the buying guide at the end if you want to find out more about pet strollers.

Best Pet Stroller Comparison Table

Product Features Check Out The Price
- Push Button Dual Entry
- Multiple Dogs
- 150 lb Weight Limit
- Air Ride
Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller
- Medium & Small Dogs
- Mesh Ventilations
- Waterproof
- Safety Tether
BestPet Pet Stroller
- Oxford Fabric
- Medium & Large Dogs
- 121 lb Weight Limit
- Adjustable Handle
PawHut Foldable Dog Stroller
- Shock Absorption Bike Tires
- Adjustable Handle
- 60 lbs Weight Limit
- Foldable
Petique All Terrain Jogger
- Stroller, Carrier & Car Seat
- Oxford Fabric
- No-Zip
- 27 lbs Weight Limit
SKISOPGO 3-in-1 Foldable Pet Stroller

Best Overall

Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Push Button Dual Entry
  • Multiple Dogs
  • 150 lb Weight Limit
  • Air Ride
  • Weighs 26 lb

Let me present the best item on this list, the Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller. An awesome high-quality stroller that will fit multiple pets. Perfect for elderly and disabled dogs, pet owners as well. Suitable for cats too. Highly flexible and easy to use. It’s a bit expensive but you will figure out why once you see what it’s all about.

Featuring an effortless two-way entry and exit. The doggo can enter both from the back and the front. This is great for elderly and disabled pets, they don’t have to turn around. The entry is near the ground, requires no lifting of the pet. Easy entry with the push button door opening as well.

Fit to carry multiple pets, both cats and dogs. It can support a maximum weight of 150 pounds. It’s recommended that dogs bigger than Golden Retrievers should not use this. You are not able to walk multiple dogs on a leash? Use this stroller for those nice park walks.

Comfortable design both for the pet and the owner. Multi-position handle that allows you to adjust the height for a pain-free walk. The top has zippered mesh window, the dogs can enjoy looking out. The inside is quite spacious, as it should be for multiple pets.

The stroller is foldable. Easy to fold, done in seconds. Transporting the dog stroller will be no worry. The entire stroller weighs 26 pounds. I highly recommend the NO-Zip, one of the best pet strollers, easy to use, fits multiple pets and is comfortable for the pet.


  • Easy to use, no-zip, owners opens and closes doors with one push.
  • Fit for multiple pets.
  • Can support up to 150 lb.
  • Comfortable for the pet and the owner.


  • Slightly expensive.

Best Budget

BestPet Pet Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Medium & Small Dogs
  • Mesh Ventilations
  • Waterproof
  • Cup Holder
  • Safety Tether

Now, a budget option, the BestPet Pet Stroller. I recommend this to anyone who has a medium or smell pet and just wants a basic stroller. This BestPet model is a budget option, yes, but it’s not average at all. A highly durable and easy-to-use lightweight pet stroller.

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Waterproof and durable material, exterior made with Oxford cloth. Well-ventilated as well, mesh windows that allow airflow and vision for the dog. The wheels are durable as well, able to go through tough terrain. The front-wheel spins 360 degrees.

Quite spacious but it will only fit medium and small dogs. Front entry unlocked and locked with a zipper. The entry is a bit high off the ground so you will need to lift the pet. Designed for dogs that can be lifted.

Quite comfortable for pets, the inside has a soft pad. Multiple mesh windows for relaxation and vision. The windows can be opened so the dog can enjoy the environment and look around.

Convenient for the pet owner as well. Plenty of storage to put your stuff in when you are traveling. Easy to control, lightweight design. The handle has two cup holders so you can enjoy a coffee on the walk. The tires have a safety tether so you don’t have to hold on to the stroller every time you stop.

There you go, that’s the budget option. It has everything you need for a very reasonable price. I don’t recommend it to elderly pet owners with disabled dogs though.


  • Lightweight and collapsible design.
  • Durable water-resistant material with a lot of ventilation.
  • Plenty of storage.
  • Comfortable dog bed.


  • Entry is high off the ground.
  • Non-adjustable handle.

Best Runner-Up

PawHut Foldable Dog Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Oxford Fabric
  • Medium & Large Dogs
  • 121 lb Weight Limit
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Foldable

Here is my second best recommendation, the PawHut Foldable dog stroller. Comfortable, and easy-to-use design. Focused on providing easy control for pet owners and easy access for dogs. It’s especially good for elderly pet owners or immobile dogs.

Featuring Oxford Fabric water-resistant exterior accompanied by mesh windows on all sides. Durable construction and well-ventilated, nice airflow. The top window can also be opened so the doggo can stick its head around.

It will fit most big dogs sized like Golden Retrievers. Suitable for any age and any size. It supports up to 121 pounds. Great for multiple medium-sized dogs. Especially good for elderly dogs because of its no-lift entry.

Impressive user-friendly design. The entry is closed and opened with a zipper. Roll-up design on the mesh door entry. The handle can be adjusted to fit your height. This is really good, provides a pain-free experience.

Some safety features as well. 360 degrees front wheels for easy directing, perfect for walking in traffic. Two-rear wheels as well, with safety brakes and a safety rope. Really easy to control, requires no-force effort.

Storage pockets for accessories and valuable items. Foldable design, easy to fold and transport. There is a soft cushion on the inside for the dog to lay on. It’s removable and machine washable.

There you go, did you like our runner-up? This is another excellent dog stroller that I wanted to offer as a second-best. It comes highly recommended for any pet owners that are in need of a dog stroller.


  • Durable fabric.
  • Fits large dogs with a 121 lb weight limit.
  • Comfortable for the pet owner and the pet.


  • Opening the door requires bending over.

Best Dog Stroller For Hiking

Petique All Terrain Jogger

Highlighted Features

  • Shock Absorption Bike Tires
  • Adjustable Handle
  • 60 lbs Weight Limit
  • Foldable
  • Tire Pump Included
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The Petique All-Terrain Jogger is a dog stroller that impressed me. Unique design, made specifically for hiking and harsh terrains. Looking for a stroller that can endure the terrain on your hiking trail? Well, this is the one for you. I highly recommend it for any pet owners that walk through harsh terrain.

Firstly, we must point out the impressive tires. This stroller has bike tires, which enables it to go through terrain that other strollers wouldn’t be able to.

The tires are able to absorb shock so the dog wouldn’t get hurt when the stroller goes through holes and rigid paths. The tires are removable as well, easy to remove, and easy to transport.

It can fit a single large dog, designed specifically for carrying dogs that weigh up to 60 lbs. Made from durable polyester.

There are multiple mesh windows for airflow. The top has a window that can be opened so the dog can stick its head out.

There is a Bike Adapter that can be bought separately. This allows you to attach the stroller to a bike so you can take a ride with your pet friend. Additional rain cover can also be bought separately.

The handle is designed to accommodate comfort to all pet owners. Adjustable to multiple positions for a pain-free experience, suitable for users of all heights. With the stroller, there is a tire pump included. Also, the stroller is foldable once you remove the bike tires.

There you go, the best dog stroller for hiking and harsh terrain. Suitable for bike rides as well. If you are looking for a stroller like this, you won’t find a better model than this.


  • Shock absorption bike tires are able to travel harsh terrain.
  • Fits big dogs up to 60 pounds.
  • Easy to use and transport.


  • Slightly expensive.

Best Pet Stroller For Small Dogs

SKISOPGO 3-in-1 Foldable Pet Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Stroller, Carrier & Car Seat
  • Oxford Fabric
  • No-Zip
  • Foldable
  • 27 lbs Weight Limit

Lastly, I have something for small pets. A special pet stroller that can be converted into a carrier or a car seat. Absolutely the best pet stroller you can find if you have a small pet or a medium cat.

Featuring a 3-in-1 design. The stroller consists of a frame, wheels, and a carrier. The carrier is detachable, so you can use it as a car box seat or a carrier. It’s easy to assemble and convert at any time.

Durable construction all around. The carrier is made out of Oxford cloth that is scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and bite-resistant. Three mesh windows as well. The frame is made out of alloy steel.

Safe for pets. Well-ventilated and comfortable. Shock absorption 360 degrees wheels and safety brakes. The carrier has two seat belt buckles for car safety.

Comfortable for the pet owner as well. It has plenty of storage for accessories. Lightweight design, it weighs only 14 lbs. No-skid handles too. Easy to transport and fold.

That’s the last item on this list, hope you like it. I’m sure that pet owners with small dogs will like this. Really, an impressive design that offers more than just a pet stroller. Compared to the other stroller, it has a really reasonable price for all it offers.


  • Offers multiple uses, can be used as a carrier or a car seat.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Durable construction. 
  • Easy to use. 


  • Requires lifting the pet. 

Best Dog Stroller – Buying Guide

If this is your first time buying a pet stroller, you probably don’t know what to look for. Here are some of the features you should pay attention to.

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Weight Limit

The first and the most important thing to consider is the weight of your pet. The pet stroller should comfortably fit your dog both in size and in weight. Otherwise, either the doggo will be uncomfortable or the stroller will break.

Just weigh your doggo and look for strollers in that weight category. If you have multiple pets, look for something that will hold multiple dogs. If you see a model you like but it’s not the right size, check out if the manufacturer offers a bigger model.


The compartment for the dog should be spacious. This is quite important. Dog strollers are mostly used by disabled or elderly doggos. Turning around in a stroller is quite exhausting for dogs like that. So, space means comfort.

Once you make sure the weight limit will support your dog, make sure that the compartment is spacious.

Easy To Use

Now, pet strollers are also commonly used by elderly pet owners or pet owners that can’t keep the dog contained on some walks. Depending on your situation,  you should get a dog stroller that you can effortlessly use.

For instance, for an elderly person, opening the door with a zipper requires bending over. Also, high off the ground entries require lifting the pet. Something with a low off-the-ground entry and a push-button door open is better.

Folding the stroller should be easy as well. However, if you are completely able to bend over and lift, this is not necessary. So, pick a stroller according to your physical capabilities.

Easy To Control

Controlling the stroller should be easy as well, no matter how old and capable you are. You don’t want to go to reverse or wait for people to pass in traffic.

Here, the tires are important. 360 degrees front wheels are what you should look for. Depending on the terrain you walk on, choose your tires. Something for harsh terrains will go great for hiking trails.

I recommend an adjustable handle as well. The stroller handle can be either too high or too low if it’s not adjustable. A multiple-position handle works for all sizes.


As you can see from the list, pet strollers are by no means cheap. You buy a dog stroller once and it’s supposed to serve you for years. That is if you buy something durable and reliable.

Most items on this list have Oxford fabric for the exterior and steel frames. So, that’s what you should look for. Make sure the stroller is weather-resistant as well.


Taking your dog on a walk means having accessories with you as well. Whether it’s a water bottle, dog toy, or personal items, you will need convenient storage.

Depending on how much stuff you bring with you on your walks, choose something with the appropriate amount of storage. Although this is a feature most people don’t look out for, it just makes things better.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

Are Dog Strollers Worth It

Dog strollers are worth it for pet owners that can’t keep pets contained on walks, for pets that have a disability, and for elderly pets. Strollers are a great way to keep your pet happy and safe in an environment where the pet can’t walk by itself.

Do Dogs Like Pet Strollers

Dogs that can’t move a lot, like elderly and disable dogs love pet strollers quite a lot. They don’t have the ways to enjoy a walk without a stroller. Healthy dogs would just rather move on their own though.

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