5 Best Cat Door For Interior Door(Buying Guide) 2021

An indoor cat door can be a good way to separate the cat from the dog, Cats like privacy. Households with multiple pets need a cat door.

Even if you only have a single cat in your house, the indoor cat door can still come in handy. Some people fall asleep with a closed door before the cat can get it. The cat door will give access to the cat so you won’t have to wake up.

Every cat owner has a reason why an indoor cat door is needed. So, I thought I should make a list of the 5 best cat doors for interior doors. I’ll do a buying guide as well.

5 Best Cat Door For Interior Door Table Comparison

ProductFeaturesCheck Out The Price
- Indoor Or Exterior
- 4-Way Locking
- Easy Install
- 2 Sizes Available
PetSafe Staywell Cat Door
- Magnetic Cat Door
- 4-Way Lock
- Fits Big Cats
- Transparent Flap
Care4U Magnetic Cat Door
- No-flap Design
- Up to 21 lbs
- Fits Standard Doors
- USA Made
The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door
- Large Cat Door
- No-flap Design
- Round Design
- Fits Standard Doors
The Kitty Pass XL Interior Cat Door
- Hollow Cat Door
- 4-Way Locking
- Large Cat Door
- Transparent Flap
CEESC Large Cat Door

Best Overall

PetSafe Staywell Cat Door

Highlighted Features

  • Indoor Or Exterior
  • 4-Way Locking
  • Easy Install
  • 2 Sizes Available
  • Durable Plastic

For the absolute best, I must place a cat door from PetSafe. Truly, one of the best brands. It offers four different models each serving a different purpose.

Here, I listed the most universal one, appropriate for all cat sizes. Be sure to check out the Small Cats model, Big Cat model, and Microchip model.

This item can be installed both on interior and exterior doors. It’s white in color and it can fit in any door in your house. Made from durable plastic that won’t get damaged by weather conditions.

Featuring a 4-way locking design. You can customize the lock depending on what kind of access you want your cat to have. There is the locked setting, the unlocked, enter-only, and exit-only. The settings are self-explanatory, no need to expand.

It’s easy to install. A thorough installation guide and hardware are included in the package. You will only need an electric jigsaw. The base has a height of 7.5 inches and a length of 7.9 inches. The door lid dimensions are 6 inches and 5.1 inches.

There you go, the best item on this list. Not expensive at all. It comes highly recommended, however you will be using it. Be sure to check out the other models.


  • Available in different sizes for all types of cats.
  • Selective entry with a 4-way locking design.
  • Easy to install.


  • It may not look good together with a wooden door.

Best Budget

Care4U Magnetic Cat Door

Highlighted Features

  • Magnetic Cat Door
  • 4-Way Lock
  • Fits Big Cats
  • Transparent Flap
  • Easy to Install

Next, the budget option, the cheapest items on this list. The difference in the prices is not that big, after all, it’s cat doors we are talking about. But every penny counters. Let me present the Magnetic Cat Door from Care4U.

A really big cat door, it will definitely fit all cats. Even obese cats should not have a problem going through. In fact, you can use it as a dog door for smaller breeds.

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This too is a universal model, it can be installed in interior and exterior doors. You can install it anywhere, even on cupboards and windows.

Again, we have a 4-way lock design. Free access where the cat can go in and out. Out only setting, locked setting, and in only. There is also a brush strip on the door to minimize sound when the cat goes through.

Quite easy to install. You will find the instructions and the hardware needed in the box. In case you are interested in the dimensions, height – 9.84 inches, width – 2 inches, and length 9.25 inches. The flap has a height of 7.48 inches, and a length of 7 inches.

Even though this is the budget option, it can compete with the others. It’s high-quality and has an effective design. It comes highly recommended.


  • A transparent, waterproof flap lets the cat see through the door.
  • 4-way lock lets you customize the door access.
  • Can fit big cats and small dogs.


  • Available only in one size.

Best Runner-Up

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door

Highlighted Features

  • No-flap Design
  • Up to 21 lbs
  • Fits Standard Doors
  • USA Made
  • Round Design

Here is something different, the Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door. Made in the USA, an original product. It looks really neat. Consider this model if you don’t like the cat doors with flap.

This cat door stands out because of its design. It has an open entry without a flap. It’s also round. There are no visible screws. Looks really neat. It can only be used on interior doors because there is no flap.

It will fit all standard-sized doors. You can also install it on cupboard doors in case you have made a temple for your cat.

This is specifically designed as a door for a hidden litter box. If your cat likes privacy when it does its business, you can install this door. That way, it won’t be disturbed by other pets in the house.

Featuring a round design that will fit cats up to 21 pounds. I would say that is big enough, make sure it will fit your cat though.

There you go, for the runner-up, I wanted to list something cool and different. I think you will like this cat door if you are into cool designs.


  • Smooth design, looks good on all doors.
  • Can be painted to match the door.
  • No flap for easy entry.


  • It may not fit larger breeds and obese cats.

Best Interior Cat Door For Large Cats

The Kitty Pass XL Interior Cat Door

Highlighted Features

  • Large Cat Door
  • No-flap Design
  • Round Design
  • Fits Standard Doors
  • Interior Door

Another Kitty Pass model, a lot like the other one, this is one just larger. If you have a specifically large cat, this is the cat door you need. Let’s take a look at it.

Again, a no flap design with a round wide opening. Specifically for interior doors, it can be used on exterior doors. Smooth design that won’t snag the tail.

Truly, an extra-large cat door. This model will definitely fit your cat. Even if it’s too big and obese. In fact, cats up to 30 pounds can pass through the opening.

Easy to install, comes with perfectly clear instructions. You can paint the cat door to make it match your door. In fact, the manufacturer encourages this.

Be careful, if you have a small dog, this may not be the door for you. The thing is, because the opening is so big and there is no flap, the dog can freely pass through. So, make sure to take that into account.

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Well, that was the biggest door on this list. This is not necessarily for obese cats, there are some large breeds out there. I highly recommend this to anyone who had size issues with previous cat doors.


  • An extra-large cat door will fit the biggest cats out there.
  • Neat glossy white design with a round opening.
  • Made in the USA.


  • No way to stop small dogs from going through the door.

Best Cat Door For Interior Hollow Door

CEESC Large Cat Door

Highlighted Features

  • Hollow Cat Door
  • 4-Way Locking
  • Large Cat Door
  • Transparent Flap
  • Easy to Install

For the last item on the list, I wanted to add something unusual. I know some of you don’t have standard doors at home. So, you are looking for a cat door that will fit hollow doors. Well, the CEESC Large Cat Door is the one for you.

Specifically made for windows but most people buy this for hollow doors. It has a width of 0.94 inches, check if that will fit your door.

Featuring a 4-way locking mode. Easily control how your cat can pass the door. The lock modes are the same as the others on this list. In only, out only, free access, and locked.

The door will fit large-breed cats. Suitable for cats up to 27.54 pounds. There is a circumference limit as well, which must be shorter than 24.8 inches. It can fit smaller dogs as well.

Some other cool features are the transparent flap and the brush strip. Your cat can see through the wall. When it passes through, the flap will make no noise because of the strip.

You will have no issues installing the door. The instructions are quite clear, make sure you follow them. There are instructions for installing on windows and metal doors as well.

That’s it for the last item on this list. As you can see, I went with something specific here. If the doors in your house are not the standard size, this is what I recommend.


  • Can fit into hollow doors and windows.
  • Can fit most big cats.
  • 4-way locking system.
  • Transparent flap so the kitty can see through the door.


  • Not your standard cat door, made for a specific use.

Best Cat Door For Interior Door – Buying Guide

Since we are done with the list, it’s time for a buying guide. Here, I’ll go over the important things to consider when looking for a cat door. If this is the first time you are getting a door for your kitten, you may need this more than you think.

Door Size

The first thing to consider is how big of a door you need. Everything falls down if you can’t install the cat door on the interior door. Most products out there are made for the standard door size. Check if you have standard doors at home.

For instance, you may have a hollow door, so the standard door cat won’t fit. I know some of you need the door for the cupboard. If your kitty has a temple, and you want to install a door there, make sure it fits into the cupboard or the temple you made.

Cat Size

Secondly, you should measure your cat. This is really important. The bigger the cat, the bigger a door you will need. Most of the cat doors are categorized by weight but some have circumference measurements as well.

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You will find doors for small cats, big cats, and extra-large cats. Choose the one suitable for your cat. Remember though, the cat should have enough room to pass through without trouble. You don’t want it to be wiggling out of the door every time.

Flap Or No Flap

This is something to consider as well. Do you also have a dog? Do you have little kids at home? How high-maintenance your cat is? The answers to these questions should give you the answer to whether you need a door with a flap.

Most people buy a cat door so they can separate the dog and the cat. Kitties usually like privacy when going to the litter, so the door stops the dog from bothering them. Kids can be quite aggressive with cats, so that’s another reason.

If you are buying the door to offer the cat some privacy from the other pets, you really need a flap. Also, if you want a locking system, a flap is a must.

However, some pet owners buy cat doors so they won’t have to bother opening doors for them. In that case, you should opt for the open entry system without a flap.

Locking System

If you want to control the access your cat has in the house throughout the day, you need to look for the lock system feature. Usually, you will find models with 2-way locking and 4-way locking.

Depending on how much you control your cat, choose the appropriate locking system. You can find more options than just the 2-way locking and 4-way locking. Manufacturers have gotten creative lately. Usually, you have the entry only, exit only, and full access settings but there are some doors with selective entry.

Easy Installation

You should look for something that is easy to install. Installing a cat door is easy enough if you have an electric jigsaw. But there are some complicated models out there. I have seen models that do not include the hardware needed. So, you have to go through several stores so you can find the right screws.

Make sure the door is easy to install, there are instructions, and that the hardware needed is included.


Lastly, looks matter too. Of course, it all comes down to personal preference but you should choose something that looks good on your door. Otherwise, the cat door will be too much of an eyesore.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

Can You Put A Cat Door In A Hollow Door

Yes, you can install a cat door in a hollow door. You will need to choose a cat door that has a smaller width than the standard door. Also, depending on the material of your door, you may need to install a wooden frame to support the cat door.

Is There An Alternative To A Cat Flap

It depends on what you need the cat flap for. If you can’t be bothered opening doors, there is an alternative, a LockLatch. If you need it to stop other pets from entering the litter box, there’s no alternative.

Are Cat Doors Worth It

Cat doors are definitely worth it. There are several ways you can find a use for a cat door. You can use it to stop other pets from entering the room where the cat litter box is. You can use it so you won’t have to open doors for the cat. It’s just a good way to control what and when the cat can access.

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