Are Guppies Aggressive Fish?

Are Guppies Aggressive Fish? No, guppy fish are peaceful and friendly fish that get along with other fish in an aquarium. Aggressiveness is not a common trait among guppies. But, guppies, especially male guppies, can become territorial. Territorial fish show signs of aggression when mating or defending their space.

Why Do Guppies Chase Each Other?

Guppy fish chase each other when mating. It is not uncommon for a male guppy to chase a female. This is not a sign of aggression. The only time chasing should be of concern is if the males outnumber the females. A female guppy can become stressed if males harass her too much. Stressed females tend to hide behind plants or sink to the bottom of the tank due to exhaustion. It is best to keep more females than males in the aquarium. Male guppies sometimes chase other male guppies as well. So long as they don’t peck at each other’s fins and tails, this is normal behavior. Adding live plants to the aquarium can help mitigate chasing. It gives weaker males places to hide. You can also use ornaments or fake plants as well.

Male Guppy Aggression And Fighting

Male guppies show signs of aggression in a male-only tank. They will fight each other to exert dominance. If the fights between the male guppies do not result in injuries, then there’s no cause for concern. If there are injuries, like to the tails and fins, adding females usually resolves aggressiveness. Other peaceful fish make good tank mates for guppy fish. Do not add aggressive fish, larger fish, or slow-moving fish to a guppy tank. Also, avoid fish that nip at other fish’s fins. Examples of fish that can share an aquarium with guppies are: Most of these fish share the same water conditions as guppy fish. Thus, things like the pH level, TDS level, and water temperature can be at a level that benefits all the fish. Examples of fish to avoid placing in the same tank as guppies:

How To Stop Guppies From Fighting?

  • Keep a ratio of one male guppy for every three female guppies. More females mean less competition among males. It also means less aggressive behavior.
  • Male-only guppy tanks are ok but if aggression and bullying start, try to add some females. Or, separate the aggressive guppy.
  • Reduce stress by providing enough space, hiding spots, and food.
  • If you have a large guppy population, consider selling or giving them to friends.
  • Guppies can also live in ponds so you can create one if you want to keep all your guppies.
  • Don’t keep aggressive fish with guppies.
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