5 Best Automatic Cat Feeder For Multiple Cats(Buying Guide) 2021

Going to work or traveling is hard for every pet owner that has a cat at home. The biggest issue is feeding the cat. Well, that’s no longer a problem with automatic cat feeders.

Getting an automatic food dispenser for your cat will give you the freedom to sleep as long as you want, to work long hours, to travel, and to party. For cat owners that are sometimes absent, this device comes in handy.

Your cat will no longer make a mess while you are out. As long as there is food, the kitty will be calm. That’s why we thought we should make a list of the 5 best automatic cat feeders for multiple cats.

For the cat owners out there that are sometimes absent, read this list to find the perfect automatic cat food dispenser.

Best Automatic Cat Feeder Comparison Table

Product FeaturesCheck Out The Price
- Double Bowls
- Two-Way Splitter
- Programmed - Meal Schedule
- Built-in Mic & Speaker
WellToBe Automatic Cat Feeder
- Automatic Dry Food Dispenser
- 5 Portions
- Multiple Meal Options
- Dishwasher Safe
PetSafe 5 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder
- 7L Cat Food Capacity
- Ergonomic Control Panel
- 2 Bowls
- 2-Way Splitter
HoneyGuardian 7L Automatic Cat Feeder
- Wet Food Dispenser
- 5 Meals Capacity
- Programmable Timer
- USB & Batteries Power Supply
ORSDA Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food
- HD Camera
- App Control
- Audio Communication
- 6L Container
BEYAHELA Automatic Cat Feeder

Best Overall

WellToBe Automatic Cat Feeder

Highlighted Features

  • Double Bowls
  • Two-Way Splitter
  • Programmed Meal Schedule
  • Built-in Mic & Speaker
  • Anti-Clog

The impressive WellToBe automatic pet food dispenser. A go-to product for feeding multiple cats. Various smart tech features for the best meal schedule. Slightly expensive but it’s worth it, let’s see what it’s all about.

It offers full control of the meal schedule. Up to 6 meals a day. You decide on the size of the portion. It works best with kibbles smaller than 0.47 inches.

Dispenses food with a 2-way splitter. There are two bowls for portions. The bowls are big enough so 2 cats can eat in one bowl. The meal portions can be programmed, equally as well.

The kittens are attracted with a message you record. A food dispenser that relies on a voice recorder and a speaker. You can disable the message at night if you don’t want to disturb the cats.

A very user-friendly automatic food dispenser. The features are easy to grasp and use. Easy to clean as well. Both the two-way splitter and the bowls are removable so you can easily clean it with one wipe.

The most reliable cat feeder you can get. It runs both on DC and AC. Keep it plug with batteries in it. You can be sure that the cats will get their food even if the power goes out.


  • Programmable to accommodate your schedule.
  • Serves portions for multiple cats.
  • Speaker using your voice to call the cats.
  • Smart Program Module


  • Slightly expensive

Best Budget

PetSafe 5 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Highlighted Features

  • Automatic Dry Food Dispenser
  • 5 Portions
  • Multiple Meal Options
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Digital Clock

Here we have a budget cat feeder from PetSafe. Surprisingly efficient and reliable. It can feed up to 5 cats while giving you control of the meals. Even if you are not here for the budget option, this cat feeder will catch your eye.

The meals are served in 1 bowl that has 5 compartments. It can either serve one portion at a time or all 5 at once. Multiple options to schedule meals. Each of the 5 compartments can be programmed when and how much to serve.

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It provides an option to train your pet to keep a steady and healthy meal portion. You can also program a pre-portion in case you don’t want the pet to enjoy more.

You set up the meals on an LCD screen. Really easy to use, with a date and a clock on the screen.  Easy to clean as well, the tray is removable and can be placed in the washing machine.

Even if you don’t travel or leave for work, this automatic cat feeder will help you a lot. You can train your cat to not eat as fast. You just serve several meals in one eating.


  • A cheap, reliable option for a food dispenser
  • Able to feed up to 5 pets.
  • Easy to clean, machine washable tray


  • Works only on 4 D batteries.

Best Runner-Up

HoneyGuardian 7L Automatic Cat Feeder

Highlighted Features

  • 7L Cat Food Capacity
  • Ergonomic Control Panel
  • 2 Bowls
  • 2-Way Splitter
  • Mic & Speaker

Another impressive product. This time it’s HoneyGuardian with a superior design. Multiple features that let take control of the meal portion and serving time. So easy to use, you won’t be worried about leaving your cats at home.

It can fit up to 7 liters of cat food to be served, lasts for days. Able to serve from 1 to 48 12 g portions. The food is served in 2 stainless steel bowls, it’s separated by a two-way splitter.

Programmable portions with a smart control panel, built-in speaker, and built-in recorder. You can serve as many meals as you want in a day. You set up the portion in a user-friendly anti-touch control panel.

Featuring an anti-clog design. There is an Infrared Detection Function that lets you know when food is stuck in the transparent Container. The container and the bowls are detachable.

Designed to keep your pets happy, it can feed dogs as well. You can record a message to be played when food is ready. This will keep your cats fed and calm.


  • Big container that can fit big portions for days.
  • Notifies you when food is stuck.
  • Programmable meal schedule and portion.


  • A bit expensive.

Best Automatic Cat Feeder For Wet Food

ORSDA Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food

Highlighted Features

  • Wet Food Dispenser
  • 5 Meals Capacity
  • Programmable Timer
  • USB & Batteries Power Supply
  • Portion Control

I know that some of you feed your cat with homemade food or store-bought wet cat food. That’s why I’m listing this ORSDA product. A reliable top-notch automatic cat feeder for wet food.

A 1-bowl food dispenser that has 5 compartments viable for 5 portions. The portions can be of any kind, dry food, moist and wet food. It can also be used with treats or medication.

You can control the portion size using the Precise Portion Control, and program the schedule as well. Using a Smart Panel that has a built-in timer. It is best for feeding the cats overnight, but it can be used for several days when you leave for work.

Some cool features as well. There is a built-in record and a built-in speaker so you can record a message for the kittens. Protects your cat from getting hit by the storage tray.

Easy to use, the controls are intuitive and simple. You can easily clean in the dishwasher. You can use it while plugged-in in a USB charger. There are 4 D batteries when there is a power shortage.

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  • It can feed up to 5 cats.
  • Usable with any type of food.
  • Portion control for a healthy-sized meal. 


  • Not really adequate for when you are traveling.

Best Automatic Cat Feeder With Camera

BEYAHELA Automatic Cat Feeder

Highlighted Features

  • HD Camera
  • App Control
  • Audio Communication
  • 6L Container
  • 1 Bowl

Lastly, we have something with Wi-Fi features. This is a monitoring unit as well. Extremely useful for when you are traveling or you are working long hours. I know that some of you are looking for a cat feeder exactly like this.

Featuring a meal schedule that you can control live and offline. With the phone app, you can set up a meal schedule, choose Feed Now. Or, you can just set up a schedule beforehand.

There is an HD 1080p Camera that puts up live footage so you can monitor your pets. You can also hear and speak to the cats with the 2-Way Communication device. Both the cat feeder and your phone have to be connected to the internet though.

You can regulate the meal portion size as well. There is only one bowl but it’s big enough to feed 2-3 cats. Provided that your cats get along. The food dispenser is big, 6 L, able to last for days.

It runs both on AC and DC power. It uses four batteries. It’s recommended that the feeder is always plugged. The batteries are an emergency situation.


  • Live video and audio, perfect for monitoring pets.
  • The big dispenser lasts for days.
  • Option to communicate with your cats.
  • Can feed dogs too.


  • Supports only 2.4 WiFi Hz
  • Only one bowl, designed for a single pet.

Best Automatic Cat Feeder – Buying Guide

An automatic cat feeder is an investment. It’s not something you buy each year. This is a device you are going to be using daily. That is why it’s important to choose something suitable for you and high-quality.

That’s what this buying guide is for. In case you are having trouble deciding which of the 5 items on the list is the right for you, read this guide. It will come in useful if you are looking for a cat feeder on your own.

Why Do You Need It

First of all, there must be a reason why you are buying a cat feeder. Your decision should be based on this reason. For instance, some pet owners buy a cat feeder so they can train the kittens on a healthy-portion size. Also, they train fast eaters with this. If so, portion size control is most important to you.

Some people go with an automatic cat feeder because they work long hours. Or, they just travel a lot. In these cases, something with a big container and full schedule control is best. Cat feeders with monitoring systems are preferable here too.

All in all, what I’m trying to say is to buy something that will suit your needs. If you need something basic, don’t waste money on features that are not needed.

Meal Schedule Control

I think this is the feature you should be concerned with. You are not at home to control the meat schedule? Are you tired of hurrying back home? Well, choose something that gives you full control of the meal schedule.

To be fair, most automatic cat food dispensers have a meal schedule feature. This gives the user a lot of options. But not every cat feeder works the same. So, pick something that lets you accommodate your schedule. I think the more meal schedule control options there are, the better the cat feeder is.

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Meal Portion Control

Another thing to think about is the meal portion size control. You should really know your cats here. Are you trying to change their eating habits? Or do you just want the cats to be fed when you are not there?

If you want to train your cats so they can eat a portion of your choice, pick something that lets you control the portions. Something that can serve a pre-portion is useful as well. If there are a lot of cats you need to feed, you want to be able to increase the portion size.

Number Of Portions

Do you have multiple cats? It doesn’t make sense to buy more than one cat feeder. So you need something that will fit multiple cats. Now, the ideal solution here is to get something with the same portions as the cats you have.

However, most cat feeders have up to 2 bowls. This works quite well as long as your cats get along when mealtime comes. If not, you will have to train them.

You can still go for the feeders that have only one bowl but 5 compartments. These are the best if you want to serve multiple equal portions. You should get something that can serve as many portions as you need. Otherwise, you will still have problems with feeding the cats.


Now, in case you are absent a lot, you want to monitor your cats. This is an underrated feature in my opinion. If you have a live feed of your cats then you really don’t have to worry about anything.

Unfortunately, this feature raises the price of the cat feeder quite a lot. It’s worth the money though, especially if you won’t be able to get home for a while.

Easy To Use

This is something people often overlook. There are some cat feeders out there that are really complicated to use. Even if you get the controls, everything is just so unnecessary.

So, to avoid spending the first week trying to figure out the cat feeder, pick something user-friendly with intuitive controls.


Lastly, we have to think about the price too. Automatic cat feeders can be quite expensive. As I said, this is an investment, but you don’t have to spend money that you don’t have.

My advice is to stick to your budget and needs. Pick something that will suit you. Of course, if you have a bigger budget, go for the best.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

Are Automatic Cat Feeders Good For Cats

Yes, automatic cat feeders won’t do anything bad for the cats. It’s a good way to control your cat’s meal schedule, feed the cats while you are absent, and train fast eaters. It takes time for the cats to get used to it, but yes, automatic cat feeders are good for cats.

How Long Does An Automatic Cat Feeder Last

It depends on the quality of the cat feeder. They usually last from 1 to 3 years. It also depends on how regularly the feeder is being used.

Is It OK To Leave Cats Alone For 3 Days

It depends on where you are leaving the cats and how used the cats are to it. If they are in a familiar environment with a food dispenser it should be fine. However, having someone check up on the cats once a day is a very good idea.

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