3 Easy Ways To Make A Dog Grooming Table At Home

Once in a while, your dog needs proper grooming. It may be frequent depending on the type of dog you own. At the same time, most dog owners don’t groom their dogs at home. Professionally grooming your dog can be expensive, and the dog can get stressed due to unfamiliar territory.

Grooming your dog at home is advantageous to you and your dog. You can bond with your dog while giving them proper grooming. You can make a dog grooming table with wood materials and power tools or make do with using existing items at home like folding tables and plastic containers. 

While you may decide to start grooming your dog at home, purchasing a grooming table for your dog is challenging. The grooming tables are so expensive. You might purchase a grooming table that is not comfortable for you and your dog.

Alternatively, building your own dog’s grooming table at home is an option. You can make your dog a grooming table and learn how to use the table for proper grooming.

How Do I Make A Dog Grooming Table?

How Do I Make A Dog Grooming Table

Before you make your dog’s grooming table, you need to consider the size of your dog. Making a dog’s grooming table requires strong plywood for the top and solid legs for the support. You can add heavy wood at the bottom part and attach wheels for mobility.

The number of dogs you have affects the type of grooming table made. Each dog has different conditions while being groomed. You can use an easily adjustable c-clamp rather than a hand clamp.

Some dogs are aggressive and uneasy when being washed. When building a dog grooming table, make sure that the table has somewhere to tether the dog.

For the sake of the safety of you and your dog, the sides of the table should be round. There are some safety precautions to follow when grooming your dog.[Source] Equipment used to groom your dog should be the right ones and hygiene maintained.

Materials needed to make a dog grooming table

  • pressure treated post for the legs, preferably 5*4*8
  • 3*5*10 pressure treated 2*4 post for the arms 2*4
  • 2*6 pressure treated frame preferably 2*6*10
  • 14-foot strong pressure-treated plywood for the top.
  • 4″-inch deck screws a box.
  • 2/8 x 6 toggles
  • 2/8″ nuts
  • 2/8″ washers
  • A strong rod, hardwood, or copper pipes.
  • 8-inch lawnmower wheels
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Tools needed:

  • Tape measure
  • Impact drill
  • Hole saw
  • Speed square
  • Sharp saw/Miter saw

With all the required materials and tools, making a grooming table for your dog is not a problem. The instructions are short and clear to understand, even if you don’t know about woodwork.

  1. Use the miter saw to measure and cut the legs you will use for the table. Cut the legs short depending on the size of your wheels and where you will place them.
  2. Measure and build the frame using the 2*6*10 pressure treated wood.
  3. Screw the frame to the legs.
  4. Measure and cut the plywood for the top of the table.
  5. If you plan to use both sides of the table, use spacers to space the boards evenly.
  6. Use the miter saw to measure and cut the arms.
  7. Use a hole saw to cut a hole for the rod or the copper pipes. one should drill the hole in the plywood depending on the size of the rod.
  8. Use the washers to screw the rod or copper pipes in place.
  9. Seal the caps depending on the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Building A Dog Grooming Table With Limited Space

Dog owners who do not have enough space to build a permanent dog grooming table can still make a simple grooming table. A folding grooming table is ideal for those who do not know about woodwork. Almost all the materials are thing you can find at home making cost-efficient.

Materials for a DIY folding Dog Grooming Table

  • Baseboard
  • 2/8-inch 2foot square plywood
  • Rubber matting or piece of carpet
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Hand saw
  • Drill
  • Nail gun or hammer and finish nails

The procedure for making a folding dog grooming table is not complicated. Just like a more permanent table, one should customize the folding table to fit your dog.

  1. Measure and cut the rubber matting or the carpet to use it as the top of the table.
  2. Measure the baseboard to be the exact size as the carpet cut or the rubber matting.
  3. Measure and cut the legs depending on the size of the table you want to make for your dog.
  4. Attach the legs to a baseboard using the nail gun or the finish nails.
  5. Fix the rubber matting or the carpet to the square plywood.
  6. You can decorate the folding table by painting desirable colors to soothe your dog when being groomed.

There are other types of easy-to-make dog grooming tables.

A Metal Grooming Table

Using readily available materials to make a grooming table for your dog is life-changing. The table is build using plastic containers for the sides. Depending on the equipment and space availability, fit the table with storage compartments.

  1. The first thing you need to do is find two large plastic containers for designing the table around.
  2. Cut and weld square pipes for the legs and top frame with a hand saw to fit the size of the plastic containers.
  3. Depending on the size of your dog, use either plastic or wood for the top part.
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Making the grooming arms with the same material that makes the legs enhances the stability of the grooming table. A stable grooming table gives the dog a proper restrain to avoid slipping.

Grooming table using LED Strips

Using Led light on the tabletop can give your dog a fantastic grooming day. Use wood stripes to raise a standard table before decorating. The table is painted white, and Led strips are connected to illuminate the table.

The Best Site to Setup the Dog Grooming Table at Home

Modern home designs are accommodative to pets. The latest architects assign a space ideal to set up a pet grooming area. Dog owners who don’t have a grooming area can still customize their space.

Grooming your dog requires a lot of products, and you cannot avoid water spillage. The dog washing area should therefore be set away from the kitchen and living area. Kids can collect and eat the wash away products and hair.

Open space and closer to gardens are ideal places to set up a washing station for your dog. Open spaces have air circulation. The breeze makes the dog calm, making grooming enjoyable and efficient.

Enclosed spaces like laundry rooms are effective for pest-infested dogs. All the products and water spilled will be inside the room. The containment of pest-infested waste will prevent further infestation. It is easier to clean and disinfect an enclosed space.

The materials used to make a dog grooming table are available at local stores at affordable prices. If you are familiar with woodwork, you can custom make some of the materials needed at home.

What Is The Best Height For A Dog Grooming Table

When choosing the best height for a dog grooming table, the two key measurements will be the table height and table top length.

The table height should be around 4 inches above your belly button. The table top length will really depends on the size of your dog.

You ideally want to allow extra space for the dog to step back without failing off the table, and some allowance to put your groomng gear down.

What Is The Best Height For A Dog Grooming Table

For toy and smaller dogs a 60cm to 70cm table length will be the bare minimum. For small to medium dogs 70cm to 95cm is popular. For larger dogs or for maximum flexibility for professional use, 110cm to 120cm is the most popular choice.[Source]

What can I use if I don’t have a grooming table?

Identify makeshift grooming locations that will have good grip like having anti slip rubber or bath mats. Make sure elevated surfaces are adequate for your dog’s weight and that table legs are locked in place.[Source]

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How Do You Restrain A Puppy For Grooming?

When grooming your puppy, always put everything on a side table closer to the grooming station. Having all this laid closer reduces the chances of leaving your dog unattended. You can use belly straps for your dog which help keep the dog intact when grooming to prevent unnecessary accidents.

The grooming station should be cleaned and sterilized before and after use. A clean grooming station prevents pest infestation that would make your dog uncomfortable.

Building a simple routine for grooming your dog is essential. The dog gets used to the practice, and it can get on the grooming table by itself.

Do’s and Don’t when grooming your pet

The unwritten rules help make sure your dog is relaxed after grooming.

The do’s include:

  • Be patient with your dog
  • Ensure the grooming area is well lit.
  • Groom regularly
  • Consider the intensity of your pet’s hair for proper cleaning.
  • Use appropriate grooming types of equipment and products.

The don’ts for when grooming your dog are;

  • Don’t do too much for the dog at once. The dog might get overwhelmed.
  • Avoid cleaning your dog every day
  • Don’t forget to clean your dogs’ ears
  • Don’t pull the pet’s fur
  • Don’t leave the dog unattended
  • And, don’t store unsterilized grooming equipment.

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Wrap Up

Building your dog grooming table is advantageous. Although the already made dog grooming table may look way better, a custom made is comfortable. You customized the dog grooming table to fit your dog’s comfort.

Making a grooming table rather than buying it will help you save on money. Every dog owner should consider making a dog grooming table at home. One will groom the dog where they are comfortable.

It is easy to follow safety precautions when you are grooming your dog at home. A professional groomer may be dealing with more dogs, and accidents may happen to your dog.

Making a Grooming table for your dog is the first step to a healthier, happy dog. However, it would help if you learned how to use grooming equipment and procedures for grooming a dog.

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